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Big giant slime ball!!

This was such a fun activity! All you need is two boxes of slime baff and a wubble ball. We got the super wobble ball. So to make this epic slime ball use the tube it came with and place it in the ball as directed on the instructions. Next pour in all the slime baff. After that grab a hose and hold it in the tube. At first we did not let it get that big, too scared of it popping.  The kids including neighbor kids loved it. We played kid bowling and let this roll down the driveway. The kids thought it was the best thing ever to see this ball bend around them with out breaking. (will attach videos at the end) 
If you look close you can see the slime forming. You can barely tell it started as a blue ball. 
After awhiel of play we decided to make it bigger. We attached the tube and hose again and let it grow till the kids said stop.  Below is how big it got moments before popping.  This had to weigh a lot. Once the ball popped all the kids had fun playing with the slime. Two actives in o…
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Valentines day sensory bin for all ages!

Sensory bins are something you can really make for any age and to fit into any budget. Mine was made for my own kids (ages 6&7) and made from items bought at my local dollar store. A sensory bin is a bin that engages some if not all of the 5 senses. Mine did not include scent or taste but was followed up by Valentines day candy as a treat. Now that my kids are no longer toddlers but still love these bins I try to include things I can use later on for different crafts or decorating. So for this bin I added heart shaped buckets, shredded paper, stickers, necklaces, Valentines day clothes pins, and a heart shaped bell door hanger. Recently I have noticed my kids enjoy adding other toys to play time and I love that. Seeing what they come up with and hearing the stories change as they grow is pretty neat to see. Anyway I hope this inspires you to try a sensory bin out with your baby/toddler/or child, and have a good rest of your morning, evening or night! Bye!
Side note~ Sadly I have …

Legos and cars play idea

We are always looking for ways to incorporate old toys with new toys. Recently both my kids have started loving legos, leaving the car phase behind.  So we came up with this idea to get the most out of all the toys. It ended up being a lot of fun and even a chance to learn. We talked a little about velocity and raced cars. It ended up being a fun play time idea!

Elf reminder!

Working together treasure hunt

Some people have them extra large "get along" shirts for  when their kids misbehave and need space but we do it different here and we have found that when my kids are not being forced to "hug it out" or sit in a oversize shirt they figure out their problems way quicker and better. Now let me say no, not every kid is the same and that big shirt might work for you but if it is not try something like this.  What we do is set up hunts. Some lead to treasure (if being rewarded) some are just for fun(maybe leading to a park for some play time). Some things they do separate and some things they need to do together to move on to the next spot/clue. It might take a few moments to write out clues but watching them figure out how to solve their problems/disagreements is rewarding. It gives them skills they will use for a lifetime. 

DIY Word Wall for kids

This word wall is something we have always done and found helpful. You can make a word wall as decorated as you would like but for my kids I found simple was better for them. To hang all words up I used velcro dots found at my local  dollar tree, they did not take off any paint but if you are worried about that you can try double sided tape. I really like the velcro because kids can remove words as needed, if you like to play games with the words it makes it easier to do so. Another idea is making two different parts to a word wall. You can do a section for words they know and words they still need to work on. All in all after 3 years I have found it very helpful to have the words hanging up for kids to see and study. Feel free to try it out and let me know how it helps your child!

DIY mini books for dolls

My daughter has recently found out what American Girl is all about and of course like many girls is in love. She asked me if we could make mini books for her toys and so we got to it. We googled and printed out mini books and even covered some empty tic tac containers with book covers to make them look like real books. It was a pretty easy craft and came out pretty well.

Fall sensory bin for all ages! How to and more

It has been a long time sense I have been on here but I am happily back!
We have recently took a trip to our local dollar store and sense it has been awhile sense my kids last sensory bin I figured to try one out for fall and see if it is something they are still into. I now have one in second grade and one in  kindergarten  and the days fly by. So yesterday when we had a little down time I brought out the bin and man they were so happy! I realized my kids loved this and I... kind of.... felt bad I stopped making these for them. So without anymore hesitation here is our fall bin!~
We included~(all from the dollar store) Fake pumpkins Different fall decor fake beaded corn hay colored straw potpourri
Please note~ Everything I included in my bin was safe for my older kids. If you have younger childern try these ideas instead~ fall toys (like little people) Big decor that they can not fit into their mouths real fall leaves  and make sure to always watch children when they are playing with…