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Ways to raise a

My kids love to help me in mostly anything I do. They always did and at times this can be stressful as the day goes on and I just want to get things done. This is the time I have to remember my kids are learning, no they may not know 100% what to do or how to do it but they want to help. Raising a helper comes naturally  if you keep a open mind on letting them help. Don't discourage them. Instead here is some things you can try that can help and you can still get done on a timely matter.

~Never say no, there is always something they can do. If I am really busy I tend to let my kids sweep, even if I all ready have. It gets them moving and helping, and personally I find they actually enjoy collecting anything I may have missed.

~Always from a young age included them in our cleaning routine.

~Let them have their own cleaning tools. I like this because there is certain cleaners I do not want my kids touching so mom has her own things and my kids have their own. Plus they love mini things. Broom that fits them, its cute and helpful.
side note~ I find a lot of my kiddy cleaning toys at my local dollar store.

~Make it fun, turn on some music and dance while you clean.

~Don't get discouraged. Remember they are learning and in time they will know how to do the job correct, and the job will get done. Don't rush. Show them how to do it and they will get the hang of it.

~Keep a positive tone and body language. Remember you are being watched and no matter if the child did the chore correct or not they are proud of themselves and something as simple as  a huff and puff can discourage a little one from helping.

~Only help if asked or needed. Kids love to feel independent and they always have a goal in mind (even when playing) and when they reach that goal by themselves it feeds their self esteem.

~Make it a game for kids unwilling to help. We actually featured a cleaning game on here before. You tape a box onto the floor and its the "dirt box" and ask kids to sweep all the dirt into this box to win. I love this game because it keeps them focused on putting it all in one area.  Otherwise I am finding piles everywhere. lol

~Praise, praise, praise!
Who doesn't want to hear they are doing a good job? Little positive words go a long way in a child's mind.

~Make it routine. Kids love routine and when they know whats next.

Blast from my past, this is my kid playing the clean up game when she was younger.


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