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$1 dry erase mat. Great for summer! Many ways to play

We always have lots of neighborhood kids around during the summer so I am always looking for new ideas that gets them sharing and most of all being creative. This idea was a new one to try and its a big dry erase mat using a dollar store clear shower liner. Now for other this may be even cheaper but I had to buy the markers(we are still in that not closing the markers stage) too so really it cost me $4 for everything.  After we are done doing this activity witch can also be done inside we brought out the dollar store water squirts, colored some water in bins and let them squirt the liner to make a different piece of art. That worked fine and washed away after but I am thinking it would look cooler with a white shower liner instead.  (will be doing a post on this shortly) Another way to play is to make car tracks and a city and use little cars to play. Another thing it is great for is play doh! keeps clean up a breeze and off of any carpet. Great for any craft time to keep clean up ea…

Organizing for summer cheap!

Recently I made my way to my local dollar store(same as Poundland in UK) and I am so happy I did. There was so many bins and buckets in many colors. So here is how I cleaned up my kids summer toys. For small balls, chalk, and bubbles I grabbed 3 small bins as seen above. For water toys I grabbed a big blue bin and I made sure all bins I bought had holes rather they were for wet toys or not. We got small bugs in our storage room and I am hoping the holes would kept bugs from setting up home in the bottom of the bins. Some other ideas we like to use but have not yet are... Trash bin for bigger balls or large shoe rack works too Clothes hamper for pool toys & Mesh bag for sand toys Before we really even got some what organized we use to use crates but I found that with many kids going threw creates to find certain toys it quickly got messy so I really like the idea of having bins for certain toys. I also like that the bins are smaller then the crates we were using so that the smalle…

Reusing Easter eggs to start seed sprouts!

One way  to reuse them Easter eggs instead of having them collect dust. Grab some soil and seeds and let your child start their own garden. These eggs make for good seed starter containers(make sure the eggs have the little hole before planting, it is needed for draining water)  and once the sprout is big enough can easily be taken out and placed in a garden or pot.  I will updated as our seeds grow but this is a idea we have done before and know it works. HAPPY EASTER! P.s. this idea works great with real egg shells too! and once the sprouts grow they can be planted as is in the egg shell.

origami cup

Easy to make origami cup that can hold food or water, or  can be a bird feeder! for fake or real birds lol Step one~ Fold a piece of origami paper in half so you make a triangle, seen in pic 2 Step 2~ then fold one tip over to meet the one side as shown in pic 3, then do the other side as seen in pic 4 Step 3~bend down one flap of the top to go over one side as seen in pic 5 To finish  flip the other side over the same as before and open the cup up to use. 

Can you name these places around you?

I am a Philly born and raised girl so coming to this area has been different for me, I am trying to learn of new fun places to explore. Any places let me know!



Nail polish dipped eggs

Need~ Room temperature water (has to be room temperature and it is easier to do this in a bowl then a cup)  nail polish in different colors plastic eggs A place to let them dry
Firs thing to do is drop some nail polish in the water, if the water is not room temperature then it will sink and you need it to float to work. Try using a tooth pick and swirl around the nail polish to get a different effect. Once you have a pattern you like dip the eggs on the top of the water and roll them around till covered. We tried to use gloves for this but it ended up very slippery and found just wiping hands between dipping eggs worked just find for clean up. Set out to dry in a well vented room and that is it. Me and my daughter both loved this craft and wished we had more spring colors to work with but really they still came out beautiful! Highly recommend for any older kid, they make great room decor. 

Easter Egg Stacking game

Plastic eggs seem to  multiply between Easter seasons, while they wait in a storage bin I am not sure what goes on. So every Easter season I let my kids play with them, in hopes some break and need to be thrown away. lol This year we are focused on reusing them any way we can. Besides just letting them play egg hunt, we tried out this stacking game. The way to win is to make our stack the highest using the most eggs.  It ended up being a lot harder then it looked.
Another way to play is to take turns stacking one half of a egg at a time and then who ever drops the tower is out. The game ends when only one person is left. Great game for fine motor  skills!

Popsicle Easter basket

Easy to make but I would suggest making it a parent/kid craft and using hot glue to put it together, if that can not happen regular glue works also. It is a universal craft that can be done in many ways!

St. Patties day puppy craft

Puppy boredom buster, A fun way for kids to bond with a puppy or dog!

All you need for this is puppy/dog treats and a cupcake tin. Training treats are best because they  are not fatty so a pup or dog doesn't gain much weight form eating these. Place a treat in each cup and place a ball on top. That's it, let your dog or puppy have fun trying to get the treats out.  It took our puppy about 20 mins to get them all and my kids enjoyed doing this activity with him and cheering him on as he tried to remove the balls.

Ways to survive a road trip with kids! Tips, trick, and ideas!

Getting threw any road trip can be tough on kids and even harder on the parents. So recently we took a road trip to pick up our new puppy and this is how we survived. :) ~First thing we did was make busy bags. Cheap little things went into a bag to keep kids busy during the ride.
(I suggest staying away from the balls and bubbles some people add, balls can roll and get caught under the drivers peddle and bubbles seem to never go out the window for us and we tend to end up with a soapy car.)

~Second thing to remember is snacks! Plan ahead if you will stop for food or will pack snacks. We decided to pack snacks. Each kid got their own bag with small snacks for along the way.
Try using organizers to store food for trips.

~Something to look into is games like~
Road trip Bingo (search for free printable ones)
License Plate game (try to find a plate for mall 50 states)
20 Questions
The singing game (one person starts a song and the others have to connect the song and keep singing the s…

Candle Slime

Need~ Candle wax ( I normally have pieces left over from old candles) glue liquid starch
This is a adult helping craft!(this is not edible no matter how nice it smells lol) but once it is done it is great for play and for testing your sense of smell.
The first thing to do is pour one bottle of glue into a bowl. Then melt a little bit of wax either on the stove or in the microwave. Once melted add it to the glue and mix. Last slowly add in liquid starch and mix till slime forms. It does not take much starch. Once done it should not be hot and should be ready for play. We used a old cupcake candle and when we were done playing we used the candle jar for storage. As long as it is air tight the slime will last for a very long time!
Here is a video showing how I made it~

Water target game

Fun game for summer All you need is sponges, chalk and water. Make goals and have each kid take turns throwing a wet sponge to see what number they hit. Who ever gets the highest amount of points win. Trying moving a foot back each time you hit a number to make the game harder. 

magnetic slime

This is one of the best slime recipes ever!
List of things you will need~
iron fillings (easily bought online)
liquid starch
strong magnet

Step 1~ Pour one bottle of glue into a bowl or cup and mix in iron fillings.I used about half a small bottle.

Step 2~ SLOWLY add liquid starch, it is best to start with a small amount and only add more if needed. Otherwise it will come out like rubber. It should still work but I personally like it more following. Mix till slime forms, it is best to mix with hands.

That is it. I also suggest buying new magnets as old ones might not be that strong after sitting.
I found ones like these at my local craft store, we did try kid ones but they were not strong enough.
Adult supervision required, as always :) Nothing about this craft is edible but it is all really neat! Note~ This can be turned into a science lesson! Expand this activity and talk all about magnets.  Video will be up shortly for this activity.

How I save school work

School work is something that just collected in one bag or the other for years. This school year I was determined to do something with it all. So the first thing I did to get this all organized was go threw it all and decided what was worth keeping. I kept things like progress reports, first day items, any awards, and some things my daughter has had trouble with learning. (I keep that in case she needs to look over it again in the future.) Anything else went into recycling.  This is step will be a lot easier when you dont have piles to go threw and only have to go threw what your child brings home. Then I hole punched anything that could go in a binder and anything that couldn't went into the front or back pocket. This has made keeping personal papers for future use so much easier and my daughter enjoys looking threw the things she has made and done now. :)

Growing gummy bears experiment

Growing  gummy bears is a fun experiment for any gummy bear lover. First collect everything you will need. For us this includes water, oil, soda, gummy bears and  cups. Place some gummy bears in each cup and fill with a different thing. Then take guesses on what will happen in each cup. Give it a few hours then look at the results!

3D clover picture craft

Need~  Paper paint stapler glue
First step is to make the clovers that will go on top of the picture. To do this cut strips of green paper, stable the ends together and push down the middle to make a heart shape. If you want you can make a stem but ours did not work out well so we ended up just painting them on. Next let our child paint a rainbow however they want. They can not go wrong with this step. Each picture will be as unique as each kid. Now let the paint dry. Once the paint is dry I used hot glue and glued the clovers on where the kids choose. I guess you could use other glue but I did not know if it would stay as well. When finished try hanging the picture up where the sunlight will hit it, maybe even in a window. 

Easy Valentines crafts plus a link to a lot more!

All hearts dog card Made from paper, glue, and paint
Candy hearts uplifting door When your kid needs a reminder of how amazing they are! Done with paper, markers, and tape.Had sayings like you are amazing, you are smart, and you rock!
Tin foil kisses Made with tin foil, paper, glue, and markers. Just glue tin foil to a piece of paper then cut out a kiss shape and add a top. Then decorate. 
More crafts here

Tp roll heart stamp

A empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll can be easily turn into a heart stamp for making Valentines day crafts! Just bend the top in a little and tie or tape it off. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Tin foil ice crystal craft..FAIL

Let me start by saying any art work that a kid does is NOT a total fail!  I just seen this craft awhile ago and it looked easy and really pretty but no matter how much glitter we added we could not get ours to look that good. Its a simple craft, you make a ice crystal out of tinfoil and then added glue and glitter. My kids really didn't seem interested in this at all and just wanted to mix the glue and glitter in their hands instead.
BUT it was not a total waste one of our cats are enjoying batting them around. :)
If you made this craft please share a pic or two of how yours came out!

Cattail sensory bin

I am one of them people who can play with cattails for ever and never get bored. Thankfully my kids are too. So on our latest nature walk we grab some to bring home and play with. Cattail is a plant that creates a lot of seeds. You would be surprised by how much one can make. So we collected some nature creatures and threw them in the bin. The kids had fun taking off all the seeds and playing. Just one thing I suggest is keep this as a outdoor thing! I still have seeds blowing everywhere. After the bin was done we took it outside to play with out there. Totally worth the mess, it was a lot of fun.

You melt my heart activity

Needed~ baking soda food coloring glitter vinegar heart shaped tray or cups
In a bowl mix water with the food coloring you choose, then slowly add in baking soda till you have a mixture you can pick up and pack into a mold. Top with glitter and let it dry. I suggest you do not put it in the freezer, I did and the fizzing reaction took awhile to happen and was not as big as it would have been if not frozen. When me and my kids did this experiment we just talked about Valentines day and what they thought about it. I would have explained this reaction between the baking soda and vinegar but this is a experiment we do in all different ways and they are well aware of the reaction between the two. 

Our favorite sensory bins of 2016