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Skittle Ice cream! Yum!

Best dessert/treat  ever!  Need~ Skittle vanilla ice cream (you can also use soy ice cream)
First step is to sort the skittles by color. Then using a blender crush the skittle into a powder. Let the ice cream soften and then just mix the powder into the ice cream. You can also add little bit of food coloring if wanted, it just makes the ice cream pop but really not needed. Put it back into the freezer to harden and done! Side note, blending skittle is really loud at first. It ended up as a great treat and for sure not too sugary.  We also used the full bag of skittles shown and all the powder it made. 

What do you see on a nature walk? and why are nature walks so important? Feel free to share your own pictures!

It has been a almost daily thing for us to go to our local park and walk. We normally just enjoy the walk and do not take pictures but this time decided to so we can share our finds with everyone. Our park is part park with baseball fields and part woods with trails. Sense we started walking often there has been a big change in my kids moods.(especially my son) He is a very hyper kid with a not so long attention span. The walks help get out all the energy and with that helps him listen more. We also let them learn about decision making during walks. Every turn we come to one kid chooses the next way to go and after it is the opposites kids turn to choose. We talk about water safety and stranger safety. Over all we just have a lot of fun. It is great bonding time. Other things daily walks for kids helps~ Relax and clam kids(helps them focus) Keep kids fit and healthy Simulates independent learning Expanse vocabulary Gives good life experiences (makes memories, can teach about decision…

Jingle Bell Rock sensory bath

Feels like forever sense we did a sensory bath, and this is the first time in our new home. So we broke it in by making a Jingle Bell Rock bath. For this bath we added jingle bells to the bath, gave paint to paint the walls with and listened to some Christmas music while each kids got washed that night. Only thing I suggest is to wash the paint off of the wall right after the bath, I have found it gets harder to get off as time passes. We did not add any food coloring to the water but you could. You could also add foam Christmas/winter shapes. Foam will stick to most walls once wet. The only one of the 5 sense we missed was taste..normally taste and a bath do not go well together. ;) We had music and the bells for hearing, painted walls for sight, soap/bubbles for smell, and of course everything but the music playing counts as touch. 

Turkey hunting game for kids

Turkey hunting game for kids using balloons and nerf guns. I was surprised the darts did not pop the balloons but it gave my kids more time to play  and hit the balloons. We took turns hitting one balloon at a time but I think it would have been better just to let them go and play with no rules. Who ever hit down the most balloons was the winner. We did put points on the balloons but we really did not pay attention to that, it is just another way to play. (and yes my turkeys are not the best lol  I am not a good artist and honestly I hate balloons...we also bought what we thought was brown balloons but upon blowing them up found out they are purple -_- so we have many different color turkeys )

Tipi for kids

This has been on my to do list for awhile now and finally decided to face the challenge and do it. So with kids in tow we set out to make our tipi. The hardest part of this activity was finding all the sticks. The kids enjoyed it though, trying to find bigger and bigger sticks..see how can carry the biggest back and just having fun. After we got what we felt like was enough sticks and cleaned them of any sharp edges we went right into making up our tipi. We used string to tie them together and when it was finished we add two sheets. (sadly we did not have one big enough and when we went into making this we were going to make it all from sticks but finding enough sticks was proven to be hard so a blanket worked.) It was just a fun learning experience. We are waiting our neighborhood kids to come home to play! As we built we made sure to hit some survival points on how to build shelter with just the things found in the woods. (no blankets needed ;) )

Soap push pops

need~ push pop containers food coloring clear glycerin soap Any little things you would like to add (soap sprinkles, glitter or other things)
Start by melting the soap. Cut off small pieces, place in a microwaveable bowl and heat for 15 second till it is melted. Then add in food coloring and pour into  the push pop containers. Let the soap become hard is making more then one color, or don't. We did not let some harden completely and the color effect was pretty cool. Once done let it harden totally before use. It will not stain skin and might change the color of bath water. 

Turkery crafts for Thanksgiving

Turkey hand with candy corn
disguise the turkey...found the outline on google 
Dot turkey, done with bingo markers 
Foot print and hand print turkey 
Hand print turkey 
Hand print turkey 
Finger print turkey 

Paper plate and hand print turkey

Fruit turkey 
Another finger print turkey 
Shaker turkey, done by folding a plate in half, adding rice and stapling it closed  
felt turkey 
Pumpkin turkey 

color page turkey 
Another shaker turkey 
Paper  towel roll turkey 

Edible Ice cream slime

need~ ice cream (strawberry taste best) water meta mucil food coloring 
In a bowl mix a table spoon of meta mucil in about cup of water. Mix and add food coloring. Then melt some ice cream and add that in. Microwave for 15 seconds and repeat till slime forms. Mix in between times. For me it took about 4 times of putting it in, taking out and mixing and then putting it back in. It gets less sticky as slime forms and as it sits when done.  This is edible but I wouldn't recommend eating a lot. Honestly the flavor is okay but I dont think a kid would eat a lot doesn't taste THAT good. lol

Easy home made cat toy inspired by kids

With the new addition of two kittens came a expensive "need" list. Food, litter, litter boxes, vet bills, treats, and who could forget toys! Kittens thrive on toys and playing. Well that statement is for sure true with these two little kittens. They break and chew up toys more then my toddles ever did. So it was time to get creative with making them toys with the things around us. They where both found as strays so that inspired my daughter to think about what they would have seen and learned being outside. Off she went collecting feathers and sticks. She decided to add string and hang the feathers she found off of the stick. One thing to always be careful with is using clean feathers, don't want to get anyone sick! Also make sure there is no sharp points. Anyway it was a big hit! and yes after awhile it got destroyed like every other toy but it was free and can easily be recreated!

Welcome Mario & Mia!

Pumpkin boats

Well we are done using our little pumpkins for decoration so instead of just throwing them out we cut the top off and scooped out the insides to make pumpkin boats. Easy idea and small enough to fit in a water table.