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Home made birthday card idea

Birthday card me and my kids made for my nephew. Love the idea of having real candles on the card!~

Bubbles + Fan

love this idea
My kids love me blowing bubbles but after awhile I get light headed
This was a neat idea....You put your bubble wand in front of a running fan
It was amazing, pretty and worked very well
note~ always think ahead as to where the bubbles will go...yes we did this inside but we moved any electronics or anything else we didn't want bubbles on. 
I am excited to try this outside though and open a window, face the fan the other way and do this again

Surprise bath balls

need~ Baking soda water bath oil (optional)  small toy (we used these sponge toys that expand in water) 
First in a bowl mix baking soda with a little bit of oil(we used a lavender oil) and water. It should be a thick enough so you can make them into balls and they stay.  Once you make the balls add in the small toy and roll again so the toy is covered.   Place in a freezer till frozen.(we waited a day) Once frozen, give to our kid/kids and let them enjoy! Note~ we call them bath balls but can be enjoyed in a pool, shower or just a water table.
Note2~ always watch small children with small toys. Always follow the warning labels on small toys 

Kid Craft Contest!

Craft contest, open to everyone!~ Includes finger paint, paint brushes, paint sponges, chalk, scented paint, and more! To enter comment on this post with you'r favorite activity to do with you'r kids/grand kids/kids you babysit, etc. Winner will be picked random on  May 3rd
Don't forget to keep following this blog for more fun ideas and more free prizes! 
Thank you all!~

Foot spa using water beads

need~ baking soda epsom salt lavender oil water beads

First thing to do is grow the water beads.(most come small and have to sit in water to grow) Then in a bin add water, some baking soda, epsom salt, lavender oil and the water beads. Make sure to have a hand towel ready to wipe off feet before letting kid/kids run around. My daughter found this so fun, she loved feeling the beads in the water and was even catching them between her toes.  Once we were done I emptied the water, put fresh water in and let the beads sit for play at another day. 

Play ideas for barbies~

Some great play ideas for barbies!~
~Sleepover ~Beach day(Maybe add a dish with water as the ocean or even a pool) ~Talent show ~Wedding ~Teacher ~House ~Pet store ~A party(house party, prom, ball) ~Getting a job ~Meeting new friends (good way to teach little kids about the gift of making new friends, how to act, etc.) ~Adopting a baby (or be a baby doctor) ~Getting lost(can also help in real life, make sure to always teach your kid/kids what to do in case of a emergency!) ~Camping(hint~maybe make a camp fire out of play doh) ~Moving ~Act out a book or movie ~Make them new clothes using play doh ~Babysitting  ~Zoo

Always remember to just have fun!

School bin for kids who are starting school

Sometimes new things can be scary for kids. With one kid starting school this year I  am trying to think of everything I can do to get her ready for this new step.(yes we home schooled some but this is going to be different) So together we went on a hunt of some things she might see or use in school. This bin is what we came up with, it includes different things I want to make sure she knows how to use before school. We also have a check list of things she needs to remember. (phone number, address, and full name) 

Nature walk, I Spy

This activity was a fun one! We went to a local nature park and went for a long walk, along the way we played I Spy and found some neat things.  We call these butter cups, if you put  them right under your chin they give off a yellow glow~          We found this tree ^                    To us it looked like a porcupine!
So next time you go for a walk(or drive..this is a great game for road trips), try playing I Spy and see what your kid comes up with!!

chalk road/ city

Takes awhile to make if only one person is working out it but so worth it. We started by making a road then added buildings and other things around it. Great for kids with bikes, scooters, and skates.

Cars & Chalk

3 Things to do with both cars and chalk
1. Make a maze!

2. Make a road.
You can make a whole city, add buildings and roads, along with parks and lakes.

3. Make a parking lot.
This is good when teaching how to count. You could leave some numbers out and have your kid fill them in as he/she adds cars.

Grouping animals by group names

Fun learning activity. To do this first, on paper write down different names of animal group. (here is the link we used for some
Then have your kid/kids place the correct animals in that group. It was fun to see all the different names, i'll admit I learned some new ones too!

Having fun in the rain

Things to do when its raining~

                                                       1.Listen to the rain
What sound does it make when it hits different things?

                                                         2. Make rain storm pictures
Easy and fun!
First one a piece of paper let your little one (maybe with adult help) put dots of food coloring all over. Then place outside in the rain and watch as the rain makes a beautiful and unique picture! 
After I placed inside on a box to dry and they came out really nice. Thinking of covering them in contact paper and making placemats.
3. Make puddle art using different things 
4.Jump in puddles!
5. Go worm hunting~  Worms love to come out in the rain or right after

Lotion paint

Amazing smelling paint! Just mix some lotion with some food coloring. (or washable paint if you think your kid will paint on themselves)  Then let them paint away! We painted a window and paper with this paint and used gel food coloring.  Colors are bright and it smelled great.~ Just a different way to paint~

X-ray play doh

What a good way to get a kid into learning about skeletons then to have a hands on lesson.   This one we used q tips and play dough. I didn't focus on having the right amount of bones or even the exact place of each bone. I more focused on just the over all skeleton, as this is the first time my kids are learning about it. As they learn more we will come back and visit this lesson and have them get a little more detailed. 

Shopkins give away!!!~

How to enter!~ comment below with your guess on how many shopkins their are in pic 1 and 2(top and middle) One comment per person ends Tuesday 14th The person who guesses the correct number first wins, if no one guess the correct number the person closes without going over will win
hints~ there is for sure one complete season 2 (doesn't included the glittery exclusives ones that cost $1000's ebay lol) The 6 little eggs are included in the count The two tins in the back have no shopkins in them
Have fun!~ Pic#3 (bottom pic is what you win...booklet, shopkins, baskets, and bags)

Chick Farm

Using left over Easter grass and some other little things, we made this little chick farm. It was a good sensory play idea as everything felt different. The grass was rough, the eggs(gun ball eggs) are smooth, and the chicks are soft. It was a way to reuse the Easter grass and a nice way to remember Spring is in the air.

Edible peeps play dough

First start by melting the peep in our microwave. (this in itself is fun to watch. The peeps expand!) The slowly mix in flour (I mixed in about 1/4 cup then mix and did that about 3 times for 5peeps) If to sticky add a little bit of oil.  Mix till dough is formed  Note~ I added some blue food coloring as the blue peeps once microwaved become a dark color If you look close at the dough you can see the peeps eyes, it became a game to my daughter to find all the eyes.

Paper track for cars

Easy to make paper track for cars. Always looking for different ways to play with the many cars my son has collected and this was a big hit. He could create his own little world. Put what ever buildings he wants and didn't have to worry about doing it the right or wrong way as there is none!  We counted parking spaces and learned about different shapes as we placed building and other fun things.