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Playing with Popin cookin~

Recently my daughter has been watching toy reviews on our ipad. Well in her many veiwings she found this thing called Popin cookin. It is candy that you can make into different things, so out of  curiosity I had to get some. We are big candy fans in this house. We got many different ones to start  and after waiting about 2 weeks was happy to get my package in the mail!
(me and my daughter once we got it, sorry it is sideways)
We started with these three. (sushi kit, Bento box, and dodotto soda)

This is the sushi one once done.

This is the dodotto soda

This is the Bento box once done.
These three were really fun to work with.  The Sushi had candy soy sauce, and you even made candy fish eggs to put on top! The taste was pretty good too even though the soy sauce I really didnt really have a taste.The dodotto soda thing was the easiest out of these three to do but had way to much sugar for me. The cool things about it thought was making it! You mixed up two packs  into two seprated bowls and …

rainbow handprint

cardboard cookies~

Simple craft
Just cut circles out of cardboard and cut some decorations out. (we used foam and markers to decorate)
Great for kids who love pretend play.

Cotton ball Sensory play~

easy sensory play for little ones~
Place cotton balls in a tray with some water and let ur little one explore! (can add some color if you want, we did after few mins)
If ur little one is old enough ask a few questions about the cotton balls. (you can ask about the color, how it feels, what happens when it is placed in the water, does it have a smell, what happens when you add color to the water)

counting raindrops~

Good for kids learning to count, you can also ask a math problem for kids learning math that way and have them find the correct number answer.
Made this easy bath with paint and foam drops. (used a marker to write the number.)

Sticker Pictures

Using foam stickers and markers to make pictures.
Great for practicing fine motor skills.

Glowing math~

For this we used a highlighter to write down the math and also to color some cotton balls.
To make this glo we also used a black light.

Lego fun on the go!

Just hot glue a long lego piece to the top of a wipe container add legos to the inside and done!

Cake Mix Play doh

1 box of cake mix
2 cups of flour
1 1/2 cups of salt
6 tbls oil
3 cups of water

Mix in a bowl
Then pour into a pot and heat on med. till dough form. Took me about 15mins and I stirred it often.
Once cool mix with hands and done.

note- if sticky add more flour
also if kept in a airtight container this can last for weeks.

Practing fine motor skills

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the body that enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. They involve strength, fine motor control, and dexterity.

This activie is placing vase stones in a empty valentine's day chocolate box using tweezers of different sizes.

Melted Crayon Art With Rocks

To start this craft collect some rocks!
Then wash them off and place them on a baking sheet.
Bake the rocks at 350 degrees for about 15mins.
Once done cooking place ur rocks on newspaper or a old towel.
Rememeber these rocks are very hot!!
Now use crayons color the rocks.
(we peeled the crayons to make it easier)
Once done let them cool and ur rock art is complete!!

note- I did this with my almost 4 year old with no problems. At the end my 2 1/2 year old came out and right away tried to touch the rocks, after a reminder that the rocks are very hot he walked away and started playing with toys. So anyway just be careful.

Words with play-doh

forming words with play-doh
Great for kids who like hands on learning!

Sequin Art

Made with glue, Sequins, foam and paper.
Easy and simple craft! Sensory seekers will enjoy the sight of the shiny, reflective, colorful sequins, the sound they make when poured onto the paper, and the feel of them against their skin as they press down!

Introduce new vocabulary words like "sequins" and "reflective" with this craft.

felt soup

Play dough sushi~

We used play dough bought from a store and added rice to the white play dough. (uncooked rice)
I also added for my daughter nori wraps for sushi and some tools.
Then my daughter went to work making her own sushi, once done she rolled it and I cut it for her.
Then we had fun having a pretend dinner!

valentine's day bath~

used pink food coloring to dye the water
also gave my kids 
paint and stamps
foam hearts
light up heart duck
pom poms
heart cupcake liners (the rubber ones)

valentine's day stone

Made this stone for my daughter for valentine's day.
I just used a clean stone, hot glue gun and glitter.

Love Bags

Fun for the whole family!
To make this craft just grab some brown lunch bags and decorate.
Once done you go around in a circle and everyone writes down something they love.
We tried to stay away from things and focus on places and people.
Some questions I asked are~
where do you love to go?
what is ur favorite outside activie?
what is ur favorite inside activie?

Once finished I stapled the bags closed and put them away, to open up in couple years.

light table and vase gems

Playing with vase stones on a light table.
Cheap learning idea.
Besides just playing ur kid/kids can also help make patterns and shapes. You can also go threw some colors with ur child.

valentine's sensory water bin

we included~
pink food coloring
2 play dough hearts (the cutters not actual play dough)
foam hearts
pom pom balls
silicone cupcake heart liners
light up duck

I also included but not shown
some spoons, cups, and bowls

This is not only a sensory play idea but also helps teach sharing between kids.

Salt dough heart suncatcher

2 cups of flour 1 cup of salt
1 cup of water
then make a heart shape. (I was able to make two nice size hearts with this recipie)

Then take ur kid/kids hand and place it in the heart and push down. Once you have the outline of the hand use a knift to cut the inside hand out.

Then using perler beads let ur kid/kids fill the inside of the hand. (do not over do it one layer is good)

Place in oven at 350 degrees for about 25mins (check every now and then)

Once the beads are melted take out the heart and let it cool. (the top right picture is my sons heart once taken out of the oven)

Once cool it can be painted!

These beads are non toxic in the oven, how ever pony beads do give off some toxic fumes. You can use pony beads instead but open a window or two!!

also I did bake the hand that I cut out from these hearts and let my kids paint them too!

Flavored water

recently my family has been getting tired of the same drinks over and over, so we tried our hands at flavored water. 
This is good for kids learning out to cut and also very heathly!
We used
cut pineapple
cut strawberries
cut strawberries with fresh basil leaves

Then we squeezed
orange juice in some water bottles and lemon in others

Closed then and shaked them.
note- I did not take out the fruit, this water went fast in my family and the fruit was a nice treat at the end.

We also are going to try to grow our pineapple top using the directions from this page-

salt dough fun

2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of water

mix then separate into balls (we used 3 colors so we had 3 balls of dough)
Now add food coloring and mix well

Once done make what ever you want. We did hearts for valentine's day, but you can make anything.

Then let dry. (it took about 2 days and I flipped them when ever I remembered too)

note- Cookie cutters and play dough cutters are very easy to work with, with this.
You can also put them in a oven to dry on low for 2 to 3 hours.

valentine's day sensory bin~

Went shopping this weekend for crafts, so today before we start using all the craft items I placed them in a sensory bin to let my kids explore.
Was not long before my daughter started color sorting everything.

reuseable foam hearts!~

foam hearts
Quick and easy craft to set up.
Cut hearts from foam and place a dish of water and hearts near and window. 
The hearts once wet stick to the window!
Also can be played with in the bath tub!
Once play is done you can use these hearts for other crafts and maybe some cards!

reduce, reuse, recycle! vday cards!

reduce, reuse, recycle!
This is a valentines day card made from a brown bag, paper, and scraps of fabric!
First cut a "Card" from the brown bag. (I used the side of the bag)
Then cut a heart from paper and glue fabric pieces.
Let dry then glue the heart to the bag and write out ur card.