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valentine's day sponge play

For this lesson in the skin I cut up few pink and purple sponges, filled a sink with red food coloring water and some stickers.
My kids both love playing with water. 
Water play gives a child a time to experiment and help with problem solving skills as the child manipulates the water to see what it can/will do. It also gives us parents time to introduce new vocabulary.

How a Sponge Absorbs Water

  • The makeup of the sponge makes it is so effective at soaking up water and other liquids. Loose fibers in the sponge create a product that is more empty space than anything else. It is because of this empty space that the sponge can work so well. The holes between the fibers soak up the water and cause the fibrous material itself to swell. This prevents the water from sloshing right back out of the sponge. Instead, the water is trapped inside until the sponge is forcibly squeezed.


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