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Home made hermit crab food (that kids can help with)

Recently we adopted 4 hermit crabs and after reading up a little more on them we learned they like us, need a healthy diet and that store bought hermit crab food can be down right deadly..This gave me a good idea of showing my daughter what a healthy diet for hermit crabs is and at the same time talk about what is healthy for us to eat. I talked to her about how store brand food is not the best things for the crabs to eat just like "fast food" is not for us....I went on to tell her some healthy things that we eat that the crabs can eat too..She was a little surprised all the things that we can share with our new crab buddies. So with a watchful eye we started cutting some things up to dehydrated and make our own hermit crab food.(great for practicing cutting skills!)
This is what the turn out came to look like. A whole bin of food that should last awhile. We added 
~dehydrated apples
~dehydrated peaches
~dehydrated tomato
~dehydrated carrots 
~organic pasta
~dehydrated cucumber
~dehydrated flowers (2 different kinds, that my daughter grew in her garden)
~dehydrated bananas
~dehydrated strawberries
~dried coconut
~crushed egg shell
~crushed  cuttlebone
~popcorn (with no butter, salt)
~dried loose oolong tea
~ dried mealworms  (this was added once my daughter was done mixing everything)
~dried blood worms(both mealworms and blood worms should be handled by adults only)

My daughter was so proud of herself to see what she can do for these new pets and they loved it!

This activity was for hermit crabs but you can always look up and make some home made recipes for any animal!

Lastly remember hermit crabs are not a starter pet, they like many pets take a lot of care.


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