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magnetic slime

This is one of the best slime recipes ever!
List of things you will need~
iron fillings (easily bought online)
liquid starch
strong magnet

Step 1~ Pour one bottle of glue into a bowl or cup and mix in iron fillings.I used about half a small bottle.

Step 2~ SLOWLY add liquid starch, it is best to start with a small amount and only add more if needed. Otherwise it will come out like rubber. It should still work but I personally like it more following. Mix till slime forms, it is best to mix with hands.

That is it. I also suggest buying new magnets as old ones might not be that strong after sitting.
I found ones like these at my local craft store, we did try kid ones but they were not strong enough.
Adult supervision required, as always :) Nothing about this craft is edible but it is all really neat! Note~ This can be turned into a science lesson! Expand this activity and talk all about magnets.  Video will be up shortly for this activity.

How I save school work

School work is something that just collected in one bag or the other for years. This school year I was determined to do something with it all. So the first thing I did to get this all organized was go threw it all and decided what was worth keeping. I kept things like progress reports, first day items, any awards, and some things my daughter has had trouble with learning. (I keep that in case she needs to look over it again in the future.) Anything else went into recycling.  This is step will be a lot easier when you dont have piles to go threw and only have to go threw what your child brings home. Then I hole punched anything that could go in a binder and anything that couldn't went into the front or back pocket. This has made keeping personal papers for future use so much easier and my daughter enjoys looking threw the things she has made and done now. :)

Growing gummy bears experiment

Growing  gummy bears is a fun experiment for any gummy bear lover. First collect everything you will need. For us this includes water, oil, soda, gummy bears and  cups. Place some gummy bears in each cup and fill with a different thing. Then take guesses on what will happen in each cup. Give it a few hours then look at the results!

3D clover picture craft

Need~  Paper paint stapler glue
First step is to make the clovers that will go on top of the picture. To do this cut strips of green paper, stable the ends together and push down the middle to make a heart shape. If you want you can make a stem but ours did not work out well so we ended up just painting them on. Next let our child paint a rainbow however they want. They can not go wrong with this step. Each picture will be as unique as each kid. Now let the paint dry. Once the paint is dry I used hot glue and glued the clovers on where the kids choose. I guess you could use other glue but I did not know if it would stay as well. When finished try hanging the picture up where the sunlight will hit it, maybe even in a window. 

Easy Valentines crafts plus a link to a lot more!

All hearts dog card Made from paper, glue, and paint
Candy hearts uplifting door When your kid needs a reminder of how amazing they are! Done with paper, markers, and tape.Had sayings like you are amazing, you are smart, and you rock!
Tin foil kisses Made with tin foil, paper, glue, and markers. Just glue tin foil to a piece of paper then cut out a kiss shape and add a top. Then decorate. 
More crafts here

Tp roll heart stamp

A empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll can be easily turn into a heart stamp for making Valentines day crafts! Just bend the top in a little and tie or tape it off. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Tin foil ice crystal craft..FAIL

Let me start by saying any art work that a kid does is NOT a total fail!  I just seen this craft awhile ago and it looked easy and really pretty but no matter how much glitter we added we could not get ours to look that good. Its a simple craft, you make a ice crystal out of tinfoil and then added glue and glitter. My kids really didn't seem interested in this at all and just wanted to mix the glue and glitter in their hands instead.
BUT it was not a total waste one of our cats are enjoying batting them around. :)
If you made this craft please share a pic or two of how yours came out!