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pictionary with chalk

Fun outside game to get kids thinking! Let each kid take a turn drawling something and have everyone else guess what it is. Great easy game to keep kids guessing and having fun....and parents can easily get involved. I am still trying to guess what my son drew in this picture....can you?

DIY building blocks made from scrap wood

I love reducing, reusing and recycling so when a new dinning table was being built and scrap wood was left over it was only natural for my mind to stay turning and thinking of ways to reuse this scrap wood.  The answer was simple...building blocks! My kids love building so I went to work on this scrap wood. First sanding down the sides, making sure no sharp pieces were left, then dying them in food coloring water. Once done you just leave them out to dry and that is it.  Notes if you try this at home~ Gel food coloring works better then liquid (purple was gel and rest were liquid) Make sure the wood is dry before dying (If you want bright colors this matters, my kids really wanted to play so waiting for wood to dry.... witch could take days ...was not a option...maybe putting them in a oven could have helped this...unsure)   I did not do this but if you want these blocks to last a long time it might be worth looking into covering them with a weather stain or paint to help prevent rot…