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Sensory Fun

The Benefits of Sensory Play
We know that young children are oriented toward sensory experiences. From birth,
children have learned about the world by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing. Sensory play also contributes in crucial ways to brain development. Think of it
as “food for the brain.” Stimulating the senses sends signals to children’s brains that
help to strengthen neural pathways important for all types of learning. For example,
as children explore sensory materials, they develop their sense of touch, which lays
the foundation for learning other skills, such as identifying objects by touch, and using
fine-motor muscles. The materials children work with at the sand and water table have
many sensory attributes — they may be warm or cool, wet or dry, rough or smooth,
hard or soft, textured or slimy. Discovering and differentiating these characteristics is a
first step in classification, or sorting — an important part of preschoolers’ science learning and discovery.

teaching cold with this sensory bin 
made up of
blue water beads
ice cubes
shaving cream
baking soda
and toy north pole and south pole animals
i used tin foil just to separate the water beads



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Sensory bins are something you can really make for any age and to fit into any budget. Mine was made for my own kids (ages 6&7) and made from items bought at my local dollar store. A sensory bin is a bin that engages some if not all of the 5 senses. Mine did not include scent or taste but was followed up by Valentines day candy as a treat. Now that my kids are no longer toddlers but still love these bins I try to include things I can use later on for different crafts or decorating. So for this bin I added heart shaped buckets, shredded paper, stickers, necklaces, Valentines day clothes pins, and a heart shaped bell door hanger. Recently I have noticed my kids enjoy adding other toys to play time and I love that. Seeing what they come up with and hearing the stories change as they grow is pretty neat to see. Anyway I hope this inspires you to try a sensory bin out with your baby/toddler/or child, and have a good rest of your morning, evening or night! Bye!
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