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play dough & lego fun

5 different activities with play dough and legos

Picture1 ~ we made building blocks with play dough then pressed legos in one side to make it look like real legos.

Picture2~ Is playing with play dough and lego animals and plants. Be creative, make different places for your animals or people to live.

Picture3~ Pressing different legos into play dough to created letters.

Picture4~ Hammering legos into play dough making different prints. TIP- try making a pattern out of different legos.

Picture5~Adding game. Press different legos and then have ur kid/kids add up all the dots and find another lego with the same amount of dots.

Basic Scissor Skills

On a piece of paper draw lines and dots, then have ur child cut along the lines and dots.

Great to improve hand and finger awareness and improve hand control for cutting and writing.

Also great for Physical Development~
Use Two Hands Together- one to hold the piece of paper and one to cut.
Open and Close Their Hands and the tool.

DIY wrapping paper

Can be done for any holiday! 
Just need wrapping paper (with a white side) or a brown bag, paint, and cookie cutters.
Easy and simple and great for kids of all ages!~

Winter wreath

made from a paper plate (with the center cut out) glue, glitter, and small branches from our christmas tree.

Nature tree~

At the end of every year, my family likes to help the animals who mind find a hard time getting food a tthis time of the year. It's a family tradition here. This year we ended up with 1 small fake tree, 1 big 6 foot tree, and a small 3 foot real tree. So this is what we did with the little real tree to help and give back to the earth this year. Check it out and thank you all for being fans!~

In this nature tree we decided to do~

Different pine cone bird feeders (pine cones covered with peanut butter and bird seed)The other that we did was a pine cones covered with peanut butter and cranberries.

Then we did two different kinds of tree garland.
One was cheerios on a string. (can see in the bottom left picture)
The other was cranberries and peanuts on a string. (I used a string and a sewing needle for the cranberries and just tied a peanut on every now and then. (can be seen in bottom right picture)

Then the star was a cardboard cut out covered with peanut butter and birdseed.

Last we added…


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Pine Cone Experiment

Can you close up a pine cone that is "open?"
First let ur kid/kids make their guess.
Then place open pine cones in a bowl of water.
After about a half hour the pine cones will be closed.

info behind why they close~
Each pine cone scale protects 1-2 seeds. When the seeds are mature, the pine cone falls off the tree and the pine cone scales dry out. As they dry, they "open" up and release the seeds. The scales are made that when they get wet they closed and when they are dry, they open.

Snowman plate

done with 1 plate, glue, felt, googly eyes, and construction paper

Candy Cane cloud dough

Snow sensory bin

Snow paint sensory bin

Can use~
real snow 
fake snow
or even use a snowcone maker to make some "snow"

Place snow in a bin and different color water. Add some spoons and different things for kid/kids to change the color of the snow and just have fun! While staying warm~

Sticky secented gingerbread men

Cut a gingerbread man shape out of one piece of paper. 
Then lay a piece of contact paper over it so you have a sticky gingerbread man once contact paper is turned over. 
Then turn it back over so the sticky side is down. (make sure its on a clean surface) and lay a brown piece of paper on top of the contact paper, and then lay another piece of contact paper over the brown paper.
So you should still have one sticky side (that should be the front and the back should be smooth)

Then let ur kid/kids decorate the gingerbread man with different spices and things.
(I gave my daughter different spices and foam circles)

Gingerbread man slime

mix in one bowl-
2 cups of white school glue
1 1/2 cups of warm water
Some Ground cinnamon & ginger spice

The mix in another bowl-
3/4 teaspoon of borax
1 1/3 cups of warm water

Once both bowls are well mixed add the second bowl to the first slowly.
Mix with hands till slime forms, and done!

note- the top picture is when we first made this and the both is it after about 3 weeks. This last a long time if sealed in airtight container.

Recipie without borax-
mix 1 1/2 cups of clear glue with 1 1/2 cups of liquid starch and Some Ground cinnamon & ginger spice.

Secented Gingerbread Men

Easy and simple craft!
First cut some gingerbread men out of construction paper, then draw whatever you would like on them. (We put faces and drew some shirts)
After done make some gingerbread man paint. To make it just add some cinnamon and nutmeg spice to brown paint.
Then let ur kid/kids have fun painting the gingerbread men. Let dry and done!

my daughter added buttons and beads but the yreally did not stay, maybe adding some glue to the paint mgiht have worked?...unsure

Idea- put a hole in the top of them add a string and hang them up to make ur home smell amazing!

Snowmen bath~

Painting snow

Watching a snowman melt~

We did this by placing some snow in a zip lock bag with felt eyes,nose,and smile.
Simple way to teaching how a solid can turn into a liquid.

Dice Math

to make dip dice in paint (not to much) and "Stamp" them on paper. 
We did adding but you can do multiplication or division too.

Snow balls for the bath!

Safe for bath~
Mix some baking soda with water till you can make snow balls, then freeze for about 30mins before bath time.

Fun and simple!~

Demolish a Snowman~

Make a snowman out of anything you would like and let ur kids have fun taking it apart and making a mess!
We used shaving cream, foam, garland, and different gems.
You can also turn this into a lesson by asking ur kid/kids different body parts. (head, nose, eyes, etc.)
Also by asking colors and textures!

Christmas bin #2

Christmas bin #2
Might see some other crafts we did in this bin!~
Reuse, Recycle

Candy cane oobleck

Make two batches of oobleck (recipie is 1 cup water mix with two cups of cornstarch (cornflour in uk) 
It should be a solid when hit and a liquid when held.
Next take one batch and add red food coloring and Peppermint extract to it.
Once done lay the white oobleck on a tray and lay the rid in strips over it, or swirl it on top.
Now ur Candy cane oobleck is done!

Did you notice that if you make a ball with the goo it is solid, but if you drop it on the floor it turns liquid again? The goo is a non – Newtonian fluid as it doesn’t flow like liquids normally do.

Melted Snowmen

Salty Snow Prints

Christmas sensory bin~

note-as with anything that is choking hazard, if you add ligths or garland childern should always be supervised.

sticky rice tree~

First cut two trees out of contact paper, making sure they are both the same size.
Then to make the rice. Add some rice to a zip lock bag a little bit of water and some green food coloring.Mix and lay out on a tray to dry.

While it is drying cut out some ornaments from either felt or paper.

Once the rice is dry pour it on one of the contact paper tree's. (the sticky side of course) and add some paper ornaments.

Then place the other contact paper tree sticky side down on top of the first tree. This is just to help keep the rice on the tree and not falling off. (so the rice will be inbetween the two conatct paper) and Done!~

note- make sure to brush off any rice that is not sticking on, you want to make sure the rice is dry before placing on tree.

Candy Cane playdough

First mix
2 cups of plain flour
1 cup of salt
1 table spoon of cooking oil
1/2 to 1 cup of cold water
few drops of peppermint extract

note- if to sticky add more flour

then split it into two and add red food coloring to one half.

Simple and great for sensory play.

Gingerbread man paint

mix equals part of shaving cream and glue. Then add in cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg spice.
note- can add brown paint or food coloring if you would like.

construction paper tree

Simple and easy!
Tree made from construction paper and glue.

No cook cinnamon ornaments

1 cup flour
1/2 cup cinnamon
1/2 cup salt
3/4 cup of warm water

if to sticky add more flour
takes about 48 hours to dry completely
make sure to put a hole in top to hang before it sets
can paint after it sets