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Giant shower jelly

This was a really fun sensory idea. It is a shower jelly but also could be placed in a water table for outside fun. To make start by heating water in a pot. Then add in any body wash of your choice and the food coloring of your choice. Feel free to add glitter at this point if you like. Then add in unflavored gelatin packs and mix. We bought a big box and used about 16 packs. Place in a conditioner of choice and place in fridge till set.  side notes~  spray mold with non stick spray for easy removal  when you pour the mix into the mold, use a spoon to remove the bubbles(we didn't when we added the purple and thats why you can clearly see bubbles)  let one color set before adding another  it is not edible, of course so best for kids not babies ;p

New Years craft! what is your New Years resolution?

This was a craft my kids did last new years. They traced their hand and then wrote something they would like to learn this year.
As the new year comes what is your new years resolution?

Candy cane hunt

Fun I spy candy cane hunt. I went along and hid some candy canes in the woods behind our house, later I took my son out and waited for him to spot one. After that he  loved searching for more. Some I placed in hard to reach places and watched him problem solve to get them. It was interesting to see his mind working out these problems and was over all just a fun time outside in the fresh air. 

Tree balance game

Fun easy game to help bring in the holidays. Make a large Christmas tree on the floor using green tape.  Then cut out ornaments and a star. That is a part kids can do, it can help with practicing cutting and hand eye coordination. Then have the kids go one at a time to walk the lines and place the decorations on the tree but be careful falling off will make you start all over again. Once all the decorations are on the tree it is time for the star. The next persons turn can put the star on the tree or everyone can do it once. I had one kid bring the star up and then go up and get to again and hand it to the next person. Who ever did not fall off got a piece of candy in the end.

kinetic sand slime

One of the best slime's we have ever made and I am pretty sure well have made well over 40 different kinds of slime. This one is a very neat sensory slime. It turned out just like kinetic sand but then moved like slime does. We were able to cut it and it would still stick together but the more you played with it the softer it got and the more it flowed like slime. So to make this you will need~ 1 bottle of glue liquid starch sand First mix the bottle of glue with little over 1/4 cup of liquid starch. ( I did this in a cup and then transferred it to a zip lock bag after, you can just mix everything by hand but it was a lot cleaner to do it this way.) Then I added in a little over 1 cup of sand. (a little at a time, mixing in between adding more) That is it, it did not come out sticky and was a lot of fun. If you want to keep it f or a long time place it in a air tight container or back in a zip lock bag, other wise it will dry out.