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Learning about trees with train tracks

My son is huge into trains, and having this hands on lesson really helped him understand more. We first made a tree together out of his train tracks, then together we named some parts. As he played we talked about how the roots help feed the tree and how strong trees are. He also used some green crates from his set to make "leaves" on the tree. 

sand pit moon landing

This was a really cool activity and kept my kids entertained for awhile. We did this in our sandpit (a storage bin with sand, that we keep inside for when it is to cold outside) One thing we did was wet our sand some with water, so the kids could make shapes and different things. 

Learning colors & patterns

This activity was done with some legos, egg carton, paper and crayons.  Easy to put together and helpful to toddlers who might be leaning colors and patterns.

Learning colors using brown bags

These are our color monsters  Made from brown lunch bags (cut out a mouth and colored in) In this activity we went threw legos and placed them in the right colored bag but you can use any small toy. You can also make a game out of, like feed the hungry monsters and see who can fill the bags quicker.  Over all its a fun easy game for any age.~

Brown paper bag bunny

simple to make, good for egg hunts or even a treat bag To make first cut out the center of the bag to make the ears, then color the bag. Lastly cut the sides of the bags some (do not cut all the way down) fold the front over the back and either glue or staple. (this gives the ears more shape but you do not need to  do this part if not wanted.)

Review on Soft spots (toy)

Soft spots are a cute, unique toys for kids. The puppies and play sets are both very colorful and durable and with a cheap price tag they make great gifts.
The toy above is the soft spots kennel hotel. It comes with one surprise puppy, a swing and the building.
The only thing that needed to be put together was the swing and it was a simple enough for my 4 year old to do. One thing I loved about this toy was the background stickers, they gave each pup their own space in the hotel.
This hotel is light enough to carry around.
Below is some of the puppies you can buy to go with this set. The pink one is the surprise puppy we got with the hotel set.
My 4 and 3 year old (one boy one girl) love the pups and the hotel.  So if you are thinking about giving soft spots a try, do it!! totally worth it!!
Online store to buy in the US~
Online store for the UK~…

Coffee filter flowers

Easy to make flowers. First using crayons, markers, or colored pencils color in two coffee filters. Make sure to make a center on one. Then cut around them into any shape you want and glue together. To make the lady bug We folded a coffee filter in half then brought both ends in the middle, colored it then glued it to the flower.(we then colored in a head and legs) There is no wrong or right way of making coffee filter flowers, so make sure to let your kid/kids imagination go wild.

Painted game of Twister

Different way to play this game, add some paint to some of the circles and have fun! Gets kids moving and lets them have fun, remember to use washable paint.

how to chalk hair

My daughter loves making new hair styles, so this was right up her alley.  Steps~ First wet hair that will be colored. Then dip the chalk in some water and start coloring the hair. It is messy on hands so wear gloves if wanted. When done lightly brush or comb.  Will wash out with soap and water.  If you would like to keep the color in longer use hair spray and try  braiding the hair. Very fun and easy to do!~ Note~ we used crayola chalk

Colorful bath using paint and play doh lids

talking about emotions

It is not always easy for toddlers and young kids to talk about how they feel, one reason is because they are unsure really how they feel. In this simple activity you cut paper plates in half and put different feelings on each. Then go threw the plates and talk about each one to your kid/kids. Let them act out how they think someone would act if they are upset or happy, and talk about some things that make them upset or happy.

Easter banner with footprint bunnies

feel better shower bombs for kids and adults

To make mix baking soda with little bit of water and some vicks rub(if it is for a kid use baby vicks) Make into a ball and place in freezer. Once hard you can store it for a time when needed or use right away. Use in a warm stem shower to help relieve cough and nasal congestion.
Note~ Make sure not to steps on it as it melts as it can be slippery. I have not had any issues with my 4 year old slipping or me but use with caution. Best bet is to put it behind you in the shower so the vicks is not running under foot. You can also add in some other oils that may help like lavender. In this bath bomb we put in dried lavender to help relax.

Colorful bunny craft

To start this craft you will need~
coffee filter
spray bottle
and scissors

First make the bottle
You do this by coloring in a coffee filter, then spray it lightly with water and let dry.
While it is drying you can make the rest by cutting out arms, legs, and head from paper.
Then glue it all together and you have yourself a colorful bunny!~

Tin foil eggs #2

We did this craft before but this time we added more things to decorate with.
~Our new tin foil eggs
First cut out a egg shape form cardboard then cover it in tin foil. Let your kids have fun decorating it with all different things like
tissue paper
pom pom balls
and more!~

Detox bath for kids

Detox baths are great for supporting our immune system and improving our well- being and health.
how to~ Start by filling a bath with warm water. (not to hot but not cold) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Them add in some Epson salt Epson salt helps relax the body, relive pain while eliminating toxins.  How much is listed below(thank you to wiki for that info) For children under 60 lbs, add 1/2 cup to a standard bath.For children 60 lbs to 100 lbs, add 1 cup to a standard bath.For people 100 lbs and up, add 2 cups or more to a standard bath.~~~~~~Next add in baking soda (half cup or little less) Baking soda helps neutralize chemicals in water. Needs to sit for few mins before letting kids get in.~~~~~~

Add in some essential oil. (only few drops)
We normally use lavender cause we do detox baths before bedtime but try different things like~
Eucalyptus~for sick kids
Peppermint~ for upset tummy


After everything is added let your kid soak and play.
I suggest not washing your kids hair in this bath.(Cause…

river habit play

This was a fun play time, great to go with any river lesson. We made our river out of tin foil and added rocks and toys. It was also a easy way to start learning about the circle of life and food chain. 

coffee filter shamrock

To make these easy shamrocks first you will need to cut out some shamrocks from coffee filters. Then color them with markers, once done spray them with little bit of water and let dry. As easy as that. We got ours to stick to the window by spraying the window some with water. 

Easy bath crayons

I always thought making bath crayons that worked where a lot of work and honestly I always skipped over trying. Well finally I tried this simple recipe my daughter actually found on a tv show. The crayons came out nice and worked!
So here it is~
First grate a bar of soap into a bowl, then mix some hot water and stir. (I used one bar of soap and little less then half cup of water)
Keep mixing till a dough forms.(this is when you add some food coloring, gel works amazing) No worries if your dough is not firm.
Once mixed place into molds. (we used a cookie tin but I would suggest maybe packing some play doh would just be easier to take them out)
Then place in a freezer for few hours.
Ours  were in for about 3 hours and could have used another hour but my kids were to excited to wait.Once frozen take out and they are ready to use!
note~ ours did not stain but test your surface first if you are worried.

Learning about bees

This is some actives we did in our learning about bees lesson. The first one is adding honey to our own beehive. (the honey is different yellow paints) The second one is coloring in our beehives. (you can make your own coloring sheet by using permanent marker to make the picture)  The last thing we did was try real honey from the hive!  My kids loved looking at it and poking it to see all the honey spill out. It is a must try
Other things you could do with this lesson is read a book about bees and honey~

st. patrick's day discovery bottle

To make this bottle you will need glue (I used green glitter glue),water, and little things to put in.
First put a bottle of glue in a bottle then add some water(we used one bottle of glue and half cup of water) and gems. Once done you can play a game of ispy and have your kids find the gems you put in the bottle.  I put a shamrock necklace in ours. It was cool to shake up the bottle and see the shamrocks float around.