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kids arrange flowers, sensory play

This morning we woke up and decided to go collect flowers after the rain last night. We went into our back woods and found it was colorful with different flowers growing all over. My kids went threw and collect what ever flowers they liked best. When we came back in we all made this flower arrangement together. They enjoyed smelling each flower as each flower smelled completely different. This gave me a open way to talk about the sense of smell and even go threw the different colors and sizes. Great to do with a large group or could be done individually in cups.

chalk world

Having fun outside in warm weather. This time we took a past craft and redid it. With some chalk we drew a Mario world but this activity can be redone to fit any toy. Last time we did it for baby dolls and drew beds, pool, and other things.

emoji craft, a way to talk about feelings and craft at the same time

Made with construction paper, glue and scissors. It was a fun craft to make and it was a way to talk about feelings with my daughter who would "rather not". She had a lot of fun and ended up making some more after this. She did some freely without going by a picture and it was neat to see what was fitting in her mind for different emotions. Great for scissor practice too. 

Mindcraft mask

Made from a brown paper bag You can make any mask, my kids just happen to be into mindcraft right now

End of the year thank you gift for a teacher

All you need is a pot, paint, soil and flowers

DIY Giant Reese cup

need~ lots of chocolate chips peanut butter Reese shape pan
Step1~ Melt chocolate....we bought one big bag and used all of it, so for this step we melted half the bag...and to do that we put it in a pot on the stove and just mixed.  Step 2~ Pour into the pan and place in freezer to cool Step 3~ once cool add peanut butter to the place in fridge until the next step is complete  Step 4~ Melt more chocolate and cover the peanut butter in fridge till frozen and done! It is hard to break (I placed it on a uneven surface and hit it) but yummy and big enough for a family! :) 

Candy flower

This is a Starburst candy flower with airheads leaves.  To make this flower make a middle first, I took one starburst and made it into a Hershey kiss shape. Then started taking one starburst at a time and shaping them into peddles. Key to this is to make sure they are not cold. I used one pack of starburst to make this one flower and one green airhead for the leaves. 

How to make baby doll food/milk/juice

I am sure like many we own two baby alive dolls...yep..the ones that eat and drink..but we can never find the food for them in stores so we set out to make our own and this is what worked for us.  To make milk~ Use any bottle..fill with as much water as wanted add few squirts of plain lotion and if you want very small amount of yellow food coloring.  To make orange juice~ Fill a bottle with as much water as wanted then add in a small amount of lotion and orange food coloring.  To make food~ mix some baking soda with little water and food coloring of our choice. (green for peas, orange for carrots)  If you do not add a lot of water you can store this play food away for when ever our child wants to play or you can add more water to use right away. note~ you could use flour or corn starch but I found baking soda was best. Remember to run clean water threw the baby after feeding and drinking to keep him/her clean. 

Slime egg

Fun to play with not to eat This slime egg is  not edible but is made up of~ one bottle of glue white food coloring yellow food coloring  liquid starch water
To make the yolk pour small amount of glue in a cup and mix in yellow food coloring and a small amount of water.We did not measure but probably used table spoon of glue and two teaspoons of water. Mix and slowly add in some liquid starch. We used about 1 tablespoon. You do not want it be to much like slime so the more liquid starch you add the more rubber like it gets. We then put it in a half ball mold we had and let it sit..(it mold was a paint palette we had sitting around)..for like 2 days cause I forgot about it... Anyway to make the white part we poured the rest of the glue in a cup, added white food coloring mixed then filled the glue bottle back up with water (3/4 the way) and mixed that in. Then slowly add in liquid starch but not a lot..just enough for the slime to form.  Again do not forget the more liquid starch you …

DIY pokemon ball

pokemon ball made with a styrofoam ball and paint

Crystal slime

need~ one bottle of glitter slime one baby diaper water mixing stick and cup liquid starch
First empty the bottle of water into a cup then fill the bottle 3/4 with water and dump that in. Now using water wet the diaper till it is full and take out the gel inside, add some to the glue mix and mix.  Slowly pour in some liquid starch and keep mixing till slime forms.  Done~ The more you play the less sticky it will get and if you let it sit before play for few mins. that will also help if your slime is sticky.  This slime had the most coolest feeling, it was fluffy but the gel added a different texture. A recipe I highly recommend for sensory play!

Season 5 Shopkin Give away!

This morning we woke up early enough to see Season 5 Shopkins release, We grabbed one to give away on here! To enter~ Just comment below with one thing you are looking forward to this summer, Winner will be picked random threw Thursday May 5th Please remember to check back at that time..I will comment on winners comment US only please as of right now