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Sweet potato goop

We started by placing sweet potato baby food in a ice cube tray to freeze. Once frozen we placed the cubes in a bin of cornstarch(cornflour in the uk) As the cubes melt it made a goop in the cornstarch. We ended up adding some orange dyed water to make it better. This goop is also called oobleck. It is good for sensory play and be both a liquid and solid. It is also edible so it is ok for toddler and babies who like to mouth things. We added in some leaves but that is totally optional and is just as fun without.

pumpkin spice scented paint

Very easy to make just add you'r favorite pumpkin spice to any paint and mix, and paint!~

construction paper pumpkins

fall painting using sticks and leaves

We stamped the leaves and also painted around them to make beautiful unique pictures, we also painted the stick and rolled that around to add to our pictures. 
Lots of fun, make sure to share ur fall pictures and I will post them right to our wall!

Counting cones

We made ice cream out of construction paper and placed numbers on them. Then we used them to add, subtracted and count.
Cheap easy idea for any kid learning math.

product review for shopkins

not for children under 3
prices vary depending on store and what pack you get

Shopkins are collectible small toys that resemble items you would find at a store.
Their is 148 to collect or trade,some are rare and some even have sparkles~ They also come in shopping bags or baskets, witch is good for storing them away. (shopping bags shown here, baskets are not)
They are very cool toys and can be combined with other toys for play time.
My daughter added taffy & a pup to play but barbies or anything like that would be a great combination for these toys.
The shopping cart that came with 2 shopkins was nicely done. It's big and can easily fit 24 shopkins. Also the front seat in the shopping cart moves so if you have more then one shopping cart you can stack them just like a real grocery store!
In the end I highly recommend this toy, and we will add to our collection for sure~

Here is their official commercial to see more~

acorn craft

using paper (to make the acorn shape) and paint, buttons,fabric and glitter glue to decorate it all!

Snow bin using instant snow

instant snow is a product you add water to, after few minutes it absorbs the water and becomes snow like.
Great for sensory play!
It can be colored too just by dying the water before you add it to the mix.

Pool party for toys!

Our end of the summer pool party, with all the toys my daughter has collected over the summer~
To her it was fun, to me it was a way to clean out the sand box before fall hits and it gets to cold to play with it. My daughter had no idea she just loved playing in water sand and having her own soap to add in the mix. 
Does anyone else use play time to get their kids to help clean?

Mud pies

My daughter loves to make mud pies outside, this is her latest creation.
Feel free to share pics of you'r kid latest creations, mud pie or not. We love to see all art work!

football play~

Football has started here in Pa and what better time to teach my kids a thing or two about it then now!
So we gathered up a football towel and some toys to play a game with little toys. Each kids made their own team and had a lot of fun.
After seeing how much my kids enjoyed it, we planed on taking it outside. Time to go play football in our yard!

calm water bin

Great bin for before bed or anytime!
We used blue food coloring, lavender soap, and toys.
We made this one for my daughter but you can make it into a neat boys bin by adding different toys.
The lavender soap added a great touch, it is gentle on skin and smells amazing.
Question~ what is the one thing you'r son/daughter likes to do before bed at night?

aquadoodle bath

we added our aquadoodle mat to this bath for some fun. Aquadoodle is a fun mat that you can draw on with water and it changes colors as you do, so this ended up being the perfect thing to add to bath time!~

this is more about the product~

eucalyptus paint for sick kids~

to make just add few drops of eucalyptus oil to some paint and mix. 
This is for kids only and should not be used by little toddler who might mouth the paint.

Eucalyptus essential oil is effective for treating a number of respiratory problems including cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat, asthma, nasal congestion, bronchitis and sinusitis. Eucalyptus oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and decongestant in nature, which makes it a good ingredient in many medicines that treat respiratory problems.