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Home made hermit crab food (that kids can help with)

Recently we adopted 4 hermit crabs and after reading up a little more on them we learned they like us, need a healthy diet and that store bought hermit crab food can be down right deadly..This gave me a good idea of showing my daughter what a healthy diet for hermit crabs is and at the same time talk about what is healthy for us to eat. I talked to her about how store brand food is not the best things for the crabs to eat just like "fast food" is not for us....I went on to tell her some healthy things that we eat that the crabs can eat too..She was a little surprised all the things that we can share with our new crab buddies. So with a watchful eye we started cutting some things up to dehydrated and make our own hermit crab food.(great for practicing cutting skills!)
This is what the turn out came to look like. A whole bin of food that should last awhile. We added  ~oats ~dehydrated apples ~dehydrated peaches ~dehydrated tomato ~dehydrated carrots  ~organic pasta ~dehydrated…

Native Americans learning bin

To make this learning bin I found some cheap Native American things and placed them all in a bin, as my daughter explored and played I talked to her about it all. The site I used and got my facts from to teach was here~

Toy review~ for, Littlest Pet Shop Pet-acular Fun Room Style Set

Price~ $15 / £20


Ages~ 6+
With 35+pieces

This fun toy allows anyone to make and design a fun room for their littlest pet shop animals. It was very easy to put together with only 5 steps. It included many little things including 2 different animals, and little bottles/carrots/ crayons and things that the animals can hold. Very colorful and has many small details that make it nice.
There is also a app for these pets. You'r suppose to be able to scan the paw on the pets from a mobile device and be able to play with ur pet, but I tried and could not get the app to show then after closer look at the box it says ' see for app release date" so I am gonna guess the app is not out yet....why they woul…

Glow bath using tonic water

We replaced highlighter water with tonic water for this glow bath. (note you do need a black light for this)
I used 1 litter but it could have used another. It did glow but not to much that I could get a great picture. 
It was still very nice and my kids had a blast glow fishing! 
note~ this will not leave ur kids sticky but I do suggest washing ur little ones after they get done playing anyway.

Stuffed animal wash day

This bath time we made not only bath time for my kids but for their stuffed animals too. (my kid love playing with stuffed animals and they often do need a good cleaning) 
So I added~
stuffed animals
two toy bath's
wash rags
shampoo (tear free of course)
hair brush
and foaming bath soap

My kids loved this, and we will revisit this when more animals need to be clean.
This is also a good idea for any kid learning to wash and clean themselves. My kids def, learn but showing how to do things. So to have them hands on cleaning and brushing their animal worked well.

sandy garden

Today we are playing in a sandbox with flowers and pokmon. Making sandy gardens. 
Working on fine motor skills and loving the bright colors!~
What is everyone else doing?

Under the sea picture

First we started off making a ocean scene using shells and toys. Then after the picture was done my kids then used different tools to pick the shells and toys up and place them on a small mirror . This was a good activity for sensory play and fine motor skill practice. 
Yet another activity we used these shells for, reuse, reduce, recycle!

Pokemon theme bin

Great for any pokemon lover!
Complete with battle slime! (really just slime I bought at the toy store awhile ago and reused)
This bin has many different land and water areas. (Cause if their is something we should all know with a pokemon lover in the house is that they live in different areas of the earth(water, in the air, and on the land)
This is the first bin I made to engage older kids (around 6 or so) and it went over well. What little kid wouldn't like to make a mess, play with slime, and find new things!
One of the things I left to find was the fossil hidden in the rocks. (yes real fossil's someone gave me to work with)
This bin cost me around $4 to put together. My hint to everyone would be check local online(facebook) yard-sale pages, you can find some great deals!

Toy review~ Alex Toys Stickers For The Tub - Beep! Beep!

product review~
item~ Alex Toys Stickers For The Tub - Beep! Beep!

Price~ $13 us £9Uk

Can buy online in us here~

can buy online at UK here~

Build a busy roadway in your bath! Comes with 6 sections of interconnecting roadway, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, traffic lights, signs and more! 31 pieces.

This toy is great for any cars/boat/air plane lover. With a total of 31 pieces our play time went on for little over a hour. Both my kids (ages 4 and 2) loved this toy. You can make different roads and add stop signs and lights. I did not have a problem with it sticking to my bathtub walls or even my window! That means the play time can/did continue after bath time was over.
When it was time to clean up it comes with its own drying basket that you can also hang.
I highly recommend this toy for any kid/toddler. It …

Washing sea shells

Great for sensory play
Can ask about the different colors/feelings of each shell. I gave both a tooth brush and rag for my kids to wash these shells. Good for working on fine motor control.
Sea shells are another thing we reuse and recycle in many other crafts.

Corn husk paitning

Great for any harvest lesson. 
Corn is one thing we did something with, with every part. 
We painted with the husk, colored and used the silk in a sensory bin, had the corn for dinner, and let our rats/hermit crabs chew on the cob.
Questions~ what is one thing that never goes to waste in ur home?

shucking corn for toddlers/kids

Last night we had corn with our dinner and instead of just shucking the corn and being done, I decided to hand it over to my 4 year old. She had a lot of fun helping and loved that she could do it all by herself. I loved that just letting her do something this simple was good for her. It helped with her hand eye coordination, helped build her little muscles and gave her a boost of confidence that she could actually do it and finish what she started.
Question~ does ur kids enjoy helping with dinner? what is their favorite thing to make?

colorful flower bin

(made with fake flowers but you can use real)
With this bin we practiced colors and shapes, then we had more fun by adding different toys in and making a flower forest~Very fun , easy to do, cheap to make. You can also reuse the flowers for different projects.
we also made this vine when we got done playing. My daughter tied together little vines to make a long one for our hermit crabs. Great for teaching to tie and practice.

colored corn silk bin

fruit/vegetable bin made with colored corn silk
To color the corn silk let it sit in food coloring and water for few hours then let dry.

sensory bin fillers

Foot spa~

Foot spa I made to do with my daughter.
We picked some flowers from our garden, added some nice baby oil to the water, had plenty of different soaps and bubbles and even nail polish. O-yeah I couldn't forget the cookies for her to munch on while she got her feet cleaned and painted. 
Easy cheap idea for girls you could also make it bigger some and use this idea for a little girl's party!