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Scented shaving cream ice cream with sprinkles

First using brown paper cut a cone shape out, and either glue or tape it on a piece of paper. 
Then mix the shavign cream with whatever color you would like and smell. (we used vanilla extract and no color for vanilla and pink food coloring and strawberry extract for the other)
Then have fun painting the ice cream on the cone, my daughter ended up doing this by hand and even though I only used two drops of food coloring to make it pink it stained her hands till we washed them off.
Once done add some sprinkles and done!
Tip- don't make the "ice cream" to thick or it will not dry.

Dirt and bug sensory bin

Dirt and bug sensory bin-
Included dirt and toy bugs
All the bugs had different feelings so it was nice to be able to teach about the sense of touch with this bin.
(I got the bugs from the local dollar store)

~A different way of painting~

My daughter was just bored with paitning anymore, so in a effort to make it fun again I decided to let her paint under a table. I taped a piece of paper to the underside of a table, then I gave my daughter paint and stickers to make pictures. She loved it!! 
Just make sure you give you'r kid/kids eye wear so no paint gets in eyes. 
You can also just do it with markers or crayons, doesn't have to be paint.

~Superhero Cuffs!

You can use either paper towel roll or two toilet paper rolls.
First if using a paper towel roll, cut it in half. Then (no matter what rolls you are using) cut a line stright down them. So that they now have a opening you can slip your arm in. 
Once cut decrate the cuffs how ever you want, and Done!!
Have fun showing off you'r cuffs and playing!

Homemade stamps-

Very easy and fun
First gather some blocks, then place foam stickers and them. (we used abcs but you can use anything)
Then have fun with a ink pad or some paint making pictures!

Water Games

water games-
Easy and fun to make.
We did tic tac toe using foam and cutting out the board and pieces. They flot in water and also stick to most shower/bath walls when wet.

pirate bath

our pirate bath 
with hidden treasure and blue water and toys!

Glow table abc roll

We decided that with the abc roll from another craft(link to other craft in comments) we woudl use it again so this is what we did.
First I mixed some salt and flour then added in some noen paint.
Layed it out on our glow table and let my daughter roll the abc roll over the salt/flour mix. It made the letters in the mix. It was neat to see and another way to learn the abc's. 

We used a black light for this.

Abc roll

Learning the abc's with a empty paper towel roll.
empty paper towel roll
abc stickers
and a pen or marker

First write the abc's on the roll, then let you'r kid have fun matching the stickers with the letters on the roll.

Fun foam

Mix either baby soap or dish soap (whatever one you like to use) with some water and food coloring(few drops) using a electric hand mixer.(you can just use anything and mix by hand I just found a electric hand mixer is easier) Scoop out the foam into another continer you wanna use and do the same with any other colors you wanna use. and Done!
I gave my daughter and son bowls, cups, spoons to mix thigns up and have fun.

Fun Fairy bath

This bath included-
Different toys (gems,frog, turtle, etc.)
pink water (done with small amount of neon food coloring. (not showing well in picture)
Fairy dust (just epsom bath salt diyd with little bit of purple food coloring)
and a "magic" fairy potion (just water dyed with blue food coloring and small amount of glitter) Also changes the color of the water once put in, really fun.

None of the colors stained or dyed my kids or the bath. (my daughters hands were dyed before this bath)

Paper plate fish tank

two plates
zip lock bag
fish toys
masking tape

First cut a hole out of both plates, then add water and the fish toys to the zip lock bag.
Once done tape around the zip lock bag. (all edges I used masking tape) and staple the bag to one of the plates, make sure to get the tape so it does not leak.
Then place the other plate on top and staple the two plates toghter.
and Done!
You can add a hole at the top and string to hang.
If you want to decorated do it after you cut the holes.

construction site sensory tray

Made with construction toys, rocks, tree branch, and some books to read.

Nature walk fun

So today me and my daughter went for a nature walk. On our walk we collected things we found along the way.
Some things included leaves, sticks, acorns, pinecones, and a feather.
After we collected these things we went home and dumped them onto a tray. This turned into a sensory tray sense there was a lot of different things to explore. I also talked to her about how some things (like leaves) are food for some bugs, and how thigns like pinecones are homes to other bugs.
After she was done exploring she used some of the items to make a picture with glue, others got returned back to nature.

Scented punkin pie plate

what we used to make this craft-
1 paper plate
brown and orange paint
2 cotton balls
punkin spice

First mix some orange paint with some punkin spice
Then paint the plate orange with brown around the edge for the crust.
Let dry, once dry using some glue, glue a cotton ball or two to the middle to be the whipped cream.
and Done 

Paper corn with cotton balls

First cut out corn from yellow paper, then cut out the husk out of green paper. Once done glue toghter and let dry. (if you want you can glue it on another piece of paper for the backround.) Once dry glue cotton balls to the middle and paint yellow. and Done. 
Great for farm theme days.

Modern art for kids

Modern art prints-
To make this craft first choose 3 different colors of paper (for the backround) We used prime colors, so this also became a lesson.
Then cut a squre out of two of the pieces and glue them on the paper.(so we used one big piece of yellow and glued on a blue and red square)
Let it dry and while it is drying take 4 more pieces of paper. (we used secondary colors) and with black paint put one hand print on each. Once dry cut out around it. To finish glue the hand prints onto the paper in any order you want and done!

Give away time!!!

camouflage sensory bin

Great for not only sensory play but also for teaching kids about how some animals and reptiles keep themselves safe and also hunt. 

In this bin there is only-
rocks-(costed me any $4 at a local yard sale all new in bags 3 different kinds, so there were many different feels)
toy animals- (cost me $2 at a local yard sale, again most had different feels to them for sense of touch.)
and toy digger and tweezers (we had for awhile)

I hidden some snakes and lizards in and around the rocks and then added the fake tree and bigger snake.

Before I let my daughter dig in I explained to her what it means when someone or something is camouflage and also told her besides the big snake there is many other animals in this box and seen if without touching it if she could find any.
When she did not I let her dig in and find them while I explained why some animals use camouflage and to always watch out for animals that do.

When she decided she was done playing I made sure to explain also that these are toy anima…

Glitter and glue spider web.

First make a spider web with glue then add glitter. Unique project sesne each kid's web will most likely look different. 
We also made a spider out of glue to add to the web.

Duck pond sensory bin-

water with food coloring 
toy leaf
and paper with the 5 little ducks song
Great for sensory play! 
the 5 little ducks song

Predator or prey lesson

My daughter's lesson today was all about predators and prey, so I wrote some facts about them on two different pieces of paper and taped them to the wall. Then on one piece of paper I wrote prey and on the other predator, we then collected a bunch of different toy animals and after going threw what each means it was my daughters job to put the animal on the right piece of paper.  She was stuck on some animals and I had to make sure to included how some animals can be both.

ABC yarn book-

Me and my daughter folded paper into a book, then on each page put glue then pieces of yarn into each letter of the alphabet. To tie it toghter I cut two holes and tied it off with yarn. 
So we went over the letters as we made the book and now she has a book so we can always go over again. 
tips- let ur kid/kids trace the letters with there finger to help learn.

Hidden messages/ pictures

white paper
white crayon
water colors(we did not have any so i used two different crystal light drink packs and mixed them with little water you can also used kool aid mix)

First on the white paper write a message or draw a picture with the white crayon. Then let your kid/kids have fun with the water colors painting the paper and showing the message or picture.

Princess fairy tale sensory bin

Our bin inculded- colored rice(pink and blue) glitter princess toys and other toys and of course a good book

Solar S'mores

Fun and easy to do solar s'mores
Frist wrap a pizza box in tin foil. Once done find something to hold the top open with. (we used the tin foil continer but you can sue a stick or anything like that.The top should be on a angle) Then add your smores supplies. Break graham crackers in half to make squares and add either choclate or a marshmellow to each piece. Wait and let the sun melt the chocolate and then done!
It took us about 20mins to get the chocolate melted in directed sun.

Learning all about dinosaurs

Our second learning about dinosaurs bin. This one we read a book with too. (forgot to picture it)

fingerprint dandelion-

First we paitned the stem and grass then using fingerprints painted the top(seeds) and some flying in the wind.

glow ice melt down

Freeze water into a block of ice. Then working with different tools. (we choose ice, noen paint, and play tools) try to melt the ice. You do need a black light for this but you can also use glow in the dark paint.

football painting

football painting
We did this two different ways
For both first cut out a football shape from paper (we did not have any brown so we used white paper and colored one brown with a crayon and used black to make the lines)
Then either using a bunch of pencils tied toghter with rubber band or just one pencil let your kid/kids dip the back into paint and make leather looking dots on the foot ball.

Cotton Candy Play Dough

You can make this recipie and spilt it before you color or you can do this recipie twice (once for each color)
reipie is- 
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
2 teaspoons of oil
and 1 cup of boiling water
Then add blue or pink neon food coloring and little bit of cotton candy extract and done

Finger print blueberry patch

Finger print blueberry patch
We love to go blueberry picking and this was a nice idea to do before we went one day.
So I gave my kids paper with green paint on it, and they made there "patch". We let it dry and once it was dry they added finger prints to look like blueberries

Home made kid bath salts

The Flour Game

This was a fun game. For older toddlers or kids. ( my 3 n half year old was good with it)
So the whole game is to put some flour in a bowl or cup and pat it down so it stays toghter. Then turn it over onto a plate and add something small to the top(we used a toy bunny but you can use a mint or anything you want) then using a fake knife or butter knife take turns cutting off sides of the flour. Who ever makes the object fall then has to pick it back out with there teeth.

Cornstarch paste shapes.

Cornstarch paste shapes. 
First mix cornstrach(cornflour in the uk) with water you want the paste to not be to thick. Once mixed take out a baking sheet and cover it with Parchment paper. Then dip pieces of yarn in the mix and make shapes on the Parchment paper. Once you have the shapes you want you can either leave them out to dry or put them in the oven on the lowest setting for about a hour.

Rubber ducky bath!

Rubber ducky bath with-
toy ducks
ducks and bubbles painted on wall
a duck wash cloth
and of couse a nice bubble bath!
See links below for songs we included with this bath.

Bobby Darin - Splish Splash

Sesame Street: Do De Duckie With Ernie

5 Little Ducks

Hand/arm x-ray

First trace you'r little ones arm and hand. Then allow them to glue q-tips to make there own x-ray. We use some glow paint and dipped the ends of the q tips in the glow paint before gluing and also traced the outline in glow paint. 
I showed my daughter a x-ray we happen to have but you can always google x-rays and show off of there. 
(You do not have to make this with glow in the dark paint you can simply use white chalk for the outline, just wanted to use up the glow paint I had left)

Fall tree done with paint and q tips

Well its no secret, I really want fall to come!! I love everything about it. So I am starting early with the fall crafts. Here is our first fall tree craft. Enjoy!

Fall tree done with paint and q tips-

Birthday Play dough!

We took normal play dough and added some sprinkles to make birthday play dough! Simple and Fun!

Attention All!!!

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Snake teaching bin

Our teaching bin for snakes

A twist on spin art!

A fun easy and cheap way to do spin art. 
Using plates and any other continer that has a flat bottom, add little bit of paint to the bottom. (use as many colors as you want.)
Then flip it over onto a sheet of paper and twist the plate to make spin art!

Two more hand print ideas!

Daisy hand print with a foot print stem.
Apple with worm hand print.
(to make this paint your childs plam red and thumb brown)
Then add the stem and leaf after.

Pop Rock oobleck/goop

Very fun and great sensory play idea-
First make goop(same thign as oobleck) by adding 1 and half cups of water to two cups of cornstrach.
Then add some food coloring if you will like
Once done add a packet of pop rocks and enjoy!
This was so fun to play with I even played with it with my daughter. Hearing it pop, feeling it pop, it was all really neat.

Sink or float?

We are finding out with some water and some toys!

Teaching about living and non living things

First I printed out pictures of living things and non living things from my computer.Then I wrote on one piece of paper living another piece not living and taped them to a wall. (these walls are in my craft space if anyone is wondering why they are painted) On one more piece of paper I wrote down ways to tell if something is living or not. The questions I used were-
Does it eat?
Does it grow?
Does it move?
Does it reproduce?
Once all signs were up, I then gave my daughter one picture at a time and went over all the questions to find out is it living or not and she taped them under the right section.

Colourful ispy sensory bin

Great for teaching colors and the sense of touch. 
I called out a color and my daughter would find a object that is that color then I would help her describe the feeling of that object.

Butterfly Life Cycle bin

Today was a great day to learn about butterflies. We went to a farm and they were all over! So when we went home I put toghter this bin for my little ones, and they learned about the life cycle of them. 
Stage 1 - egg
stage2- caterpillar
stage3- chrysalis
stage4- adult butterfly
We also read a book about them. So we got to learn what they eat and about butterfly migration.