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cardboard washer and felt clothes

Personally I felt like first thing in the morning was a little to early to cut and paint but my kids did not! Seems like my daughter dreamed of this cause first thing after breakfast she asked me over and over..and over..for a box washer. Lucky we had a empty box sitting around (that in its self is rare) so I got to work taping up the box and painting it. I  tried to go off of our real washer, my thought was maybe then they will learn how to work our real washer and could start helping with wash but in reality our washer is so big that my 4'10" self needs to jump on it to get everything out so that might not be a possibility but we can try. Anyway after I got done with the washer I had a request for felt clothes. That is pretty simple. I just stack the felt in 2's or 3's and cut all shirts at once...all socks at once and so on. (just make sure to have good scissors) 

Lego golf

Today we took out our Legos again, this time making a lego golf course. It turned out pretty fun and even though my son really wasn't into hitting the ball with the club he got in on it and used his hands. (pretty tricky still) After golfing was done it all became roads for lego cars and trucks! Two in one game, can not beat that! 

Lego Ice cream shop (play idea)

Our lego ice cream stand. Complete with cones, toppings and many different kinds of ice cream! We started simple and made ice cream sandwich out of brown and white legos then my kids went of making their own things. They used white legos for whip cream and brown ones for sticks to make Popsicle's.
My daughter ended up adding way more flavors she thought sounded good and  we even ended up with a train to bring the ice cream on the go.  Really it was neat to see what they could come up with.  

lavender bubbles

I loved the idea for having lavender bubbles for my kids to play with either before bed or at a time when they just need to relax. I am one of those people who are not good at making home made bubbles though so I went with a different plan. I took cheap non scented bubbles added in red and blue food coloring to make a deep purple and then added in lavender essential oil. It worked! They smelled amazing and the food coloring did not stain. I added in a good amount of oil also and ended up with this shimmer look to the solution. Highly recommend for any down time.

hungry caterpillar game

Made from cardboard and paint and can be played a few different ways. Easy way~ Just throw and try to get the food into the  caterpillars mouth. another way~ is to make teams and see who can score more memory game~ First read the hungry caterpillar then see who can throw the right stuff in the correct order as the  caterpillar ate in the book. note~no my circles are not perfect but if you are trying to cut cardboard skip the scissors and use a knife. 

Sewing with kids Scented bags

I first planned on doing this activity with my 6 year old but she didn't seem interested on the flip side my 4 year old was...My 4 year old is hyper, really a go go go I was unsure how this would turn out but who could pass up a time to teach..  So first we picked out some fabric scraps we had and cut out a long rectangle. Really you can make them any shape. We folded the rectangle in half and sewed 2 sides. (one did not need to be sewed as again we folded it in half) The picture above is one of many but the others were very blurry as I was trying to stay away from the needle lol He did pretty well though and really was proud of himself after.  Once the two sides were done we went outside and picked some lavender and mint and filled our bags. We finished by sewing the last side.  Not bad for a first try and he loves rubbing them and smelling what is inside. I am thinking maybe the lavender one can stay between his pillow and pillow case for night time ;)

Pack and go kitchen

Easy way to keep everything together..or so I hope...either way I thought this is a nice take a storage container and draw with sharpie or another permitted marker a stove top on the lid, then you can keep all pieces inside. 

Pokemon balls for pretend play

We have made a huge Pokemon ball before but with the new Pokemon game out we decided to size it down a little and make it hand held. We still used styrofoam balls and choose some different type of Pokemon balls to make. So even though none of my kids can actually play the new game that has become such a hit they can still join in, play with their friends and have fun. 

nature play for kids centered around creeks

The best thing we could have ever asked for was having a creek in our back yard.  We share it with many animals, bugs, and even some people; however, we have found the best times to go exploring privately and to just stay away from the hustle of life.  Creeks have been amazing in teaching little ones different things. This is our most recent journey through our creek, what we did, and some things learned.

Our first 2 rules we have when walking the creek is to stay close and try not to yell.  My kids have figured the yelling part out on their own. If  they are loud, wild life takes off.  The chance to see them is then lost for that day.  Being close is just for safety. 
This was our first sighting - a pretty orange flower.  Along with spotting the flower we talked about the color and how plants eat.  Observing things (either via sight, sound, etc) is like a game to my kids.  They try to spot the first of everything when we go for walks like this lol 

Next we spotted some fish. The top …

Pass the water summer game

To play this game everyone needs a empty cup expect the first person in line who needs a full cup of water. Standing front the back the first person pours their cup over their head and the person behind them needs to catch as much water as possible. When it gets the end of the line the last person now becomes the front person and it goes on to see how many times they can go without running out of water. We also did this back to back and that was great lol..pretty sure no one caught any water that way.

Bracelets for parent/kid for first day of school

Pool noodle sprinkler

This was seriously the easiest and quickest thing to make. All you need is a hose, pool noodle,  duct tape and a chopstick (or anything else that can make small holes)
First close off one part of the pool noodle with duct tape. Then slide the hose into the noodle not to far ...I would say we placed ours about 6 inches in and tape it...Do not go light on the tape lol Make sure there is no holes in the duct tape. Then using what ever tool you choose (I found a chopstick to be perfect) poke some holes down the noodle.
Note the less holes you put the higher the water will go so do not put too many.
and Done! Simple as that and ended up being a lot of fun that we can reuse over and over again.
Side note we got our pool noodle at our local dollar store

Muddy tea party

We bought some dirt for planting and it just turned  out to hold way to much water for planting but instead of letting it go to waste and trashing it we decided to get messy. I honestly was thinking of  what is something we normally do not get  dirty with and that is when a tea party came to mind.  We grabbed some of the things we normally use for our tea parties and added water to the dirt we had and they went crazy over it. Making mud pies and muddy soup. In the end my daughter decided to sit in the bin with mud and cover herself witch was okay this time. It ended up as a muddy mess but well worth it.