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sensory play with Bunchems!

First of all let me say I seen and herd reviews on this toy and as split as they are I decided we still needed to try them and I am very thankful we did! Bunchems stick together but are not sticky, they are like little Velcro balls.  That being said a lot of the reviews I seen are negative because of kids getting them stuck in their hair, with a little supervision and a strong warning it has been days now with no problems. Kids can really go wild and build what ever they want with this toy.
We got the mega box that came with a idea book and different things(seen below). I could see using the different building pieces in play doh making it a toy that can be used in different ways.

Another plus that I found with Bunchems is the color! They are brightly colored and come in over 6 different colors. Easy way to go over coloring learning with little ones. 

I found this toy to be good for little ones learning fine motor control along with engaging different senses. The balls are soft yet hard and looking close enough you can see the little hooks that make them work.

We went on to make fire works, rainbow, and different things this round of play and am excited to get them out again later. DO NOT let the reviews scare you away from letting a child experience this neat toy! A little supervision goes a long way. I do recommend playing on a hard surface though so they do not pick up dirt. 


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