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valentine's day slime

To make one batch (we did two batches) In one bowl dump one bottle of glue then fill the bottle up with warm water and dump that in too. mix.(this is when you add in any little add in's, glitter, hearts, food coloring, etc.) Then in another bowl mix little less then half cup of water with teaspoon of borax. Once both bowls are mixed slowly pour the borax water into the glue bowl and mix well till slime forms. Slime will last a long time if storage in a air tight container. But note that if you add glitter the glitter will sink to the bottom in time ad become hard piece of slime.   Have fun!~

valentine's day bath

This is our valentine's day bath this year. We used foam hearts, sponges(reused from another play idea) cups,heart shape soap(also from another play idea) and stickers. Simple things you can add to make bath time more fun~

Snow day bin

My daughter loves going out and playing in the snow but my son is not a big fan, well unless  I bring the snow inside so he can stay warm and play without having to wear a big snowsuit.  This time we took some princess and made a bin using them toys. We also added some spoons so they could dig and make tunnels.  Fun way to stay warm but still be able to play in the snow!

Beet juice ice cubes

Beet juice can be used to color many things but this time we used them to freeze into ice cubes.  We tried making some molds out of tin foil (cause we wanted to make few hearts) it worked okay. When they where done we took them out in the snow and as they melted they colored the snow.  Fun the play with, edible, but remember the juice can stain clothes. Play clothes or even doing this in the bathtub would work. 

Playing with rice

Different ways to learn and play with rice
Good for working on fine motor skills

redo your own littlest pet shop animals

Recently we redid a my little pony and ever sense my daughter has been wanting to redo another toy. So today we found a littlest pet shop ferret that was covered in green paint and need to be redone as the green paint was permitted and anything you use to take it off with also take off all the under paint.So we started first using some nail polish remover we took off as much paint as possible. The eye paint came off pretty easy but you can always leave the eyes and work around them. Once dry then you can start painting. I am no artist so painting for me is hard especially when I am watching my two kid also paint. (and praying it doesn't get any place but the work space lol)
Make sure you do not use washable paint.
Once done painting, let dry then go over with a spray for plastic. (to help keep the paint from chipping, depending on the spray it could also make the toy shinny, I used Krylon Fusion clear coat)
Once dry its done.
This one is the one we made, the idea was to make it lo…

valentine's day rice tray

This is our valentine's day rice tray. To dye the rice mix uncooked rice with some food coloring and a little bit of water. Let dry for few hours and done~ The paper towel "holders" are hard to get to stand on their own so I added rice inside each, you could just tie them to the sides of the tray though. This was set up for fine motor skill practice and did the job! We also talked about how things felt, shapes, and colors.  Made for one great learning time. 

bean sensory bin for valentines day

Today is the first time we used beans in a sensory bin, totally worth it! We made this bin using red and white beans for valentines day. It was really fun, my kids loved it. They poured them, measured them, and sorted through them by color.  In the end they added more toys and played with the beans as if they where rocks.  Beans is one sensory bin filler you can use over and over and is cheap to buy so next time you pass by them pick some up! This is one of many ideas going around the 31 Days of Sensory Play!

valentine's sink play

My kids just like my self are getting excited about Valentines day this year. We are trying to get as much themed play time in as possible. This time we did a sensory sink play and added all different things with all different feels to them. Some things we added are pipe cleaners, pom pom balls, glitter, stickers, and a heart shape soap bar.  After I set everything up my daughter had a blast mixing, pouring and even adding a few toys!

How to make a old pony new again

We have found a old my little pony that looks like it has had better days.
This pony has been forgotten about and I can see why. Her hair was messy, knotted, she was dirty with marker and just sad over all. She we decided to give her a make over!
This was her before First thing to do is cut off the hair, but leave a little so the clay can stick. (we used oven baked clay found at any craft store.) all ready looking better lol ;) Next is to paint her. Note~we painted her first cause we are using colored clay. If you are using white clay then make the mane and tail first then paint.) After painting we added our colored mane and tail. I tried to keep the eyes and horn the same but with kids helping it didn't work out 100%. Then just follow the baking instructions on the clay pack. Once done baking let it cool fully. (note~ I had a window open just in case of the pony baking at low temp.s was bad at all, but had no smell issues) She is finally done!~ I would also say this craft idea is…

Ice and rice sensory play

This is a first for us, unsure we didn't think of this before but my kids love playing with both so why not add them together?! Ice and rice are both great sensory play objects and can be used many different ways. In this bin we made coffee ice and made the rice green with food coloring.
Other ideas are
~adding some objects to the liquid before you freeze it
~making the rice different colors
~adding different toys (my little pony is big in this house right now that is why we used them, but use your kids favorite toys)
~let your kids use their sense in this play time. (how does everything smell?, how does the ice and rice feel?,what color are the ice and rice?, and if your okay with it let them even lick the ice to see how it taste? again you use juice to make the rice or even flavored water. I just wanted to use coffee so I could make them a "mountain")

simple water tray play

Made this simple play idea using a tray, water, toy frogs, rocks, sponges, and cups with holes.  The sponges we're great to add, the kids loved soaking up the water and squeezing it back out again. The cups with holes let the kids use their imagination and make it rain for the frogs.

valentine's day sponge play

For this lesson in the skin I cut up few pink and purple sponges, filled a sink with red food coloring water and some stickers. My kids both love playing with water.  Water play gives a child a time to experiment and help with problem solving skills as the child manipulates the water to see what it can/will do. It also gives us parents time to introduce new vocabulary.

How a Sponge Absorbs Water The makeup of the sponge makes it is so effective at soaking up water and other liquids. Loose fibers in the sponge create a product that is more empty space than anything else. It is because of this empty space that the sponge can work so well. The holes between the fibers soak up the water and cause the fibrous material itself to swell. This prevents the water from sloshing right back out of the sponge. Instead, the water is trapped inside until the sponge is forcibly squeezed.

Read more :

Ice cream snow play

We collected some snow added in a ice cream play set and let the kids play. They made each other cones and dishes add in a few polly pockets and made a little ice cream store with hungry costumers.

This was one of the dishes they made me. If you do not have ice cream toys no worries add some real dishes, and spoons. You could even add real cones as long as the snow is clean it is ok for toddlers would might try it!~

Frozen theme bath

Our Frozen themed bath. We made a bubble bath then added fake snowflakes and frozen related items. Frozen is still a big hit in my family :)

Ice table outside play

My daughter loves to be outside. Rain, shine, or snow, doesn't matter. So this time we brought out some toys to play with on her water table that has now turned to ice.  It was like a little ice skate rink. So if your kid/kids are like mines let them grab few toys before they head out next time and have fun playing!

eucalyptus oil water play for kids

This morning both my kids woke up congested, with that being said its time to knock it out now before it gets any worse. We are eating fruit trying hot showers and different sensory play with things to try to help. This sensory play we added some eucalyptus oil to a big bin of water and added some toys. I must note adding eucalyptus oil to water for play should only be done for kids who you know for sure will not drink the water or splash it in their eyes.  Both my kids know both of these rules but are still watched when playing. Comment below with your tricks or tips on making kids feel better during this sick season.