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Halloween sensory sink

You can make your own any way you want, mines included~
fake candles, toy pumpkins, foam pumpkins, fake crystal, and more. At the end I asked my daughter to make her own potion in our "new" glass jar to put out as a fall decoration. She had lots of fun and it was a easy way to introduce new vocabulary.

treasure hunt pumpkin style

just a fun messy play time idea, we took the top off of a pumpkin and filled it with some toys. Then you could either ask ur kid to find the toys without looking just feeling or just let them dig in. I asked my daughter to describe how the pumpkin feels, and how it smells. She has fun!

coconut scented water beads

in a bowl empty a pack of water bead then add in some coconut water/milk...We bought a whole coconut and used the water from there...We then added in about half cup of water and let it sit...After few hours the water beads will be ready to play with and smell amazing!
Great for any relaxing bin you make.

Note~ water beads are not to be eaten so if you think your little one might mouth these keep a watchful eye.

My daughters letter pumpkin

She choose b sense that is the first letter of her nickname
We cut out a b in a piece of paper and taped it on then I let her paint the pumpkin any way she wanted to and removed the paper when she was done.

eye slime

Eye slime
in one bowl combine
2 cups of white glue
1 & 1/2 cups of very warm water
and google eyes

then in another bowl add-
3/4 teaspoons of borax
1 1/3 cups very warm water

mix with hands till slime forms, takes about 5mins

note-will last for long time if stored in a airtight container.

Apple water bead bin

Great for learning
With this bin you can teach colors, talk about how the water beads or toy apples feel, let little ones work on their hand eye coordination by using different tools to pick everything up and even teach some new vocabulary.
We talked about harvesting as my kids played and collect all the apples in a cup.

Pumpkin goop made with real pumpkin!

how to make~
In a blender mix some water with some pumpkin guts(leave out the seeds), mix until it is smooth
Then add the pumpkin mix to cornstarch(corn flour in uk) 
Use little more corn starch then pumpkin mix.
Smells amazing! 
Ours turn out to be a tan color but if you want more orange add some orange food coloring to the water n pumpkin guts before you blend it.

Pumpkin patch small world play

including the scooby doo gang 
Who is you'r kid/kids favorite tv carter?

Pumpkin scented play rice

Easy to make.
To make add some rice to a container then add a little bit of water, pumpkin spice and food coloring. Mix and let dry. Once dry you can make a pumpkin face yourself or just give the colored rice to you'r little one to do it themselves!

Storage in a air tight container and will last for weeks.

leaf handprint

pumpkin patch bath

nice way to get into fall and Halloween.
We painted the long stem and then added foam pumpkins. We also added real little pumpkins. 
My kids had fun washing the pumpkins and playing with the foam pumpkins.
You could also add some orange food coloring to the bath water and a little bit of pumpkin spice. Due to my son having bad eczema we left that out this time.

pumpkin scented artwork

There is two ways you can do this
you can either make pumpkin spiced paint (by adding pumpkin spice to any paint) or you could paint ur art first them sprinkle pumpkin spice over the top of it, let it dry and then brush off the extra. Both ways make amazing smelling art work.

Story time bin

For this before bed bin I placed different toys and things in a bin and let me daughter make her own stories up using the items.