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How to make a old pony new again

We have found a old my little pony that looks like it has had better days.
This pony has been forgotten about and I can see why. Her hair was messy, knotted, she was dirty with marker and just sad over all. She we decided to give her a make over!
This was her before
First thing to do is cut off the hair, but leave a little so the clay can stick. (we used oven baked clay found at any craft store.)
all ready looking better lol ;)
Next is to paint her.
Note~we painted her first cause we are using colored clay. If you are using white clay then make the mane and tail first then paint.)
After painting we added our colored mane and tail.
I tried to keep the eyes and horn the same but with kids helping it didn't work out 100%.
Then just follow the baking instructions on the clay pack.
Once done baking let it cool fully.
(note~ I had a window open just in case of the pony baking at low temp.s was bad at all, but had no smell issues)
She is finally done!~
I would also say this craft idea is for kids not toddlers as the clay makes it semi breakable.
My almost 5 year old had no issues with understanding this.


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