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Our trip to Hershey Pa with tips for making our own trip!

Recently we decided to make the long drive to go to Hershey Pa, it was my Mothers day thing. I have never been before and not only was I excited to go but my kids couldn't wait!
So off we headed~
This is our  journey~
(thanks to google for this imagine) 

The first place we went was to was Chocolate world.
Here you can do things like take a trolley tour, make our own chocolate bar, eat, shop, and more!
Free to enter

My favorite thing we did at Chocolate world was take a ride on tour threw the factory to find out how these delicious chocolates are made.  This ride was free and when we went there was short line.

Meet Olympia, Harmony, and Gabby
The three cows you see threw out the ride on tour. 
They love to sing!
After we met the cows who tell us milk is a huge part of making chocolate, we went threw the steps of making some chocolate bars.
Watching the coco beans come in^

^This is the roasting area. 
Even though this was not real, as you passed threw it got a little hot.
Note~ if you are going in summer, bring water!!!plenty of water 

more drying ovens

^chocolate pool, mmmmm!

^big machines mixing chocolate 

^chocolate being formed into bars 

Bottles being filled

Hershey kisses being formed

That was the end of our ride on tour
Very cool to experience.

After touring the factory we went off to the Hershey park amusement park
We paid to get in and went to get our kids height measured.
This is very important and I am not sure why they don't tell you to go get it done as soon as you get in. We just stumbled upon it.  This station tells you what rides you'r kid/kids can get on and what ones they are to tiny for. They give you a wrist band and then the fun begins!

There is tons of rides for all ages, but we stuck to ones for small kids/toddlers. 
A total of 21 rides are available to my kids to go on alone(ages 3 and 5) and many rides we could do as family. My kids went on rides again and again, we actually stayed from morning till closing. 
Highly recommend to go on as a family is the kissing tower and monorail.
The kissing tower goes 250 feet in the air and turns slowly so you can view the park. The monorail goes around the park and shows many things you can do at the park like....


Yes there is even a zoo you can go visit and as long as you enter the zoo from the park its free!!!

prairie dog babies!! ^

There is also a huge water park and pier but it was closed when we went. I recommend making this a 2 or even 3 day trip and grabbing a hotel near by. Even though we stayed from morning till closing we didn't even starch the surface of everything you can do here! 
 After the park closed we left and guess what, my kids were hungry!
Even though we offered food often in the park, they couldn't focus much on eating cause they were playing so much. So we headed to the local Karns Foods store and yep even going there was nice. We got to see many old carousel horses, a old car, and some other antique items. Prices are great and we got to get some healthy snacks for the road and even some items we don't normally see back home.

tips for making a trip to Hershey Pa~

 1. Pack for the parks lightly, all backpacks and handbags are search before entering the amusement park area.
2. Bring bottled water, it can get hot both in the park and in Chocolate world
3. Plan to be there all day or for a few days. There is a lot to see!~
4. The gift shop at Chocolate world is way bigger and has a lot more then the gift shops at the park.
5. In the back of the amusement park is a amazing grill place to eat, so wait save your appetite and go there! Well worth it!
6. They do not give tickets anymore for rides, you pay to get in and that's it.
7. If you need quick food not in the park there is Karns foods and a Sheetz near by, both are really good. 

Remember to have fun and enjoy!

Here is Chocolate worlds website~
Here is Hershey's website~


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