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Exploring with Mr.Bubbles foam soap!

Recently we got to partner up with the markers of Mr.Bubbles! This soap has been a family favorite for as has long as I can remember and we even have a old shirt that has been passed down threw my kids still going strong. Now they come in all different colors and smells. Yummy!
 My kids had the idea of filling a water table up with this foam soap and just playing with it, so we took it one step more. This is what we did with our Mr.Bubbles, remember this can easily be redone in many different ways to fit our family!  

This is the first thing we did ^ balloons filled with Mr.Bubbles foam soap. Each had a little surprise, soap and filled with air so when it pops it would make a nice mess. 

Next we went to a local play ground and hide all the balloons for the kids to find. They had to go around and find one at a time and bring it back to a bin then go find another. 

After done they had to find a way to pop the balloons to get the surprises. A stick was the most used tool. 

One little surprise :)

Once that was done we went back home and got out our water table for the original idea. We filled it with soap then added water. The feeling was very cool and each soap smelled different so there was many chances to explore with the sense of smell. 

Soap water gun fight? :) 

After a few minutes we had many neighborhood kids in on this. (blurred faces of them for safety reasons) The kids ranged in age from 3 to 13! They enjoyed it a lot. After play was done clean up was quick and easy. Everyone washed hands with a hose and left smelling amazing! :)

We did not get pictures because it was late but the remaining soap was used in a night time bath before bed. It was a great Mr.Bubbles day!
If you would like to check out all the cool stuff Mr.Bubbles carries check them out here~
It is well worth the money! They also have a sensitive smell free soap but both my kids have dry skin and this soap never bothered them. 


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