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Why does salt melt ice? lesson

Today we were learning about why salt melts ice. First we read about it here-

Then we did a hands on lesson. 
First we took 3 gloves and filled them with water, halloween toys, and food coloring, Then placed them in the freezer.
Once frozen I peeled off the glove and gave my daughter two cups of salt with the ice hands.
Then using the salt tried to melt the ice to get the toys out.
In the end we ended up using her play tools too.

Ghost plate

On a plate paint a ghost face then glue or tape strips of tissue paper to the bottom. 
Easy and simple

note- You can also trace hands, cut them out and add then to the plate to give the ghost hands and made it a unique craft.

Halloween cups

Great to hold candy for a halloween party!

Birthday bath

including directions, book, and toy!

my story-
Two years ago on oct. 27 2011 a new little boy was born. Weighing 1 pound 7 ounces, due to his heart stopping. Yestrday we celebrated his 2 year birthday, and he got to enjoy this bath!

pumpkin plates(done two different ways)

Both started by painting a plate orange then adding a greent stem(we use green foam sheets but you can just use green paper)

Then the one with the black face was just painted on and the one with the "light up" yellow face was done by cuttign out a face and glued yellow foam behind the cut out pieces.

note- If you want to make it secetned try adding some pumpkin spice to the paint!

play washer

made from a baby diaper box, paper, and a little led light.

My daughter has been into helping me clean recently....not complaining.

footprint minion

could not get wiggly toes to stop moving 

Cotton ball ghost

Pumpkin spice goop

First mix some cornstarch (cornflour in uk) with pumpkin spice then mix in some orange water (we used red and yellow food coloring to make the orange water)
Only mix in enough water so it is a soild when touched and a liquid when picked up. 
Then add in some pumpkin seeds or place pumpkin seeds in a cup and let ur kid/kids do it. 
Great for sensory play!!

Pumpkin painting for little ones

Painting with pumpkins
My son could not crave a pumpkin this year (he is about to be two)but I still wanted him to join in on the fun and do something.
So we came up with this idea of placing different paints on a plate and even some on paper and lettign him have fun rolling it around, using his hands and painting, and he even "stamped" it. 
In the end he ended up with a nice painted pumpkin and some nice pictures on paper.

frankenstein footprint

Teaching math with playing cards

First take out all cards that are not numbers, then palce one 8 in one pile and another 8 in another pile, keep going till all cards are divided into two decks. 
Tape the cards from one of the decks to a window or wall, then give ur kid/kids one card at a time with tape on the back fro mthe other deck and let them match to the same one on the wall or window.

You can also practice adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplication. By calling out the problem and letting ur kid/kids match the cards that way.

Ghost and pumpkin bowling

First on 6 rolls of paper towels either paint a ghost face on or tape eyes and mouth on. (I painted mines lightly so it did not go threw the whoel roll, then with a pen wrote a saying on each roll like good job, boo, etc.)
Once done grab a small pumpkin and having fun bowling!

Secented colored pumpkin seeds-

Take pumpkin seeds and place them in very little water, food coloring,and what ever spice you would like to use, then mix and let dry.
Great for teaching colors and the sense of smell. 
We used pumpkin spice, apple pie spice, ground ginger, and nutmeg

Busy box

Great for road trips, just add different toy magnets to a lunch tin.

Black cat hand prints

Under the sea fun~

Done with water beads and sea toys

note- can make it more then just sensory fun by adding a book!

Fingerprint Gumball Machines

done with a plate, paint, and a piece of paper

Candy corn bath paint

done by mixing baby shampoo and washable paint

note- can also use shaving cream instead of shampoo and make it puff paint

ABC Busy Box-

Great for road trips!
made from a wipe box and cut up letters from different magazines.

Pumpkin spice secented putty

how to make-
3/4 teaspoons of borax
1 1/3 cups very warm water 

then in a different bowl mix
2 cups of white school glue
1 1/2 cups very warm water
orange food coloring (or red and yellow to make orange)
Pumpkin pie spice

then slowly pour the borax water in the other bowl mixing constantly till the putty has formmed.

note-mines was a little sticky for a few mins then fine, so do not worrie if it starts that way or if you tihnk you made it a little to watery.
also you may not use all the borax water, that is fine
last thing this should be a craft parents make for kids casue breathing in dust that may come off of ur borax is not good to breath in, but once mixed is fine.

frankenstein painted plate

how to make ur pumpkins last longer!!

First soak them in a bleach and water mix. (about 1 tablespoon for each gallon)
Then soak them in water and vinger. (same about 1 tablespoon per gallon)

rememebr the best way to keep the pumpkin from molding is to kill the mold spores

If your pumpkins are starting to look wilted, fill up a large enough bucket, bin, or bath tub with cold water and throw in a couple table spoons of bleach. Soak the pumpkins in the cold water overnight to rehydrate them and make them nice and firm

halloween glow fun~

In a bathtub we put cron starch and mixed it with glow water (recipie for glow water in comments) 
till it become a solid when hit and a liquid when picked up.
Then added some halloween toys and I also gave them the rest of the glow water in a blow up pumpkin bowl.

Very worth it!! both my kids had a blast!
note- to wash it down the drain make sure to add lots of water so it does not stick in drains. I just let a cold shower run for a few mins, and it worked perfect.

candy corn foot print

dino sensory land~

Dino toys
and even a "tar pit" (made from cornstarch (cornflour in uk) mixed with water and food coloring

Do Pumpkins Sink or Float?

First start by letting ur kid/kids make there hypothesis.
My daughter said they will sink.
Then place the pumpkins in the water and see if you are right or not.

What’s Happening:
Why do the pumpkins float? People have been wondering why things float or sink for
centuries. The Law of Buoyancy, called Archimedes’ Principle, states that a body floating in
a fluid is supported (or buoyed up) by a force equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces.
In simpler terms for this experiment, a pumpkin will float if it displaces as much water as it
weighs. When a pumpkin is immersed in water it experiences a force known as the buoyancy
force. This force is equal to the weight of the water displaced by the pumpkin.
Here is another example: A lump of steel will sink because it is unable to displace water that
equals its weight. But steel of the same weight, shaped as a bowl, will float. This is because
the weight gets distributed over a larger area and the steel in this form is able to displace
water equal to …

handprint jellyfish

fists print pumpkin patch with finger print stems

Candy Corn Goop

First mix some corn starch (corn flour in the uk) with water slowly till it becomes a solid when touch and liquid when picked up. Then palce in dish,pan, or whatever you would like to use. Then i na small bowl make some more (not alot) and add some yellow food coloring and mix. then add it to the pan to make the bottom of the candy corn. (do the same for orange to make the middle) To make the top I mixed the corn starch and water then added some vanilla extract.

Pumpkin Golf

Carve a pumpkin face with a wide enough mouth for a golf ball, then have fun playing pumpkin golf!!
note- we made the mouth close to the floor for the ball to roll right in but if you do not just add a ramp, works just the same.

Fire safty bath

Fire safety bath
After painting fire on the wall and rules of what to do if you ever catch on fire, I gave my daughter a water bottle with holes poked in the lid to put out the "fire". (I only gave her that cause I did not have a spray bottle)She had lots of fun playing but her water gun ended up coming out and finishing the job.

halloween pasta necklace

First dye the pasta.Do this by placing pasta in zip lock bags add some food coloring and little bit of rubbing alcohol, shake, then palce on plate to dry. 
Once dry have fun making our own necklaces, and you can even add a spider ring or two!

linguine pasta paint brooms

First tie toghter some linguine pasta with string or ribbon then let it sit in hot water till it starts getting soft. You only want the bottom to be soft and not the whole "broom".
Once done let dry, as mines was doign this I set up the paint and table with paper. Then gave the brooms to my kids and let them have fun painting.

If you have a baby doing this try it with edible paint!

Halloween jello (for sensory play)

fun for halloween sensory play
make jello and add soem toys then let it become firm and then let ur little one explore.

note- this was a before bath idea that was also placed in the bath to play with, with gribbers so no one went sliding.

"Fire" play learning bin

Melted witch sensory bag

foam witches hat
toy eyes,fingers
and back yarn for hair
all palced in green food coloring water

recycled pumpkin

black paint
orange paint (or food coloring)
paper towels
water/glue mix (add about a half bottle of glue and little bit of water to make it less sticky)

First using the newspaper make a ball. We did this by using one piece, making a ball then using the next and wrapping that around the first till the paper was gone.
Then tap the paper so that it stays in a ball shape.
Once done rip pieces of paper towels into strips, and dip them in the water/glue mix and place around the ball till it is fully covered.
note- I did not have orange paint so thinking ahead I mixed some red and yellow food coloring in the glue/water mix to make orange. If you have paint though and would rather paint dont worrie about that.

Once the ball is covered let it dry. It might take over night.

Once dry (if you did not use the food coloring to color the "pumpkin" orange) you can now paint it orange and add the face.

To finish add a hole to the top (this was a adult job i nmy house sense my da…

fire house dog craft

fire dogs done with black paint fingerprints 
template for dog-

shadow box

First cut out a square out of a box. (I used the bottom of a diaper box.)
Then cover it with two pieces of tissue paper or parchment paper.
Then using a flash light place it behind the box, and using toys have fun telling stories or just playing!

Going over some things about fall with this simple bin.

The black paper has a poem on it, the poem is 
Amazing wind whirls in the air
nuts being hidden
leaves twirling to the damp grass
colours of red, orange, yellow, and brown
misty mornings
conkers cracking on the ground

Falling Leaf game-

The idea is to catch a leaf before it falls on the ground. Harder then it sounds and if you would like you can add to a scrapbook and turn it into a family tradition and do it once every year.

13 Fun Halloween Crafts

Goblin Guts Sensory bag -
made with-
small halloween toys
and dyed green pasta in glow water.

to dye the pasta just cook pasta in water that has green food coloring in it.
here is the recipie for glow water-

note- you can leave out the glow water and use normal water, this was just as fun when they lights were on!

Tissue Paper Mummy- Frist cut out the shape of the body from construction paper. Then rip up some white tissue paper. Once done using a paint brush, brush the whole body with glue and add pieces of ripped tissue paper. To finish add eyes and a mouth and Done! Ghost bath- included-
colored water (did this with couple drops of food coloring)
shaving cream ghost in the bath
and paitned words and ghost on the walls

fun ghost contact paper suncatcher's
First using a piece of construction paper draw a ghost shape then cut out the middle, leaving a ghost outli…