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Snow Pinecone Owl~

made with a pinecone, cotton balls, googly eyes, glue, and felt.

Cranberry play dough and Oobleck~ all in one!~

(sorry I did not measure the ingerdients out)
but I used roughly about 3/4 box of corn starch (corn flour in the uk) and about 1 cup of cranberry sauce (we used fresh homemade but you can use canned)
Mix till it becomes a dough, if sticky add more corn starch if to dry add more cranberry sauce.
Once dough is formed have fun playing.
Once play time is done just simply add water and start all over with a cranberry Oobleck.
note-add little bit of water at a time and mix before adding more water.

Thanksgiving Secret Message

Done by writing a message on some foam turkeys. 
Then cover the message with shaving cream and let ur kid/kids clean each turkey off the read the message. (we used a spray bottle but you can use anything you would like)
(my message to my kids just said "happy thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving chores

We put some chores on foam turkeys (we got from walmart for $1)
Then on thanksgiving each kid will pick a chore to do for the day. 
Some chores we put down were-
Setting table
Help put food on table
Help put food away

Shaving cream candy cane painting~

In a tray put some shaving cream then in another container mix some more shaving cream with either red paint or red food coloring.
Add the red shaving cream in lines to the white shaving cream.
Then cut out some candy cane shapes and let ur kid/kids lay them on top of the shaving cream and push down some.
Once done lay them to dry then if you want you can wipe off the rest of the shaving cream and ur candy cane will be done!
note- You can add some mint extract

TIP from funthingstodowithurkidz

gingerbread men-

made from brown paper bags, glue, buttons, and paper shapes

Homemade paint brushes

made using clothes pins and different kinds of material.
We used felt, cotton ball, gauze, paper towel, spong, and shredded paper.

thankful book

my daughters thankful book. 
Have fun making ur own and do not forget to send in ur fan photos!

fun with unflavored(not colored) gelatin

make one box of jello, once it is done take out of container and palce on plate.

note before placing mix in container, rub the container with a little bit of oil first so it comes out easier and in one piece.

Once on plate make a couple different cups of different colored water. (we used food coloring to color the water) Then let ur kid/kids put color into the jello by different kinds of eye droppers or whatever you pick for them to use.

Great sensory play and alos great for teaching colors.

pumpkin turkey

made from a pumpkin, paper,and glue.
Once we cut the feathers out we also wrote what we were thankful for on them before we glued them on.

Candy Cane Puff Paint

Felt Bandages

Great for any play vet or doctores~
First cut a bandage shape out of some felt. 
Then either glue or stick a piece of velcro to the inside or you can also roll a small piece of tape and stick it to the inside. 
Both work.
note- you can also make a long bandage (to wrap around a arm or paw) and put the velcro at one end, wrap it and stick the velcrom to the other end.

Sensory/learning bin with Cranberries

Learning bin-
Done with cranberries
Great for sensory play and also a great teaching tool.
Before I let my kids play I went over how most people harvest creanberries.
Wet Harvesting- I used these two pages for info- and
And once done me and my kids went over what tool (that I gave them) would be best to harvest the cranberries.

This year again we will also be making homemade cranberry sauce, so stay tunned in!~

Felt turkey

Fluff Slime

First we made snow slime (recipie-
Then once done add some shaving cream. 
Was not sure how this one would turn out but it turned out pretty cool and both my kiddies loved it!

Erupting Snow~

To make just mix shaving cream and baking soda. I used one box of baking soda and about half of a bottle of shavign cream. You want to mix in shaving cream till the "snow" becomes moldable. Then once ur kid/kids are done playing give them a spray bottle (or any kind of bottle) with vinegar and watch as the snow erupts!~

Snow Slime~

Snow slime!
in one bowl combine
2 cups of white school glue
1 & 1/2 cups of very warm water
you can also add glitter, and peppermint extract

then in another bowl add-
3/4 teaspoons of borax
1 1/3 cups very warm water

mix with hands till slime forms, takes about 5mins

note-will last for long time if stored in a airtight container. Also by placing it in a refriger before play you can make it cold just like real snow~

self-recognition craft-

lay a mirror down or hang a mirror some place safe and let ur little one/ones paint what they see in the mirror. This helps little ones to recognize themselves and have fun at the same time!

Pumpkin washing

It might be nov. but to my daughter her pumpkins are just as good as the first day they were picked, and to be honest they are. So being a toddler she wanted to play with them. That is how this came up.
Pumpkin washing!
Throw some pumpkins in a bin or sink add some soap, water, cup, and a dish scrubber(or what ever you would like to use) and let ur little one/ones have fun washing pumpkins.
note- these were pumpkins were painted before, so she loved trying to get all the paint off.

Celebrating Diwali

Diwali (दीवाली) is a Hindu "festival of lights" celebrated at the new moon in the month of Kartika, around the time of the autumn harvest, autumnal equinox, and the start of the winter sowing. Hiltebeitel mentions claims that the celebration of Diwali can be traced to A.D. 50-100 and that it comes from an autumnal festival for the dead (making it thematically related to the Western Halloween). learn more here-
light holder my daughter made using play dough, beads, and a led light.

Gingerbread Play Dough

2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt
2 tablespoons oil
1.5 cups of boiling water
1 tablespoon ground ginger
2 tablespoons ground cinnamon

Home made corn maze

Handprint Indian

Turkey Plate

done by folding a palte in half and either coloring or painting the feathers then cutting a body out of paper and glueing it on.

Peacock handprint

turkey done with fingerprints

Foot and handprint lobster

fingerprint turkey

turkey plate~

everyone is unique!
First start by painting or coloring a plate brown. then use trace hand cut outs and glue them for the feathers and for the neck/face use a trace cut out of ur little ones foot. 
For the beak and feet I just cut them out of paper.

Weather bath

Great for rainy days!
The wal lsi done with paint and foam, the water is colored with little bit of food coloring, and I added some cotton balls for clouds but I would suggest sticking to shaving cream for that. 
Then I gave my little ones different things to make "rain", the strainer worked best for us.

You can also do this fun experment too!-

fire dog cup

1 white foam cup
black paint
piece of paper
red marker or crayon

First paint ur cup with black dots, can make it unique by using ur finger print.
Then cut a big circle out of the paper and two dog ears.
paint black dots on the dog ears and glue them on, once done cut a C out of the big circle and colors it all red and palce a number (this is the hat)
To finish fit the hat on the dog cup and Done!

fall suncatcher-

1 plate
leaves or anything else you would want to use for it
contact paper
string (to hang)

First cut out the center of the plate, then lay the flat side on a piece of sticky contact paper.
Now its time to decorate!
Once done add another piece of contact paper to the other side,(so the sticky sides are toghter) cut a hole add string and hang!!!

A pumpkin twist on clean mud-

for you all that may not know what clean mud is here is the link to the recipie-

so we made clean mud but only used 1 roll of tp, 1/2 bar of soap, and two big cups of water (worked the same)

Once everythign was mixed we added pumpkin spice, orange food coloring, and pumpkin seeds, and done!
Then I gave my little ones different things to use to play. Cups, bowls, different spoons.

Turkey hand print

Thanksgiving leaf line

. (from 2012) every day you cut out a leaf from paper for each person then let them write what they are thankful for on it and hang it up on a string.