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Cattail sensory bin

I am one of them people who can play with cattails for ever and never get bored. Thankfully my kids are too. So on our latest nature walk we grab some to bring home and play with. Cattail is a plant that creates a lot of seeds. You would be surprised by how much one can make. So we collected some nature creatures and threw them in the bin. The kids had fun taking off all the seeds and playing. Just one thing I suggest is keep this as a outdoor thing! I still have seeds blowing everywhere. After the bin was done we took it outside to play with out there. Totally worth the mess, it was a lot of fun.

You melt my heart activity

Needed~ baking soda food coloring glitter vinegar heart shaped tray or cups
In a bowl mix water with the food coloring you choose, then slowly add in baking soda till you have a mixture you can pick up and pack into a mold. Top with glitter and let it dry. I suggest you do not put it in the freezer, I did and the fizzing reaction took awhile to happen and was not as big as it would have been if not frozen. When me and my kids did this experiment we just talked about Valentines day and what they thought about it. I would have explained this reaction between the baking soda and vinegar but this is a experiment we do in all different ways and they are well aware of the reaction between the two. 

Our favorite sensory bins of 2016

Paper bag backpack for pretend play!

Need~ One paper bag construction paper glue markers or crayons
This craft is easy to make and fun to play with. Only thing to keep in mind is to glue the top part to the back of the bag then just bend it over to close it. My daughter is leaning how to write in school so of course when she decorated it she wrote things instead. :)

Fizzing planets

I am sure I said this before but this really was one of my personal favorite actives. It came out amazing and my son loved it. Would for sure do this again. 
So it is simply called fizzing planets. You mix a little bit of water in baking soda and add food coloring to color it like the planet you choose. I went by a simple google picture to color the planets and then I realized I got some wrong but we also had a book to look at and read to see some real colors.  Once you make your planets let them cry for a couple of hours. You can place them in the freezer to speed this up. 

Then slowly pour vinegar over the planets to see them fizz! It started to look like a Galaxy then in the end it ended up looking like one big planet.

So neat!

Lego Volcano

Using baking soda and vinegar  to make the volcano eruption

paper lantern

First step is to cut out a long piece of parchment paper. Mines was about 1 and half feet long. Then decorate, try not to get really waxy paper as it will be hard to decorate. After done wrap the paper around and either staple or tape it into place. Add ribbon or string to hang it  and for the bottom to hold in the candle I use a coffee filter and just glued it into place. We also did not use real candles. 

Teaching kids to cook and some of the things we started out trying first

Teaching kids to cook is helping them learn a life skill they will always use. We start first with washing our hands. Teaching good hygiene before handling food. Some like using gloves also but with a latex allergy we skip that, plus we are only cooking for family.  Pull back hair, witch for this little man above is not needed. Then we do a few more things like~ Make sure everything we are going to use is clean Remind them not to eat anything raw(cookie dough is a hard one for these kids) and last but really the most important is turn on music...because who doesn't work better with a song on :)
When we cook I go off of what skills they need to work on. I know there is plenty of list out there that say a 5 year old shouldn't handle knives and such but personally I believe if a kid is watched why not. My 5 year old can handle cutting and spreading things and that is a skill he will always use growing up.   Some foods we introduced first with cooking and making things was~ Peanu…

Easy Ziploc bag book

We made ours as a puppy learning book (getting a puppy soon so had to learn now)but you can make yours into anything. Just print or make pages add them in a zip lock bag then staple and tape the bags together. It also doubles as a dry eraser marker pages. 

Sensory guessing box

Made from a box using zip lock bags and tape. Great for playing with the sense of touch and smell! Here is the video on the how to~

Give away! sushi candy!

So we bought this candy cause I really wanted to try it and then bought another to kick off coming back to Youtube...well...that kick off wasn't as I hoped and we still have the prize..So I will be giving it away on here!
To enter~
comment down below what toy your child is in love with right now
Will end the 13th(next Friday)
Here is the prize~
Here is our video review~ 

Family game night Would you rather

Would you rather
family game night
I got the questions off of google, typed in free printable would you rather questions for kids

Scrap yarn and twig craft

Another way to reduce reuse and recycle Made with scrap yarn, twigs, and a feather. Also helps kids practice tying as they make a unique piece of art!

japanese sensory bin

A bin from around the world. Using rice(witch can be used over and over again in different ways, never goes to waste!) erasers, chop sticks, origami and other little things. Here is the video of how to make the origami hearts and also the how/why I made this bin.

Recycled box craft, Art studio in a box

fun way to reuse a box and make beautiful art work :)

Box ring toss game

Ring box toss game made from a box and using dive rings. Later it became a cat toy  and kid castle.

Dramatic Optometrists Play

We had a fun time examining each other eyes today. Learning about the different parts of the eye and what a optometrists does. We printed a printable eye chart from google and made glasses out of pipe cleaners. We also had a waiting room. We choose this play because of up coming eye exams. I have found if they learn about something they are about it do it goes easier. Keeping fingers crossed!