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Ways to raise a

My kids love to help me in mostly anything I do. They always did and at times this can be stressful as the day goes on and I just want to get things done. This is the time I have to remember my kids are learning, no they may not know 100% what to do or how to do it but they want to help. Raising a helper comes naturally  if you keep a open mind on letting them help. Don't discourage them. Instead here is some things you can try that can help and you can still get done on a timely matter.

~Never say no, there is always something they can do. If I am really busy I tend to let my kids sweep, even if I all ready have. It gets them moving and helping, and personally I find they actually enjoy collecting anything I may have missed.

~Always from a young age included them in our cleaning routine.

~Let them have their own cleaning tools. I like this because there is certain cleaners I do not want my kids touching so mom has her own things and my kids have their own. Plus they love mini thi…

water run

Making different runs using a marble run for water. Nice way to try to stay cool on a hot day. I added different things for the kids to use to try to pour water into the run and I also gave them the marbles to send down the run with and without the water. They found that the marbles would not go after the run has been wet but they will move with the water as long as it is being pour as they go. 

Tic Tac Toe spelling words

Easy way to keep spelling words fresh over summer break

self recognition craft

Hate to admit but recently my son has been having trouble realizing there is always a consequences to what he says and does. He has entered the stage of "it is not my fault" even though it is and the "she did it so I did too". :/  So today I took him outside one on one and we traced his feet and hands and I asked him to fill in the rest. (head,face,hair,arms,legs, and anything else he knows he has or has on pants and t-shirt) We then wrote down who controls his hands, feet, what he says and how he reacts to things. For a hyper kid he actually did really well listening as he finished up drawling himself.  Before we went in he helped me write I control what  I say and do under his picture and we went threw what is a nice thing to say/do and what is a big no. Even if your child is not going threw this it is still a very neat activity to see how a child looks at him/her self. My son made sure not to forget the small details, scratch on his foot and even the col…

ninja turtle Fathers day card

Fun and easy to make for any ninja turtles fan!

You are my sunshine foot prints

Think this would look cool on a big sheet of paper and foot prints all around 

Kid friendly beach hacks

Here are some kid friendly beach hacks I have learned threw the years of bringing babies and kids to the beach for the day. Feel free to add your own.

1. Baby powder helps take sand off! This one we do year after year, it works amazingly.
2. Bring a baby tub for babies who love water but might be to small to play in the ocean. This is great for babies who love water but are to tiny for the waves.
3. Bring a extra bathing suit. Getting babies/small kids back into a wet bathing suit after things like potty breaks can prove to be hard, so bring a extra to slip right on and let the other dry.
4. Use a balloon to help get water out of kids ears. Blowing up a balloon should force water out.
5. Use sponges and freezer bags as a ice pack to keep food and drinks chilled. Once the water melts you can now use the bags to hold wet swim suits.
6. To avoid crowds, go early or late
7. Donate beach toys if it is the last day. We always go to the dollar store for our toys and instead of dragging them …

Zooming art

Tape markers, crayons, or colored pencils to the back of play cars and let kids have fun making pictures while driving around. 

marble water race

Fun way to cool down on a hot day. Just dump different size marbles into a bin filled with water then race to see who can get more just using their feet.

Easy to make flower handband

Bear with us as we are still learning to make these in different ways but this is one way we got down. To make one you need a long bendable vine. Then measure the head it will be going on and tie it off. We used string but you can also use wire. Then pick the flowers you would like to use, making sure to leave the stem a little long. Then we just tied the stems around the headband. and any one we could not tie we ended up weaving around the ones that are tied. I will make sure to do a follow up as we try different ways and learn more.