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self recognition craft

Hate to admit but recently my son has been having trouble realizing there is always a consequences to what he says and does. He has entered the stage of "it is not my fault" even though it is and the "she did it so I did too". :/ 
So today I took him outside one on one and we traced his feet and hands and I asked him to fill in the rest. (head,face,hair,arms,legs, and anything else he knows he has or has on pants and t-shirt) We then wrote down who controls his hands, feet, what he says and how he reacts to things. For a hyper kid he actually did really well listening as he finished up drawling himself. 
Before we went in he helped me write I control what  I say and do under his picture and we went threw what is a nice thing to say/do and what is a big no.
Even if your child is not going threw this it is still a very neat activity to see how a child looks at him/her self. My son made sure not to forget the small details, scratch on his foot and even the color of his it was interesting to watch 


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