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chalk hearts

Great for a valentine's card.
First cut out a heart shape, then lay it on black paper and using chalk go around it.
Lift the heart and done.
We went around the heart with our finger but you do not have too. Looks good either way.

Fabric scrap flowers

Flower picture made from fabric scraps and glue.

Great cheap sensory idea for babies and toddlers!

Fun activity for any baby or toddler who loves to pull wipes out of the container!
We replace the wipes with some fabric scraps, and let my toddler have fun pulling them all out and putting them all back in.
It helps them work on fine motor skills, but also is a sensory activity with the different textures of fabric.

Colored salt pictures

simple and easy!~
First using glue let ur kid/kids have fu nand make picture on a piece of paper.
Then go over the glue with salt. Once all glue is covered, turn the paper over to get rid of the extra salt.
Let dry.
Once dry use either watercolors or water that has food coloring in it and paint over the salt.
Watch as the salt changes color, you can even try mixing colors on the salt!

Home made v-day cards

To make the fabric heart~
First cut out how many hearts you want, making the next one smaller then the one before. (we did 4 different size hearts)
Then sew them together. (we went straight down the middle)
Last glue the heart to the card and finish decorating the card!

Paper heart flower

Practicing cutting with scissors and lemon play dough.

Cutting out in all forms helps young children to develop their fine motor skills - and it's fun, too!

recipie for lemon play dough~
2 1/2 cups of flour
1/2 cup of salt
3 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 1/2 cups of hot water
yellow food coloring
and little bit of lemon juice

note- if to sticky add more flour
Also use any scissors that work for our kid/kids.
My daughter has mastered using "kiddy" scissors so with a watchful eye we moved on to "adult" scissors .

Bubble wrap prints

First paint a piece of bubble wrap in any way you want.
Then place a piece of white paper over the paint and bubble wrap and press down lightly.
Remove the paper and let dry.
Simple and fun craft project any age can do!

Glowing Clean Mud

In a bowl mix~
half roll of toilet paper, one bar of ivory soap (grated or you can do the ivory soap experiment and use it that way.) and about 3 cups of glow water.
(glow water is just water that you place a highlighter felt in and let it soak.)
Once mixed you are done, use a black li
ght to make it glow and just let ur kid/kids have fun playing!

ivory soap experiment

Take a chunk of ivory soap on a paper plate and put it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Gather around the microwave and watch what happens. Be ready with more than 1 piece because you will want to see it again! So cool! let cool for couple mins before kids play!

Chocolate silly putty


in one bowl combine
2 cups of white glue
1 & 1/2 cups of very warm water
and choco powder (I used about half cup)

then in another bowl add-
3/4 teaspoons of borax
1 1/3 cups very warm water

mix with hands till slime forms, takes about 5mins

note-will last for long time if stored in a airtight container.

not edible!

Edible moon sand

Very easy all you need is flour, frosting and sugar.
Mix in a bowl 3 tablesppons full of frosting, 1 cup of flour, and 1/4 cup of sugar.
note if to sticky add more flour if it crumbles to easy add more frosting.
This moon sand should hold its shape when press into a mold.
Smells great and is great for sensory play.

note- to make it a larning game. Make different kinds of edible moon sand using different frostings then have ur child guess the different flavors.

snack bits

note- you can also try nutella, raisins, and even chocolate chips!

Valentine Play dough

1/4 cup of salt
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of warm water

then add one full teaspoon of any kind of frosting you would like.
We used Pillsbury hot pink with sprinkles.
If sticky after mixing add little more flour.
And done!
you are left with a nice valentine play dough that smells amazing!
To store keep it in a airtight container in a refriger.

Party paint~

made with washable paint, glitter, and little bit of confetti. Just mix and let ur kid/kids have fun painting.

Other ways of making party paint~
can add some kool aid (from a pack)Only add little though as kool aid may stain.
Can also add what ever you would like. More glitter if your child likes glitter, confetti, even craft sequins looks nice.

Scented foam play

We have made foam before using dish soap,(recipie for regular foam it was a big hit.
So this time we changed things up some.
I used different kinds of shampoo for different smells, again adding some water to a bowl then shampoo then what ever food coloring you would like and using a handmixer to make the foam. Then scooping the foam out and palcing it in another bowl to be played with.
We also added glitter in for fun.

Other ways you can make secented foam~
use dish soap instead of shampoo and add different extracts or spices. Both work nice.

Shaving cream hearts~

Done by placing shaving cream in a container then place paint on top and make swirles if you would like then place a paper hreart on top and press down. 
Remove the paper heart and let dry then if you would like removethe dry shaving cream and done!

note-extended play~ add some toys to the shaving cream and just let ur kid/kids play and discover new things.
also these make great hearts to add to any vday card!

Valentine's Day Cloud Dough

cloud dough recipie~
Easy add as much flour to a bin that you want then add enough shampoo till it can hold a shape. (like a sandcastle)
Then add Red Powdered Paint. (we had little left so it may not look red but was) and rose body oil.
Done! easy and simple!

you can use oil instead of shampoo.

You can use a shampoo that has a nice smell and leave out the rose body oil

2 book activies!

What do dragons like to eat? book with sensory play on a mirror.
made from- different color shaving cream, rocks, and a dragon.
Juat a all around fun book.

coat of many colors was the book we read, then I drew a coat on a piece of paper and let my daughter color it and also write what she is thankful for. (more like she told me and i wrote it sense she can not spell much yet)
If you have not read this book yet, it is a must read!

Snow volcano

snowman breakfast~

with snowman pancakes (with chocolate chips, bacon, and marshmallows)
snowman donuts (wit hchocolate chips, and gum nose. (had nothing else for a nose so gum was my only option, but you can use baby carrot, or spice gun drop)
Last we painted snowmen onto our cups. (every snowman was different so we could tell each persons cup apart)

Messy Sensory Play

Building blocks and shaving cream.
Helping little imaginations grow!~

valentin's day craft