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nature play for kids centered around creeks

The best thing we could have ever asked for was having a creek in our back yard.  We share it with many animals, bugs, and even some people; however, we have found the best times to go exploring privately and to just stay away from the hustle of life.  Creeks have been amazing in teaching little ones different things. This is our most recent journey through our creek, what we did, and some things learned.

Our first 2 rules we have when walking the creek is to stay close and try not to yell. 
My kids have figured the yelling part out on their own. If  they are loud, wild life takes off.  The chance to see them is then lost for that day.  Being close is just for safety. 

This was our first sighting - a pretty orange flower. 
Along with spotting the flower we talked about the color and how plants eat. 
Observing things (either via sight, sound, etc) is like a game to my kids.  They try to spot the first of everything when we go for walks like this lol 

Next we spotted some fish. The top picture has one big fish and the bottom has many babies. 
Can you spot them? (hint the big one is some place in the middle)
This gave us a chance to talk about camouflage.
(I also have a video I will try to post down below of a time we went to a tube near the creek and so many little fish where swimming around us)

Trying to catch some fishy fishy fishies!  They are too quick lol

Got to see a mommy duck and her babies.
This gave us a chance to talk about safety around any wild life and how much distance to have to keep both you and the animal safe. We also took the opportunity to reinforce staying close to stay safe, just like the ducklings stay close to their mama!

Last thing we came upon was jewel weed.  Do you know its secret?  When put under water, it turns a silver color!  (Quick Tip: Jewel weed is useful for counter acting poison ivy!)  This gave us a chance to talk about waterproofing and how water rolls off ducks' backs.

Well that was our creek trip.  We had a blast! 
Remember there is always a chance to teach, learn, and just have free fun.

Here is the video we took one trip~
Hope it works...first video I ever put on here


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