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Tapioca sensory play

We used tapioca once before in sensory play (seen here~ This time we did not use the beads but we used crushed tapioca. We cooked it one the stove with water till it started to form a gel then dishes it out and add food coloring.  The nice thing about this is that it gives you many different ways to learn. You could focus on vocabulary, 5 senses, and even color mixing.  Messy sensory play!~ Have fun!~

Play idea~ Grill and play doh

In this play idea we used a Spongebob grill and play doh to make food for hungry costumers. Even though we used this you can use any grill, be creative.

Frying up some play doh patties. When we finished making the burger, pickles, onions, buns, cheese, and lettuce  it was time to put it all together!  WE even made some fries and a drink using play doh. It was now time for the hungry costumers to get their food.  Meet Grimlock a very well known trasnformer who is hungry today.

He started with the burger and fries and finished with a drink.~

We did switch it up some and used the food that came with the spongebob grill mixed with some play doh.
It was a fun play time...If you liked this play time idea please do like, comment and come back for more!~

Melted snowman slime

For this slime recipe you will need~
1 table spoon of borax
1 4 oz bottle of white school glue
little snowman pieces (got mine at my local craft store)

First in one bowl dump the glue then fill the bottle back up with water and add that. Mix
Then in another bowl add cup of water with one tablespoon of borax. Mix
Once both are mixed well slowly add the borax water to the glue water and mix till slime forms.
Once slime is formed you can add the snowman pieces~

Play idea~ shopkins delivery truck

Christmas just pasted and that means new toys. Santa tries to get new toys that can go with old toys to make things fun.  We did a shopkins review awhile back and my kids have been hooked on them. So what a great way to extended play time then to add a delivery truck!  Wegmans is a store around here that we go to every pay to get our groceries and more. With fresh and new things daily we love it.  This was our Wegmans truck getting loaded with shopkins to get dropped off to a family.
We fit 27 shopkins with bags and had room for more. (we ran out of bags :(

Heading to a house of a local pig. (peppa pig!)  With lights on, off we went~
Dropping everything off, Peppa was happy to finally get everything she needed. 
It was a fun play time, and all we did was add a "new" truck to "old" toys. 
What did your kid/kids get for holiday season this year?   

Snow rice play

In this activity we put in a bin cold uncooked  rice, glitter, foam pieces, slime (frozen theme slime from before link at bottom of page). We also included different measuring cups and spoons.
You can add or leave out anything you want, I just wanted the cold "snow" rice to be the main thing. The cold snow rice is good for sensory play and pouring practiced.
While my kids played we talked about colors, shapes, and different textures.
Just remember to have fun and be creative!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!  Frozen slime recipe~

Rainbow Slime~

Took time but came out  nice in the end. To make I poured half bottle of glue(4oz bottles) in few different bowls then I added little less then half cup of water to each bowl and food coloring.  Mixed Them made a big bowl of water mixed with borax and pour little of the borax water into each color bowl.  Mix till slime is formed, then add all colors together and done! note~ I let my kids mix the colors, they seemed to really enjoy it.

Christmas water play

Water play is always fun here, so this time we made a themed water play. We included~ Red and green water (used food coloring for this) small toys cups and spoons  With this bin you could practiced pouring, measuring, colors, and even vocabulary. 

rolling ornament painted tree

Fun way to paint.
In a bin place a paper tree, some paint , and a round ornament or two.
Let you'r kid/kids have fun moving and shaking the bin so that the ornaments spreed the paint.
Let them take their time and put as much or little paint as they would like.

erupting ornament

need~ ornament  baking soda vinegar container to do this in
First pour the baking soda into the ornament, then slowly pour the vinegar in and watch it erupt!  You could add few drops of food coloring to the baking soda if you wanted.  

Why does baking soda and vinegar react to each other? Baking soda and vinegar react with one another because they both have a lot of energy that they don't want and they can help each other get rid of it! You might think this explanation is too simple, but it's true to what's happening. read more about why here~

Easy paint filled Christmas ornaments

This a easy to do craft for any age. Just add paint to a clear ornament close and shake. We also add some glitter.

Grinch slime

To make this Grinch you will need water, white school glue, borax, and green food coloring.
First in one bowl dump a bottle of school glue. (we used a 4oz bottle.) then fill it with warm water and dump that in to. Add some green food coloring and mix well.
In another bowl mix about half cup of water with teaspoon of borax. 
Once both are mixed well slowly pour the borax water into the glue water and mix.  Mix till slime forms. Note~ you could also add some small toys to the slime for extended play. Just remember to have fun!

Frozen slime

This slime was inspired by Disney's movie Frozen.
My daughter is still big about this movie and we have yet to do anything frozen theme so this was a first.
In one bowl dump one bottle of glue (we used elmer's brand blue glitter glue) then fill it with water and mix that in with the glue.
In another bowl mix about half cup of water with teaspoon of borax.
Once both bowls are mixed well slowly pour the borax water in to the glue water and mix.
Keep mixing till slime is formed, takes about 3 mins.
Store in a sir tight container when done playing.
You can add things to play with in the slime like cookie cutters, and maybe some fake snowflakes. Just remember be creative! Note~ if you can not find  elmer's brand blue glitter glue you can use regular clear glue, blue food coloring and glitter. 

Bathtub water wall

We made this water wall from different PVC pipes and funnels. We tried many different ways of hanging them on the wall(don't mind the Christmas paint we have not taking fully off yet)  but in the end making tape worked just fine. Water play is great for kids. This wall allows them to manipulate water in different ways and is good for practice hand/eye coordination. You could always add some add-in toys and let them play with things as they please. Few of our add-in toys were little fish,balls and nets. So my kids could try to catch the fish's and balls they went threw the pipes.
Either way just remember to let them have fun, When they play they learn~

Christmas circle play

This circle time activity we based around Christmas. We included colored rice, books, spoon and cup, dish, and little toys. To color the rice place uncooked rice in a bowl and mix it with little bit of water and food coloring. Let dry before play.  The cup, spoon and bowl are included to help kids pouring skills and learn about measuring.   We included the books cause I find that to be a bonding time with me and my kids.
If you are wondering about the little candy with eyes in there, they are Shopkins that we did a review on. As seen here~

Christmas surprise bath

To make this Christmas surprise bath I added some foam shapes, red and green water(used food coloring), some epsom salt and balloons that had small toy items in them. The colored water was so they could change the color of the water and mix colors. The epsom salt was to act as "snow"  The foam stickers and balloons were for fun. What went wrong? Well with the rush of getting the bath done (cause my kids wanted to get in as I was making it) I totally forgot hot water + balloons is no good lol 4 out of 5 balloons popped before my kids could play  Just remember if you make the water to hot it will not work :)

^This photo I really loved and debated on using but decided to anyway. I am sure you could imagine why. poor frosty looks like he was hurt lol
disclaimer~ frosty was not hurt doing play time~ ;)

Christmas tree oobleck

To make this oobleck add 1 cup of water(with green food coloring) to 1 1/2 cups of cornstarch (corn flour in UK) mix till it forms oobleck should be a solid when pressed on but a liquid when relaxed  Then add in some Christmas decorations. You could add in some pine oil but you would have to make sure it is not eaten. Without the oil it is okay if a little one tries it.  My kids  liked covering all the decorations and then finding them again. Good for sensory play you can ask questions like how does it smell how does it feel is it soft what color is it what color is the decorations how many decorations are included Just remember to have fun!!!

Snowy Roads Bathtime

Simple bath time idea using tracks, cars, and shaving cream. Of course in the mix of my kids playing I  showed them and explained to them that this is one reason why they should always be in their car seats. (my son likes to try to escape his) It was perfect to show them that cars can slip on a snow covered road even if their is only a little bit of snow on the roads. 

Glow Slime

To make this I used one bottle of white school glue, borax, and glo water. (water that has had a highlighter soak in it)
First in one bowl pour a bottle of school glue and about 3/4 a cup of glo water. Mix good

Then in another bowl mix one cup of water with one teaspoon of borax.
Then mix the borax water in the glue bowl and keep mixing till slime forms.
It did not take long for our slime to form, only about 3 mins.

note~ this only glows under a black light you could add some glo paint to the mix and let it sit in the sun before it glows but I found this way to work a lot better.

Santa Paint~

This is our Santa paint for this year made by mixing shaving cream, glitter, red food coloring and small foam pieces.  I love the added touch of the stickers, it made this paint a little more hands on. Is you'r little one excited for Christmas yet? Post comments below.  Thank you~

Play doh lid Christmas trees

We collected a lot of play doh lids over the last pass year, and we finally got around to doing something with them.
First thing we did was add them to our felt tree using double sided tape. They didn't stay up to well but either way it was fun for my kids and we got to practiced colors too.

The second thing we did was making a tree using the lids and then adding little things on top of the tree. I loved this one, and with both projects there is no way any kid could get it wrong so let them have fun and be as creative as they want!

Cupcake liner Christmas trees

This was a really fun craft. To make these cupcake trees all you need is cupcake liners and glue. Of course my daughter had to add stickers but you really don't need to, the trees look amazing just the way they are~