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Foam cracked eggs

To make cut eggs out of foam and then cut then in half.
Can be played with in a bath or on a window, using just a little bit of water they will stick.

Other ways to play~
You can put big letters on one side and little letters on the other side and have kids match them.
You can also use numbers and dots. Put the numbers on one side and dots on the other and match them.

Jelly bean secented play dough

To make use ur favorite play dough recipie and replace the water with water that has had jelly beans sitting in it. 
We made this after we did the jelly bean expermint and used the water from the red jelly beans. 
Note~ we also added some red food coloring. The play dough was coming out pink and I just wanted it a little more red.

Jelly bean in water expermint

what you will need~
jelly beans
cups or bowls

Let ur kid/kids short out the jelly beans by color and place them in separate cups. Then palce water in the cups. Go back and look every hour or so and see what happens. After about 6 hours the jelly beans are white and soft and the water is colored and smells good.
Great activity for color sorting and measuring (you can measure the water put into the cups). We used water for a reason (you will see why soon) but try using different stuff. See what happens if you replace the water with soda.

Multicultural Paper Dolls

to make start by fan folding your paper 
cut the paper dolls by cutting out the body shape , leaving the arms connected by the fold.
then decorate 

I love this craft and talking about this with my kids. Hate is something that is teached, no kid starts out life hating people. As my kids made this craft we talked about how people may look different on the outside but we are all human. We all have feelings.We may dress different, we may belive in different things, and we may speak different but none of that makes us any less of a person. Hate is something I will not teach my kids, I will not be my kids first bully and teach them to hate anyone.

Easy fine motor skill activity

reusing a shoe box put holes in the top, then let ur little one/ones use easter eggs to fil lthe box. You can also give tools for them to use to place the eggs.

Fruit sensory tray

Easy Easter egg paint

cut egg shapes out of construction paper then use half of a easter egg and paint to decorate.

Cracking a egg painting

To do this fun activity fill some easter eggs up with paint and place them in a box that is lined with paper. Then let ur little one/ones have fun breaking open the eggs and painting.
For the extended play just fill a bin with water and give soap and different things for ur little one/ones to clean the eggs after play.

Neon glow rice

You will need:
zip-lock bags
Neon/Fluorescent or glow in the dark paint
Rubbing alcohol
black light (if using neon paint)

Place the desired amount of rice for each color in a Ziploc bag. Add about a tablespoon of the glowing paint of your choice and about one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol helps coat the rice, watering down the paint so you need less and helps the rice dry faster. Seal the bag and then shake, knead, and mix until the rice is evenly coated. Then lay the rice out to dry on a cookie sheet. I periodically "mix" the rice up to help it dry completely. When the rice is dry and it is dark, get ready for some GLOWING fun!!

Neon baked cotton balls

In a big bowl mix 2 cups of flour with 2 n half cups of water. Then split up into bowls and add neon paint. (we made 4 bowls and used 4 different colors)Once mixed well dip cotton balls into each color and once covered fully place on a baking sheet. Then baked at 300 Degrees for 45 minutes. After done cooking let cool and have fun breaking them open. If your kid is old enough let them try with a hammer. Great for sensory play as the cotton ball starts out soft then you place it in a gooey mix, baked it and it comes out hard on the outside and still soft inside.
note~ you will need a black light for this one.

Matching sound game with Easter eggs

To make this easy game add some things to the inside of some easter eggs making sure you have two of each. Close them and let the game begin. Great for sensory play.

colored rice Easter egg pictures

To make start by coloring some rice. (to color rice add some rice to a cup or bag, then add little bit of rubbing alcohol and food coloring, mix and let dry)
Once dry you can make ur easter egg pictures using glue and foam or card stock.

Easy Toddler Easter Eggs

Easy way for toddlers to decorate eggs this Easter. You can use plastic eggs or hard boiled eggs that are colored and decorate with dot stickers. You can also make this a learning lesson and teach colors.

Tissue paper window art

window art using tissue paper, glue and water.
First in a bowl mix glue and water. (I did not measure but I used about 1/4 bottle of glue and about 3/4 cup of water) You want more water then glue.
Tear up pieces of tissue paper dip them in the glue mix then palce on window. Easy and simple. Once done let dry.

Note~ I herd of people having a hard time getting this off windows. I tried both baby wipes and window cleaner and it all came off very easy even after it dried.
We also used school glue witch is washable.

learning about the planets

This is a bin I made for my kids using black beans and glow in the dark stars and planets. As my kids played my daughter would ask me what the planets names are and I would tell her that plus some facts to remember. My daughter is almost 4 and this went over really well with her.

Easter Play dough craft

Easter eggs made with play dough and decorated with different things. To make a good egg shape in the play dough use half of a easter egg as a press.

Tissue paper Easter eggs

easy and fun
all you need is 
hard boiled eggs
and ripped tissue paper

To make wet pieces of tissue paper in water then place on ur egg. You can over lap them, it makes very nice colors. Then once done just let the egg dry.

Quick fabric busy bag

I needed something to keep my daughetr busy while I dressed and got my son ready to go out. Trying to think quickly I grab a lunchbag and filled it with some fabric scraps my daughter has yet to see. I closed it and gave it to her, it worked great!!! She loved going threw it all and even tried to tie some toghter. (We are learning how to tie shoes at this time so it was nice to see)
Got to remember what might be old to us is new to someone who has yet to experience it.

Exploring with neon cups and sunlight

We went over colors and patterns and just had fun building and knocking down the cups.

fork flowers

using paint and the back of a fork

In the sky bin

fun for any little one that loves flying
made with blue tissue paper, cotton balls for clouds, and of course some aviation toys.

Play dough for sick kids

This is easy just add some baby or adult vicks rub to any play dough or play dough recipie. A little goes a long way.
note~ you can also use eucalyptus essential oil

Princess pies

To make this my daughter used~
colored shaving cream in a ziplock bag. (we cut off a corner so she could squeeze it out easy and also used food coloring to color the shaving cream)
pom poms
and potpourri

My daughter went to work making some pies in little cups. Messy but worth it seeing her mind at work making different kinds of pies.

note~ my daughter is almost 4 and had no issue not eating any of this but if you think ur little one may change up what you use. Try colored whip cream with different sprinkles and maybe coco powder.

good luck treasure rocks

to make mix baking soda with a little bit of water. Just enough to make it moldable. You can also add some food coloring to the water before adding it in. Then mold some balls and place a treasure inside. (I used pennies and told my daughter they are her lucky pennies) Then put them in a freezer to make hard over night.
One done place them in a bowl and spray with some vinegar to make them fizz and find the treasure!

Black light and neon cups

Sensory Easter Eggs

Easy banana pancakes

St. Patricks day sensory bin

filled with~
different color tissue paper
green cups
green water beads
green and white fabric scarps
and some other st. patricks day toys

Pipe Cleaner Clover

how to~
with a pipe cleaner make a small loop at the end and wrap it around to hold it in place.
Then make another loop next to the first one and twist it so it stays in palce
After that take the stem and bring it up to make the 3rd loop in the center and twist to secure it.
and done!
you can push down the center of each loop to make it more clover like. (showned in the picture to the left)

celebrating St. Patty's day

To celebrate St. Patties day this year I set up some things for my kids to discover when they woke up.
First one being in our bathroom. We placed little foot prints on the bathroom seat and turned the water green with very little food colorning. (no it did not stain) When my daughter woke up she was shocked a leprechaun came and used our restroom.

The second thing we set up was a candy trail. (bottom right picture) It lead to a new water bottled for both kids and inside was a piece of paper wishing both kids good luck for the rest of the year. (We had to put the candy in cups to keep it away from our cats, who eat everything)

Last we added some green food colorning to our milk just for fun.

All in all so far my kids have loved this St. Patties day morning.

clear slime with water beads

in one bowl mix
one bottle of clear school glue (the one I used was 6oz.)
then refill the bottle twice with water and pour that in the bowl too
last add the water beads (use water beads that are all ready filled with water and ready to go)

in another bowl add one cup of water and two teaspoons of borax then mix.

to make the slime slowly pour the borax water in the glue bowl and keep mixing.

Mix till slime is formed.

note~after a minute I started mixing with my hands.
Also I used clear water beads but I think colored beads would look really neat.

arctic play

For this we used shaving cream, cotton balls, and of course many toys.
With the shaving cream and cotton balls my daughter ended up making a nice cave(not pictured) fun to see little hands at work!
We also made it a learning experience and talked about how cold the arctic is and what animals do live there.

Play Dough & kitchen tools

With this my kids just played. They loved to see what the tools did and what pattern they made.

Tissue paper sensory bin

for kids that like to rip and tear
also good for learning colors
was not sure how much my kids would like this but it ended up a big hit with my 2 and almsot 4 year old
My 2 year old ripped the paper and my 4 year old loved wrapping things in the paper, great for fine motor skills!

St. Patrick's day playdough

2 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup of salt
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
1 cup of water
some green kool aid
note~ even though this did not come out sticky for me if it does just add little more flour

St. Patty's day clover

made with tissue paper, glue, and one piece of construction paper to make it on.

Ways to learn with play dough

Edible St. Patties day Sensory Bin

made with~
lucky charms (we got a box of the 50th anniversary ones so it only came with the green clovers)
irish potatoes
and rolo candy (still in the package to make golden bars)

Bird themed sensory bin

We used beans of this bin, I wanted to use bird seed but could not find any at the store I went too.
The book is not really about birds but is one of my favorite books to read to my kids.
As my kids played I ran off some facts to them about birds, and as the play went on my daughter was proudly telling her dad what she had learned.
We also had extended play with this as you can see from the picture on the right. After the play with the bird and eggs was over the beans then become a road for trucks and cars. We also went over the color of the beans, if they are hard or soft, how it feels to step on them and how you can cook and eat them.

Playdough potato head

good way to practiced grasping skills and pretend play
also good way to help teach about different body parts

Tasting the Rainbow

keeping in the rainbow theme for St patty's day we did a taste the rainbow lunch using~
strawberries, cheese, yougert (we used two different yougerts) blueberries, and pickles.

Dr. Seuss sensory bin

In this sensory bin we put colored rice and foam letters.
To color rice place rice in ziplock bag with little bit of food coloring and little bit of rubbing alcohol. shake. then palce on tray to dry.

Hello My Name Is...

Hello my name is..
Mommy when someone needs a hug
Im hungery when someone wants something to eat
Hey! when someone is fighting with a sibling
Up, up ,up when someone is tired

I am
a magic maker~ I can make a boo boo stop hurting with one kiss
a pillow when a kid is having a night terror and needs love
a professional cook of mac and cheese
a laundromat for a family of 4 & a professional stain remover
a house keeper
a peacekeeper
a teacher

What I am not is perfect,
I do not always get things correct
I do not always have a clean house
I never have the lastest new clothes
I may not know how to spell a word correct
or know how to juggle everything in one day

My sink may be full often. The clothes may not get done all in one day. There may be a mystery spot or two when the day is over that I wonder what happened to my floor but what I do have at the end of every day is happy kids. Kids whos day was full of learning and fun.  The toys on my floor can wait for the day to be over to be pi…

St. Patrick's day slime

in one bowl dump
one 4oz bottle of glue, then refill the bottle with warm water two times and place it in the same bowl
note~ we added glitter, food colorning, gems and coins at this part too

in another bowl mix 1 1/2 cups of warm water with 1/2 teaspoon of borax

Slowly add the borax water to the glue water and mix.
We used most of the water but not all.
After you are done adding the borax water, start mixing with ur hands till slime is formed. Takes about 3mins and done!

My kids love going for a treasure hunt and finding all the gems and coins.

side note~ You can also add some mint extract to make it smell really nice.

shoe trick for kids

Lego Maze

Fun for all ages. Start simple then make harder as each maze is completed.

Pouring practice

pouring practice with rice and a zoo set up. 
Not only is pouring fun for children, it helps them build important fine motor skills in ways that are immediately useful.

sea creatures play dough bin

Play dough sea creatures
toy boats
blue vase stones

Great for sensory play!

Have fun making ur own, and make sure to send in pics!!!