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shamrock handprint

using paper, glue, and glitter

The biggest and smallest game

In this game someone picks something out that is big, then either they need to find something small to go with it or someone else does.  For example my daughter found a small dog so I then went and found a big one. See how many different things you can find!~

Blindfold Guide

A fun game to get you out of autopilot mode, it's fun and gives you great appreciation for the gift of sight.
To do you or our child can wear the blindfold. Then the other person guides you around. (we took turns so we did both) Make sure steps are blocked and anything else you can get hurt by.
I found this was a good way to go over directions too for my daughter. (left, right, straight, turn around, things like that)

tooth brush painting

This activity is fun and a good use for old tooth brushes. All you need is some teeth cut from paper, paint, and tooth brushes. My kids loved that they can use their old brushes for something.

tooth paste slime bin

My daughter will be starting school soon and will need to go to the dentist to get a healthy check out. She is not a big fan of that happening so I am trying everything in my power to help her get over this fear she shouldn't have. I thought why not start at something we do all the time...SENSORY PLAY!
This is the first bin I made for involving dentist items. The teeth we made out of clay along with the little braces pieces. The slime recipe is this~
 In one bowl pour one  bottle of glue, fill the bottle back up with water and add that too. This is when you add any extras like color or glitter.
Then in another bowl add one cup of water and one teaspoon of borax.
Once both bowls are mixed slowly pour the borax water into the glue water and mix.
Slime should take few mins to form.
The tools are from a play doh set. The sliem came out perfect, she was able to stamp in it but was soft enough  to push in the tooth brush and have it slowly pour out. 
I just wanted this to be a fun and p…

Painting with corks

Simple and easy Great for little hands to work with All you need is paper, paint and corks Have fun~

chocolate scented sensory rice

To make ~ mix some dry rice with little bit of brown food coloring, little bit of water and one pack of hot chocolate mix...let dry and done!~ As simple as that and a great sensory bin filler~

Wedding day play bin

Having fun  with left over fake rose petals from valentine's day. We put together a simple wedding day bin using the fake petals, zoobles(just a toy my kids happen to be into at the time), and bubbles. You can more things like toy rings and maybe even a tiara.

real lavender relaxing bin

At the end of some busy days my kids need something to help relax and calm down for the night. This time I used real lavender, put it in a bin and put some different toys to play with.
This is two different bins I used last night.

My kids also loved pouring it back and fourth.  For this I let them pick up and try different sea shells to scoop and pour. 
Smelled amazing and was very cool to see my kids explore this new sensory bin filler~

presidents day (coin learning)

Learning about few of the presidents by writing the presidents name, what coin they are on, and then placing the coin under the paper and going over it lightly with a crayon. I found using lighter color crayons work best.

Heart shaped tea bags

To makes this you will need~ loose tea
few coffee filters
tab(whatever you want to use as a tab, we used small heart)
needle and thread

First start by cutting  hearts out of the coffee filters,(we used 4 and put the tea in the middle) then sew them together leaving a space to add tea. Add tea and finish sewing together. Once done sew on the string and add whatever tab you would like. We glued our tab on.

Beados Quick Dry Design Station (review)

I was very excited to be able to review this toy from Moose toys.
This is the Beados quick dry design station.
It came with a lot of different things, listed here. So I went to quick work putting everything together. This toy is for ages 4 and up and was easy to put together and use.  Below are all the different designs you could make. I choose to make the butterfly (that could hang on the window using a special bead and suction cup and the dog. My 4 year old daughter choose to make the penguin.

So to start you add one of the pictures to the back of a bead tray. Then using the tweezers you follow the colors and fill it up with beads. The tweezers were easy to use but it was a little hard to get the beads out of the bead storage container. We ended up placing the beads in the other bead tray to use.  Once every bead is in place you spray it with water, careful to not spray to much as it could make it sticky and make it longer to dry, and place it under the drying station.  I…

Candy hearts oobleck

Candy hearts sensory play To make this first you need to make some oobleck. To do this mix some corn starch (corn flour in the uk) with water. You want to add less water then corn starch.  note~ oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid; it has properties of both liquids and solids. You can slowly dip your hand into it like a liquid, but if you squeeze the oobleck or punch it, it will feel solid. Once made add some candy hearts. As the candy hearts melt they will change the color and even smell of the oobleck. Very fun but very messy!!

Pumpkin spice coffee play~

I( always wanted to try this and finally got around to making it! Better late then never~ So to make this pumpkin spice coffee rice you start with some uncooked rice, add some orange food coloring and mix with some pumpkin spice. Once dry you then add in some coffee beans. We reused our pink rice from another sensory bin and just added some orange food coloring and spice. We also added a tea set and some "Friends" to enjoy this with us. In the end it was a lot of fun and made our room smell divine!~

Just because....

valentine's sensory bags

To make these simple sensory bags add water, food coloring, and little valentine's day things. We used little hearts and love pieces. I also filled some bags with warm water and others with cold. The dark bag is purple and when I taped them to the window it ended up being the most popular. Look like a night theme with hearts, very cool. Only thing is make sure they are closed 100% and always think when dealing with water that there can be a mess. My son squeezed one bag enough to make it burst. He thought it was the best thing ever!~

Lego hearts

Giant theme book

We used big brown paper and cut few piece (Same size) out, folded them and stapled them into a book. You can make your book any theme but this one for us was theme "Ramdon" lol My son right now is into his shapes and abc's while my daughter is into animals. So one theme was not going to work.  Make sure when your kids are done you date them and save them so they can look back at what they liked as they grow. 

Chain Drawing

In this activity everyone takes turns drawing a shape or line on a piece of paper, then you go around and everyone adds something to the picture. Make sure to color in all the spaces when done and name it.

Learning language game~

Teach your child to say :good day" salutations in different languages~
Chinese: Neehow
Dutch: Goeden dag
French: Bonjour
German: Guten tag
Hebrew: Shalom 
Japanese: Konichee-wa
Serbo-Croatian: Dobar dan
Spanish: Buenos dias

Never know maybe your kid will want to learn more!~

Balancing a ruler game

The game is to try to balance a ruler vertically in the palm of your hand. Harder then it seems but a lot of fun. Try to keep your adjustments smooth and minimal, the quicker you move the harder it is. This activity is a great hand-eye coordination exercise.

tracing and painting bodies

Fun activity for any age.
One a big piece of paper trace a body then let the kid who you traced decorate their body. We used paint but you can use crayons, markers, stickers, glue and glitter, anything really.
note~ tracing a ticklish kids body is very hard :) my  3 year old would not stay still

Beans sorting play

Simple play idea Good to teach measurements by simply adding measuring cups and spoons. 

Coffee/tea shop play

This is our first time using coffee beans in a play idea. It was really enjoyable and a big hit. We set up a sensory bin with the coffee beans, cups, spoon, and some sugar. Then to go along with the coffee I gave my kids some loose tea, plates, and play dough. 

They quickly went to work making donuts and little cakes.
This was their coffee filled doughnut :)
Swirled one, to make swirled donuts easy just roll a ball of play doh  then make a thin line using a different color and wrap it around the ball. Then in the palm of your hand slowly twist the ball to make swirls.
The coffee beans will be stored away to play with again at another time and the tea went to our hermit crabs to enjoy :) Have good day!~