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Hello My Name Is...

Hello my name is..
Mommy when someone needs a hug
Im hungery when someone wants something to eat
Hey! when someone is fighting with a sibling
Up, up ,up when someone is tired

I am
a magic maker~ I can make a boo boo stop hurting with one kiss
a pillow when a kid is having a night terror and needs love
a professional cook of mac and cheese
a laundromat for a family of 4 & a professional stain remover
a house keeper
a peacekeeper
a teacher

What I am not is perfect,
I do not always get things correct
I do not always have a clean house
I never have the lastest new clothes
I may not know how to spell a word correct
or know how to juggle everything in one day

My sink may be full often. The clothes may not get done all in one day. There may be a mystery spot or two when the day is over that I wonder what happened to my floor but what I do have at the end of every day is happy kids. Kids whos day was full of learning and fun.  The toys on my floor can wait for the day to be over to be picked up. There is no rush~ The dishes and clothes can also wait. The time I spend (scratch that) the time WE ALL spend with our kids is what means the most to them. We are their teachers even before they start school. They learn from us what is right and wrong, what they can and can not get away with. My days may be long and I miss sleep often but in the end I am happy and seeing my kids grow and learn first hand is amazing.
I hope they never lose their sense of wonder and always learn how to dance in the rain. Never settling for one path and instead making a new one. Finding that even though life may be hard a times good will always come from it. Not molding to society's standards, having courage to stand out. Casue let's face it normal is just a setting on a dryer.

Hello My Name Is Mom and that is the best gift EVER!~


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