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Review on Magformers (cool toy for kids)

So for awhile I have debating on buying these for my kids. They are kind of expensive  14pcs for $25 30pcs for $50 62pcs for $100 (toysrus prices) Finally I gave in and got the cheapest one. After all who really would spend much more on a toy your kid/kids may not even like?
Anyway we brought it home and the next morning my kids were begging me to open these.  Inside it came with a booklet, in the booklet is many different ideas for  building with them. For some ideas though you would need more Magformers. 
Guess that is were they get you. You'r kid sees these amazing ideas but you need way more then 14 to make them and they beg you for more lol

Anyway look how colorful they are! You could also get them in different colors. (pink and purple was another option) 
So after playing with them in our living room we headed to the bathroom(only room we can make dark) with our black light. They looked amazing!  Most but the blue glowed bright. They also look cool on top of a light box.

Felt book for kids

Above is some pages from two felt books I have been working on. For the longest time I could not find anything sharp enough to cut felt, finally I found a old pair of  scissors that did the trick.  I wanted the felt books that I made to be easy to play with and can go on road trips with us.  These are no sew felt books, I used hot glue witch in my opinion I think looks and works way better.  Depending on age try to add some things like counting, abc's, colors, and shapes.

Sensory bag~ Tips and more

Above is a sensory bag I made for my kids. We added water and shopkins. I choose these shopkins as we are talking about eating better in our family and I could ask them different questions about each little food. 
Other things you can use to make sensory bags~ hair gel water+ food coloring paint(normally if we use paint in a sensory bag we don't add in anything else, mess free finger painting) glitter small toys(animals, fairies, dinosaurs) small letters pom pom balls buttons flowers
Really try to focus on what your kid may be learning at the time or what they love. If we were learning letters I would use magnet letters as a example. Make sure to tape your bag closed so little hands don't dump them. Normally we tape all 4 sides but that is not needed. You could also tape them to a window when done, they look really nice when the light shines on them.
What have you put in your sensory bags for your kid/kids? Comment below, let us know!~

laundry day for kids/toddlers

Even though laundry day is almost every day in my house, we made a special day to start teaching my kids how to help. This was like a fun game for them but more importantly it was another teaching step.  We started off with some dirty rags(to be honest it was rags they made dirty from spilling juice), we then made a soapy bin and two clean water bins. As they washed their rags in the soapy water, I showed them how our washer spins the clothes.Once they were nice and soapy it was time to rinse them in our first bin of clean water, then double check their is no more soap in the second clean water bin. (just like how our washer would refill and make sure of the same thing)  Once done we hung them up to dry on a line to dry. Their new chore for now will put helping me fill the washer and start it.
note~this was suppose to be done outside but it was a little to chilly to have water play outside today. Our kitchen floor with a towel down worked, maybe we will revisit once its hot out again…

multi-sensory goop

Start by first making the goop.  The two things we use for this is corn starch(corn flour in UK) and water. I used two boxes and about 3 1/2 cups of water...but I would start by slowly adding water to the corn starch till you can roll it into a ball but when it sits in your hand it flows like a liquid.  Then add in some real flowers. We took these right form our garden. :)
A bin like this is great for sensory play. It covers 3 out of 5 senses  Smell~ this bin smelled amazing! Touch~ All different textures, between the goop and different flowers Sight~ Colorful, could add some food coloring too

Flower discovery bottle

I really enjoy making bottles like this for my kids. Not only are they beautiful but  they make great center pieces for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. :) This bottle we added water and flowers form our garden. It was really neat seeing how the water reflected off of some of the flowers, and was a nice way to go over colors, plant parts, and counting. I suggest if you do this not to glue the lid close unless really needed after a few days our water become yellow and was no longer interesting to my kids when it did.  You can reuse the bottle for another craft if not glued on. 

aliens fun time slime

To make slime to add to your own alien table following here~ First in one bowl dump a bottle of school glue. (we used a 4oz bottle.) then fill it with warm water and dump that in to. Add some green food coloring and mix well.
In another bowl mix about half cup of water with teaspoon of borax. 
Once both are mixed well slowly pour the borax water into the glue water and mix.  Mix till slime forms.
              The pink and green ufo's are from Busy Bee Toys (fab store for all different things)
We also added a black light for more effect but was not really needed.
note~ Slime is not edible and should never be given to a kid who might try to eat it, play at our own risk. My kids are almost 4 and 5, both play great and never have tried to eat any.

Our trip to Hershey Pa with tips for making our own trip!

Recently we decided to make the long drive to go to Hershey Pa, it was my Mothers day thing. I have never been before and not only was I excited to go but my kids couldn't wait! So off we headed~ This is our  journey~ (thanks to google for this imagine) 
The first place we went was to was Chocolate world. Here you can do things like take a trolley tour, make our own chocolate bar, eat, shop, and more! Free to enter
My favorite thing we did at Chocolate world was take a ride on tour threw the factory to find out how these delicious chocolates are made.  This ride was free and when we went there was short line.

Meet Olympia, Harmony, and Gabby The three cows you see threw out the ride on tour.  They love to sing! After we met the cows who tell us milk is a huge part of making chocolate, we went threw the steps of making some chocolate bars. Watching the coco beans come in^

^This is the roasting area.  Even though this was not real, as you passed threw it got a little hot. Note~ if …

Butterfly rice bin

To make the colored rice in bowl mix~ dry rice little bit of water food coloring (gel works best) Let dry and done!~
We planted some flowers in our garden and have been seeing butterflies around so this bin was a nice way to play and teach my little ones about butterflies. It was also good for pouring practice, as we added some cups and PVC pipes.

Shopkins give away!~

My kids are huge into shopkins and we have all ready finished our season 2 (besides them hard to find glittery ones/exclusives)  Now i am hearing season 3 will be out soon and store are not planning on buying more season 2 but people are still looking! With this news I went to my local toysrus and wow they had 3 case of surprises baskets left, I grabbed a few (within my budget) to give away to one lucky person!

So to enter!~ Just comment below with your favorite shopkin so far. Give away will end May 15th and winner will be picked at random and notified on here

Note~I know I can not control what people do with free items but please if you are a re-seller and just plan on selling them , move on.

Real watermelon smoothie

So after bowling with our water melon we decided to cut it open, scoop out the insides and use it to make smoothies! We put some of the fresh watermelon, milk, yogurt,and strawberries in our smoothie but feel free to make them you'r own style. Once done pour into the watermelon halves and enjoy!  note~ we use a mini watermelon, so it was easier to hold~

Watermelon bowling

Having fun with the watermelon we have before we cut it open for a tasty drink.  Fun idea you can do over and over again, we use a mini watermelon so little hands can hold it.

oyster and pearl craft

In this craft you hot glue a bead to a oyster shell or any shell really.
This is a cute simple craft for any under the sea lesson.
we put these in our garden~

Garden tip

keep away slugs and snails with broken shells or broken egg shells
slugs and snails both dislike crawling on sharp object and will keep away from any~