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Flubber soap

To make this easy flubber soap you will need 1/3 cup of cornstarch(corn flour in UK), 1/4 cup of soap(any kind will do, we used shampoo) food coloring and coconut oil. It is as easy as just mixing everything together. We did heat up the coconut oil so it was a liquid. You also don't want it to become oobeck so much, so if it is still to much liquid add more corn starch. I recommend this for play in a water table or for washing hands only. We mixed few colors together to make our marble effect. 

Spring bunny craft

Me and my sons spring bunny picture. We used constitution paper, white paint, puff paint and cotton balls. He loved dipping and making dots to put on his bunny.

Exploring with Mr.Bubbles foam soap!

Recently we got to partner up with the markers of Mr.Bubbles! This soap has been a family favorite for as has long as I can remember and we even have a old shirt that has been passed down threw my kids still going strong. Now they come in all different colors and smells. Yummy!  My kids had the idea of filling a water table up with this foam soap and just playing with it, so we took it one step more. This is what we did with our Mr.Bubbles, remember this can easily be redone in many different ways to fit our family!  
This is the first thing we did ^ balloons filled with Mr.Bubbles foam soap. Each had a little surprise, soap and filled with air so when it pops it would make a nice mess. 
Next we went to a local play ground and hide all the balloons for the kids to find. They had to go around and find one at a time and bring it back to a bin then go find another. 

After done they had to find a way to pop the balloons to get the surprises. A stick was the most used tool. 

One little su…

Nail polish pencil

need~ nail polish bottle paint pencil knife  hot glue
To clean out the nail polish bottle use some nail polish remover and shake the bottle till all of the nail polish is gone. Repeat as needed, then rinse out with water and let dry. Once dry get any color paint you want to use and pour some in the bottle. Shake the bottle to evenly distribute the paint threw out the bottle. Drain any extra paint. Then let the paint dry. Mines did not take long, about 15 mins. After that is done cut our pencil to fit the bottle.  I just measured mine with the bottle and cut with a knife. Put some hot glue on the bottom of the pencil and place it at the bottom of the nail polish bottle. Remove the brush from the top and done! 

Ice cream bread

Need~ 1 cup of softened ice cream 3/4 cup of self rising flour 1 table spoon of sugar
In a bowl mixed everything together, add some food coloring if you want. Coat a bread pan with cooking spray or butter then cook at 350 degrees for 25 mins. Note~ I did not have a bread pan, we made one from tin foil and it worked just as fine. We also used some icing to top it but it is not needed!

peep s'mores

Same old s'mores just with Peeps for Spring time!

Paint palette play doh tray

Made from cardboard and play doh containers with the help of scissors
just a different way of presenting play doh
My youngest loved just taking the containers out and putting them back in. (hand eye coordination) my oldest used the play doh to paint a picture and that was pretty cool to see

DIY Kinder eggs

need~ egg mold (I used a silicone one) chocolate to melt what ever suprises you would like to put in the eggs  pot to melt the chocolate and spoon to mix
Start by melting the chocolate, make sure to keep a eye on it as it can burn quick..I mixed every min or two. Once chocolate is melted pour into molds. Here is a important part~ turn the mold so every side of the egg is covered then pour out extra chocolate but make sure there is enough chocolate in the mold so the eggs are not to thin. If they are thin they will break. I found the best thing to do was let the first batch cool then add a second coat of melted chocolate. Once second layer is cooled, pop out of molds. Here is another important part. To get the eggs to stick to each other heat up a pan or glass dish and gently rub the bottom (open side of egg) on the warm pan then do the same thing with the other side and place together. Don't forget to add our surprise in the middle!  Once they are together let them cool and done!…

Reusable bubbles + tips

After seeing this done over and over by many different people I knew we would have to give it a try but after many fail attempts we backed off for awhile. Then while waiting for my daughter to get out of school I tried again and success! What I found out is that many people left out some important info. Here is what we did~ The mixer is really a  kind of slime mixture we have made many times before. One bottle of glue mixed with food coloring of our choice and then slowly add in liquid starch. Here is the first important tip...add in over the amount to make want our slime to break when pulled apart..We added about one cup. Once mixed take out of cup and leave on a plate for few hours. We switched the plates out after the liquid starch puddled on the plate and mixed the "slime" each time.  When our "slime" is no longer wet it is time to blow bubbles! Here is the next important thing~ only take a little bit of the "slime" at one time and work it…

DIY Eos bubbles

need~ one empty EOS container Bubbles bubble stick hot glue knife
Start by cutting the middle of the eos container out so it has a hole in the middle. (like above, be safe but its not hard)   Then measure out how long you need the bubble stick to be and cut it to that length. Hot glue the stick into the top of the eos container. Pour some bubbles into the bottom and done. If you plan on decoration do so first.   

Marker slime

need~ one marker of any color ( can even use scented!) one bottle of glue liquid starch cup to mix it in stick to mix it with
First thing to do is remove the inside of the marker. Its not that easy but I found the best way was to cut right threw the middle. Then pour the glue into a cup and squeeze the felt  into the glue so just enough coloring comes out. Mix. Then slowly pour the liquid starch into the cup and keep mixing till slime forms. After awhile it is easier to mix by hand. Let it sit for few minutes and done!  The first picture is  the marker slime mixed with another slime I made awhile ago. If kept in a air tight jar it will last awhile. 

Easter slime

need~ one bottle of glue food coloring of our choice liquid starch cup to mix it in stick to mix it with
Start by pouring the glue into a cup and mixing that with the food coloring of our choice. Then slowly add in the liquid starch till the slime forms. After awhile it is easier to mix by hand. We let it sit for a few minutes before play. I normally see people add water to this recipe but I found leaving it out is way better.  Remember this is not edible and is for kids not little ones who might mouth it.

Easy to make stress ball

need~ slime balloon funnel or top of a soda/water bottle 
We made the a cup we mixed one bottle of glue with some food coloring and some liquid starch. After mixed we let it sit for half hour before using a funnel to pour into the balloon. Cool thing is when squeezed or stretched you can see he color of the slime threw the balloon. It felt neat and so far its been few days with no smell and still is working the same as day 1. Thankfully it has a lot of give cause my kids are still trying to pop it.

Easter egg moving and shaking game

For this activity we wrote down different things to get everyone moving and talking. All of our things do not have to do with Easter, one was just saying what you are great full for and another was say something good about our day. We did have some like "hop like a bunny" and "move like a snake" too. Each person took turns picking out one egg then every one had to follow in the activity they picked. 

DIY Window clings

All you need to make this is puff paint and a non stick surface. I used zip lock bags. Easy enough for kids to do, just be sure to let them dry over night before peeling and placing. 

Play doh food ideas

This thread will be added upon as more ideas and pictures are taken, this is just two of the things we made recently
play doh cookies using the play doh container to make perfect circles idea to spark play Rainbow play doh pie 
Ice cream..using the container and covering it and then using the lid to put the ice cream on Play doh doughnut  and mochi 

Tree bark boat

On our latest nature walk my kids wanted to set sail some boats, unfortunately we had none on hand but came up with this idea instead. We took some soft bark and placed a stick in the middle  to make a boat. They did add some rock people in the end. It was really fun and we ended up trying different bark to see what one worked better. After awhile it became a sink/float lesson and we tried all different, sticks, and grass. 

Play doh with slime fun

Both my kids love play doh and slime so we combined the two. Why not?! The results came out nice. First we made the slime. (to make slime pour one bottle of glue into a cup then what ever food coloring you want and lastly mix some liquid starch. one slime forms start mixing with hand sand let sit for few mins.) After slime was done we rolled out two balls of play doh into little pancakes and placed some slime into each and folded the sides over. I gave my kids a toy knife and they enjoyed cutting it apart then mixing it together. The results are in the bottom left picture. At first it was sticky but after some time it turned into a stretchy play doh.  I am not sure how long it would last as we played and then went out to play leaving it out and it dried up. Totally worth a try!  

Tooth pasta play doh

You only need two ingredients to make this play doh. That is tooth pasta and corn starch (corn flour in UK) We mixed about 1 cup of corn starch with one tub of tooth pasta. Keep mixing till dough forms. This is a great activity to add to any dental hygiene lesson.  

Gummy soda

need~ one small bottle of soda...(any flavor will work) 5packs of unflavored gelatine  bowl, tape, knife First start by dumping the soda into a bowl, then cut a slit into the soda bottle and cover it was strong tape. This cut will help when removing the jello later.  Next mix the soda and jello packets together. I found it best to pour all jello in at once while mixing or do one pack at a time while mixing. Then pour it back into bottle. For it to set either put it in the fridge for few hours or freezer for about hour. It is better in the fridge. Once set just be careful and cut off the rest of the bottle. I will admit my kids loved to play with this but it did not taste good! Maybe different soda would taste better, unsure :(

silky soft sensory play

You only need two ingredients to make this silky soft sensory play...baking soda and be honest you may not even need the baking soda..I used it to try it make it thick but I am thinking it could be done without....We added one cup of each to a bowl and used a electric  hand mixer till it turned into foam. When done it smelled amazing and was so soft. It was a activity we started in a bin and was able to then take it to our sink and play with it in more ways. Adding water was pretty fun for both my kids and it gave a different feeling. They loved it.