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Tic Tac Toe With the things you have around you

Recently we had a business meeting over breakfast and my kids had to come along. Now normally we would let them bring something to entertain their time but between our tire popping and being late I forgot the grab anything.   No need to worry! lol as my kids (who are 5 1/2 and almost 4 now) started to become bored we grab the jelly packs and decided to make a tic tac toe bored. These little jelly packets were so fun. We built towers, sorted them by colors, and even counted and did some math. It was great and worked..thankfully!  What do you'r kids like to do while bored at any place?

Car ramp and oil pit

Messy play! For this we need a ramp for the cars, cars, and a "oil" pit. To make the oil pit we added one bottle of glue to a bowl then filled the bottle back up with water and added that to the same bowl. Mixed and then added little bit of black paint (could also just use black food coloring) To finished it add liquid starch and mix till slime forms.  I would keep this as a outside activity though I tried inside not even thinking of the messy it could make. :) note~ the white little balls in the oil pit are something my daughter added later on

Hit and splash target practice

Just having fun on this hot morning~ :)
note~always make sure your kids know about gun safety, even if you don't have one in our home! Difference between real and fake and safety should always be talked about~

batting practice with water balloons

Best dad hands down picture

Fathers day goodie bag

Tie/shirt goodie bag for dad
First cut a tie out of fabric or paper and glue it to the bag about half inch from top, then fill the goodie bag.
Last cut the bag from both sides above the tie, make sure not to cut it fully and leave a middle piece. Then just fold the sides in and tape.

Surprise Fathers day card

Fathers day card made with felt,fabric, glue, paint and paper

How well do you know me/ family edition

Each person in our family made one of these posters. Some questions we made as math problems to figure them out, while other were simple questions. This allowed us to work on math with both kids, as both kids love math.  It was fun to see what everyone liked today, cause that changes daily lol

Fathers day card

Sensory stepping plates

Easy and simple way to teach about different textures. Once each plate I glued down different things with different textures. Then as the kids played and jumped they called out how the plates felt. If they became stuck on how to describe one  we went threw how it did not feel before talking about how it did indeed feel. 

Borax free slime!

recipe~ In one bowl pour one bottle of school glue then fill the bottle up with water and pour that in too. Mix. Now is the time to add extras like food coloring or glitter Once mixed pour about half cup of liquid starch and keep mixing till slime forms. It is normal for slime to be a little watery as it sits it will clear up.
Once done have fun playing. It smells amazing  We used a straw and blew bubbles in ours. Trick to that is to let it sit for few mins before play and to twist the straw so it crates a seal and air doesn't escape. Warning that could lead to fart noises lol My daughter found this out and loved making fart noises over n over. 

Fingering printing your kid/kids

Every year many toddler/kids/ and even teens are reported missing. As parents we should have a id card made in case this ever happens to your child. A id card should have a description of your child, and you should have one for each kid.(weight, birth marks, updated picture, scars, and even finger prints.) All these things can make it very easy to id your kid if ever found and gives people something to look out for.
 Remember everyone's finger prints are unique and never change over time.
(this was a sloppy copy I did of my child's, remember to use a ink pad and never go over the same print twice. As you can see we did his thumb twice sense it was to dark first time)  
Some other ways to protect your child~ Never post on social media personal info, schools they attend, daily routines, and vacations  you may think of going on. I have seen so many times were people thought their info was not public cause the settings said they were not and they were.  Never let a little one walk…

Feelings cards

In our family we are big talkers, but my kids are still  learning that. So this craft was a good way to have a open conversion about feelings without them feeling like I am just lecturing them.  I made the cards (really could have just used index cards) and on each I wrote  When I I am feeling & I need Then we talked about some things like my son pinching. (he is 3 and this has become a new thing)  On the "I need" line talk about things your kid/kids could do when they feel these different ways. For the pinching card we talked about things he could do before he even went as far as to pinch someone and what he needs to do after, like say sorry and give a hug. 

duck pond with flowers

Today it was so hot we decided to pull out the water table. Now my kids will play with just water but I really wanted to make it something more for them. So this time we added fresh cut flowers from our garden and some rubber ducks. The flowers added a amazing smell and the ducks added some much needed color.  They loved it! As they played we sang the 5 little ducks song (yes we had to add a few more ducks after the picture for this song but was easy enough to grab another)
Here is the song~

Five Little Ducks Five little ducks
Went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said
"Quack, quack, quack, quack."
But only four little ducks came back.

Four little ducks
Went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said
"Quack, quack, quack, quack."
But only three little ducks came back.

Three little ducks
Went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said
"Quack, quack, quack, quack."
But only two little ducks came back. Two …

Fun things to do with Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a sand that can be molded or played with as free flowing sand. It sticks to itself so clean up is always nice and easy.  We love Kinetic sand so today we focused on other things we could do with it.  Here is the list we made and some other ideas~ First idea Use letter stampers (from play doh sets) and spell things out. Great for kids learning abc's and spelling. 

Next we used cookie cutters and cut out shapes. No you can not pick them up to play but if you do this on a smooth surface you can still move them around while they lay down. 
This idea we used legos~ We filled the legos with sand and then tapped them out to make cool designs. We also stamped the legos in the sand and we even used them for teaching a bit of math. Ex. if you stamp two legos together how many circles do you have all together. 

After that we went on to stamping our own feet and some other feet and paws in the sand.  It was neat to see everyone's finger prints. My daughter found it cool t…

Kinetic sand bottle

Who doesn't love playing with Kinetic sand?! Its soft, easy to shape, and free flowing. It is also dust free and easy to clean. Today we decided to try something new sense we have few of these Voss water bottles left. We added water to the bottle and poured some Kintic sand in it.  We did not pack the sand in, we juts let it flow from our hands to the bottle. It ended up being so nice! The pictures do not show the full effect of this bottle. 

When shaken the sand moves every where, then as you let it sit it moves back either at the top or bottom.  When you are done playing just dump the water and let the sand dry for more fun!~
Find out more that we do with Kinetic sand in our next future post. 

Bubble wrap painting

Paint + bubble wrap = lots of fun! Just give plenty of room for this craft idea (maybe outside activity?)  Try tapping the bubble wrap to feet or hands to make a stomp painting. Make sure to use bubble wrap that has not been popped yet, the popping under kids feet is a funny weird feeling. (in my daughters words) Always have fun!~

Cut grass+water= lots of fun!!

We had so much fun with this bin. We cut some grass (good for practicing with scissors) added water and small toys.  This bin smelled so good. My kids loved hiding the frogs and turtles in the grass to find them over and over again.
This bin is also good for sensory play, the wet grass in with the water made for a different texture my kids have no played with yet. 
I love the different colors of toys against the green grass~

Felt hopscotch and Tic tac toe

Took me awhile to really make this due to health problems, but I finally decided its done after making the back side.  The front is the hopscotch side. All done with felt and hot glue gun. Back side is a big game of  tic tac toe again done with felt and hot glue gun. Easy to roll up and soft on little feet.