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Play doh with slime fun

Both my kids love play doh and slime so we combined the two. Why not?! The results came out nice. First we made the slime. (to make slime pour one bottle of glue into a cup then what ever food coloring you want and lastly mix some liquid starch. one slime forms start mixing with hand sand let sit for few mins.) After slime was done we rolled out two balls of play doh into little pancakes and placed some slime into each and folded the sides over. I gave my kids a toy knife and they enjoyed cutting it apart then mixing it together. The results are in the bottom left picture. At first it was sticky but after some time it turned into a stretchy play doh.  I am not sure how long it would last as we played and then went out to play leaving it out and it dried up. Totally worth a try!  


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