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redo your own littlest pet shop animals

Recently we redid a my little pony and ever sense my daughter has been wanting to redo another toy. So today we found a littlest pet shop ferret that was covered in green paint and need to be redone as the green paint was permitted and anything you use to take it off with also take off all the under paint.So we started first using some nail polish remover we took off as much paint as possible. The eye paint came off pretty easy but you can always leave the eyes and work around them. Once dry then you can start painting. I am no artist so painting for me is hard especially when I am watching my two kid also paint. (and praying it doesn't get any place but the work space lol)
Make sure you do not use washable paint.
Once done painting, let dry then go over with a spray for plastic. (to help keep the paint from chipping, depending on the spray it could also make the toy shinny, I used Krylon Fusion clear coat)
Once dry its done.
This one is the one we made, the idea was to make it look like a chocolate cake with pink and red sprinkles. :)
If your kids made one send in the pics so they can be shared!~


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