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Easy New Years decorations

To make the 2016 we cut out everything from old cardboard and recycled garland from Christmas. After cutting out the 2016 just use glue and cut up pieces of garland to finish. After that we added over sized confetti made from construction paper and sticker. (Kids are still Shopkins fans here) 

Slime inspired by the new project mc2 dolls

My daughter received one of the new Project Mc2 dolls for Christmas. The doll had came with a volcano experiment and once we did that experiment we were not done. Included in this box was a small beaker made to look like it was filled with something pink. This sparked my daughters imagination! She asked the next day if we could make pink slime as that is what she felt like was in the beaker. Of course we can!! We got everything together~  one bottle of glue pink food coloring (so it matched!) black glitter(she loves glitter)  liquid starch
Then went to work making this easy slime In a bowl pour out all the glue, then add in the pink food coloring and glitter and mix. Then slowly pour in the liquid starch while mixing. It does not take much. Keep mixing till slime forms. (it actually happens really quick after the starch is poured in) Let it sit for a minute and it is good to go. 

We took out her experiment toys too. She tried pouring the slime into each tube before placing it on the …

sensory play with Bunchems!

First of all let me say I seen and herd reviews on this toy and as split as they are I decided we still needed to try them and I am very thankful we did! Bunchems stick together but are not sticky, they are like little Velcro balls.  That being said a lot of the reviews I seen are negative because of kids getting them stuck in their hair, with a little supervision and a strong warning it has been days now with no problems. Kids can really go wild and build what ever they want with this toy.
We got the mega box that came with a idea book and different things(seen below). I could see using the different building pieces in play doh making it a toy that can be used in different ways.

Another plus that I found with Bunchems is the color! They are brightly colored and come in over 6 different colors. Easy way to go over coloring learning with little ones. 
I found this toy to be good for little ones learning fine motor control along with engaging different senses. The balls are soft yet ha…

Paper Christmas balls

Our Christmas window, decorated with paper Christmas balls and window clings.  You could also add string to the balls to make it look like they are hanging. 

Christmas foam slime

This is a putting a twist on regular slime recipes. What you will need~ Shaving cream food coloring(we also used washable paint and it worked fine) glue liquid starch  
Steps~(for one color)  fill a bowl with shaving cream add food coloring and mix then add in 1/3 bottle of glue, mix again Last, slowly pour in about 3/4 cup of liquid starch and keep mixing till slime forms  (wont take long)

We added in different things to play with like glitter and Christmas toys.  This slime was soft and the coloring did not stain. 

Yes, even mama got in on playing. It looked to neat to not play with. 

Great thing about this slime was how stretchy it was.

Christmas/winter hand print/footprint ideas

Hand print bonfire

(this was made as a thank you card to a lady who helped us out this year)

Winter hat craft

need~ constriction paper  glue cotton balls things to decorate our hat with 

recycled paper Christmas tree

Just a easy, simple, and really cheap idea. Helps with cutting practice and learning about size order. 

Grinch Punch

need~ green soda vanilla ice cream green sprinkles  Easy to make, just start by wetting the tops of the cups and dipping them into the green sprinkles. Then add the ice cream and pour the soda.  

Apple cinnamon soft dough

So what we planned on doing today was make apple cinnamon oobleck but as we mixed water and dough started to form we changed our minds. This dough smelled so nice and was very soft that we decided to play with it how it was. To make it we used one cup of apple sauce, cornstarch (corn flour in the UK) and water. We first mixed the apple sauce with cornstarch then added little bit of water at a time till the dough formed. (did not take much) I threw in some cinnamon sticks to top it off before playing.  My daughter loved to make different things like alien, hedgehog, and even different food. I admit I even got in on this play time. When done you can add more water to make the oobleck but we decided to keep it for play little later on. (not sure if it will last past another day but we will see.) 

My daughter loved to talk about how rough it was when let to sit but how smooth it could be if you rolled it into a ball. 

It does crumble but can go right back into sticking to its self.

^ Our…

Popsicle stick Santa hat

Easy to make craft that you can easily add a string and hang up. All you need is Popsicle sticks, cotton balls and glue. Glue the sticks into a triangle then glue the cotton balls on bottom and top. Add a string to the top if you plan on hanging it and you can even try adding a little bit of glitter!

Why did my elf not move mommy?! Get out of jail reasons

Popsicle Christmas tree

Made with Popsicle sticks and decorated with stickers and markers. This is something that can never be done wrong and lets kids freely create.