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DIY squishies

I have been seeing squishies around for awhile now but can not find them in stores, :/ so we tried to make our own. Here is how we did it along with some tips and tricks to try out and side notes of what not to do.
First start with the right sponge. Do not use one with a lot of holes (like we did) Then use puff paint to paint the sponge any way you want. Do not use any other paint. Puff paint dries soft, other paint will make the squishie hard.  (black one was done with other paint) These can be really fun to make and play with. They remind me of stress balls. They can be made into key chins and can be a neat personal gift for friends.

Edible chocolate cups

need~ chocolate chips plastic cups spoon
First heat up the chocolate in a pot on a stove, make sure to mix often so it doesn't burn. Once all melted fill a cup about 1/3 filled and turn it so it gets covered with the chocolate. I also used a spoon to even coat it. Let it sit in the fridge to cool and repeat the process so the cups is not thin. If you make it too thin it will break. To get the chocolate cup out cut small slits all around the top of the cup[and peel the cup away. We put them back in the fridge until we decided to use them. It wasn't too messy but my kids loved them.  note~ we used scissors to try to make the top even. 

Math scoot

Simple and a nice way to get kids outside and learning. Personally my kids love being outside and I have seen them focus more when not having to sit and work. We lined up some math problems then my daughter went down the line answering them, scooting to the next after she answered the  first. This can be done with a class though and just have the kids write the problem and answer down in a notebook.   

The world around us activity

In this activity  each kid was handed a piece of paper and what ever tools they wanted to created with. (both choose markers here) Then we went from the ground up and they were told to just draw what they see. I asked them about colors and shapes as they drew every thing they seen and we labeled everything together. It was just over all a neat experience to see how each kid sees the world around them. My oldest child seen colors and detail everywhere while my youngest seen more shapes.(even though my oldest is better at drawling what she sees, my youngest was more verbal in what he was looking at)

galaxy jar

Need~ jar cotton balls food coloring of our choice (we went with the purple, pink, blue mix) glitter (we used black but silver or white I think would be better) water  stick
To start in a cup mix our first color and add in glitter. Then place a bunch of cotton balls in the bottom of a jar. Rip them apart a little so they look more like clouds then balls. Slowly pour the water on top, add more cotton balls if needed. Then add another layer of cotton balls and add the second color. Keep going till you use all the colors you want. Note we pour our water slowly and the colors didn't mix. We also used the stick to push the cotton balls in more and mix the glitter around. 

Peel off lip stain recipe fail?

Okay so my daughter recently found this recipe and wanted to try it so we did....the recipe said  just add small amount of food coloring to some glue, brush it on your lips, let dry and peel off. So that is what we did when we peeled the glue off it did indeed color your lips but here are a few things that make this a fail for us~ I have yet to find a way of the glue not  getting some how in your mouth. We did not apply much and it is non toxic(please only use non toxic lol) but still ended up tasting it. nasty the peeling off can hurt it also left our lips dry and cracked. It did not look very attractive. We did try putting on some chap stick after but found that it took the color off.   In the end it was fun to try and looks very cool while drying but I don't think we will be doing this often. 

cooking with kids~ Edible Shopkins

You can do this with any shopkin but kooky cookie is favorite in this house. To make a edible Shopkin you will need~ Rice krispies treats  gel icing(the tubes you use for writing on cakes) icing (the kind you use to cover cakes, we used vanilla flavored) cornstarch (corn flour in the UK)  food coloring
Step 1 ~ shape some rice krispies into the shape of the shopkin you choose, then let it sit in the fridge as you do step 2. We did the shoes last.(step 5)   Step 2~ In a bowl mix vanilla icing with cornstarch till you get a soft dough(don't be scared to add more of each if needed), now this is when you add in the food coloring. We used brown and mixed it with white to try to get our cookie color. We also wet our hands and found out the color mixes better when a little water is added.  Step 3~ Cover the rice krispies with the icing dough. Step 4~Now it is time to use the gel icing and make the face and dots.  Step 5~ This is when we did the shoes. So we shaped the rice krispies and …

Free contest for a marble run! enter to win!

This is a completely free give away! (I pay shipping) To enter just comment below with one childhood toy you loved!  Ends Fri. April 8th and tracking number will be given.  This toy my own kids got and ended up loving so we decided to share the joy and pass one on! <3 Winner will be picked random threw 

Crystal soap for play time

This is a craft for older kids or adults to make but my kids loved playing with these. It was totally worth the work and honestly was not hard to make. You will need~ Clear glycerin soap food coloring a long mold (we used a cup)  a non serrated knife 

to make one crystal~  start by cutting up some soap and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. (add 15 till it is all fully melted) add food coloring and let cool. Once cool cut up into pieces, try to keep the pieces a good size and not small, but experiment with different cuts. Do this for each color you want to included in your crystal. I recommend only 3 max. Once you have all the colors place them in your mold in random order. Then heat up some more soap and pour it over the pieces till they are all covered. (don't color this soap or you will not see all the pieces) let it harden then using a knife go around the edges of the mold, ours came right out after this step. Again we used a cup that was rather slippery but maybe using…