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Learning parts of a plant

first we cut out everything (stem, roots, etc.) then used glue to glue everything and a marker to write everything.
Great for kids learing about plants and also how to cut.

Air tent

Next time you read a bedtime book to ur child...

grab some paper and a pencil and let ur child be a illustrator and make pictures for the book as you read. 
Also a great time to go over some vocabulary like
Illustrator and Author

easy reminder braclets for kids

.just make a braclet out of paper and write the note on kids do not go to school yet but I could see using this for remembering permission slip for trips.

Cheap and easy lunch box for trips

using a wipe box as a take along lunch bag for outside

memorial day crafts

poem says
Memorial gives us a chance
to thank those who keep us free,
serving the country with pride
fighting for our liberty

We honor the men and women
in everything that they do
showing our pride for their courage
while waving the red, white and blue.

We have only walked a few years
but we are as safe as can be,
because of those that protect us
in the air, on the land and on the sea!
wreath made with hot glue gun, scraps of fabric, and paper with my sons handprint...don't forget to send in ur fan photos!!

Paper stars

paper stars to hang up done with construction paper and glue. You can make many then punch a hole in them and make star garland.

Fathers day idea

to make tape a paper tie down on any paper or canvas and paint around it, once done remove the tie and done!

tissue paper ties for fathers day

first we cut out some ties then using glue added some ripped tissue paper. (We did add this to the book we are making)

In the sky bin

using beads, fabric cut out into rain drops and clouds, and toys

mini cheap pools

We had a really nice hot day recently and sadly at the time we had no pool, but we happened to have a few storage containers sitting around and quickly decided this could be fun. Filled them up with water and my kids had tons of fun. They where not slippery and did the job of cooling down on a hot day!

eucalyptus cloud dough (great for sick kids)

mix 2 cups of flour in a bowl and mix baby oil till it sticks to together like dough but can still fall apart like sand. can add 1/4 cup of green powdered tempera paint or crushed chalk to make green, and don't forget to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil!

colored clean mud

1/2 roll of toilet paper
1/2 bar of grated soap
cup of water
ripped red and blue tissue paper
once mixed well ur done. it will be moldable and squishy

construction paper flags

memorial day craft

Fathers day copy book craft

first page in my kids "dad book" for this year.....we went and bought a cheap copy book and we will be filling it up with different things for a fathers day gift this year....somethings we will included are handprints, poems,and pictures.

Learning about money using play dough

Learning about different coins by making new ones in play dough!

a twisted story (play dough story time)

As you read the next book to ur child, grab some play dough and act out the book using the play dough. Both me and my daughter did this, we took one color and as we went on we added another color and made another thing. (ex. for this book we made a leaf then turn it into a seal and so on) in the end we ended up with the colorful heart. Very fun and creative.

learning measuring bin

lego furniture for dolls and toys

play dough barbie outfits

it's what happens when you can not find the barbie clothes. Was fun, my daughter loved mixing colors and trying different things.
Don't forget to send in ur fan photos!

Tea party time

Tea party time with some yummy snacks and homemade tea bags

dirt & bugs sensory bin

Great for kids who love to get dirty!
included dirt, sticks, and toy bugs
While my kids played we talked about how some bugs fly and move and the colors of some bugs.

Shaving cream and ice paint

to make place some paint in a ice cube tray and freeze. Once done add the paint to a container of shaving cream and let ur little one/ones play. As the paint melts it will change the color of the shaving cream. Could also do some color mixing.

outdoor painting for toddlers

outdoor painting with different things
Great for sensory play and learning about different textures

jello shapes

making shapes out of jello using play dough cutters

Painted flower pots

great way for kids to be creative
also good for teaching colors and color mixing

combining legos and toy cars

for a new ways for play.
being creative

colored rice for sensory play

Planting for kids

Good way to teach all about plants (different parts of a plant and how they make food)
also just a good way to get kids out and active!

Melted crayon flower pots

easy craft for older kids
first heat some pots up in a oven. We did the lowest setting for 15mins. Then using crayons draw on the pots and watch as the crayon melts.
Another way to do it (we did both ways one on each) is to use a blow dryer and have it facing the crayon as you draw on the pot. Best to do this with new long crayons so you do not burn a hand.
Let cool and done!

sensory and texture nature walk

having sensory play out in nature
finding different colors and textures all while learning

Play dough flowers

recently I taught my daughter how to make play dough flowers by rolling play dough out flat then rolling it back in a little sideways to make the flower. My question is how do you make play dough flowers?

Cinco de mayo flag

to make we colored rice red and green using food coloring and a little bit of water. once it was dry we glued them to paper and drew the rest. 
Note- i would say draw first before the rice, unlike what we did.
We also place it between two sheets of contact paper to keep any rice from falling.

Play dough super heros

turning animals into superheros with some play dough, great for any kid.