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Tipi for kids

This has been on my to do list for awhile now and finally decided to face the challenge and do it. So with kids in tow we set out to make our tipi. The hardest part of this activity was finding all the sticks. The kids enjoyed it though, trying to find bigger and bigger sticks..see how can carry the biggest back and just having fun. After we got what we felt like was enough sticks and cleaned them of any sharp edges we went right into making up our tipi. We used string to tie them together and when it was finished we add two sheets. (sadly we did not have one big enough and when we went into making this we were going to make it all from sticks but finding enough sticks was proven to be hard so a blanket worked.)
It was just a fun learning experience. We are waiting our neighborhood kids to come home to play! As we built we made sure to hit some survival points on how to build shelter with just the things found in the woods. (no blankets needed ;) )


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Recently I made my way to my local dollar store(same as Poundland in UK) and I am so happy I did. There was so many bins and buckets in many colors. So here is how I cleaned up my kids summer toys. For small balls, chalk, and bubbles I grabbed 3 small bins as seen above. For water toys I grabbed a big blue bin and I made sure all bins I bought had holes rather they were for wet toys or not. We got small bugs in our storage room and I am hoping the holes would kept bugs from setting up home in the bottom of the bins. Some other ideas we like to use but have not yet are... Trash bin for bigger balls or large shoe rack works too Clothes hamper for pool toys & Mesh bag for sand toys Before we really even got some what organized we use to use crates but I found that with many kids going threw creates to find certain toys it quickly got messy so I really like the idea of having bins for certain toys. I also like that the bins are smaller then the crates we were using so that the smalle…

Fizzing planets

I am sure I said this before but this really was one of my personal favorite actives. It came out amazing and my son loved it. Would for sure do this again. 
So it is simply called fizzing planets. You mix a little bit of water in baking soda and add food coloring to color it like the planet you choose. I went by a simple google picture to color the planets and then I realized I got some wrong but we also had a book to look at and read to see some real colors.  Once you make your planets let them cry for a couple of hours. You can place them in the freezer to speed this up. 

Then slowly pour vinegar over the planets to see them fizz! It started to look like a Galaxy then in the end it ended up looking like one big planet.

So neat!