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Teaching kids to cook and some of the things we started out trying first

Teaching kids to cook is helping them learn a life skill they will always use. We start first with washing our hands. Teaching good hygiene before handling food. Some like using gloves also but with a latex allergy we skip that, plus we are only cooking for family.  Pull back hair, witch for this little man above is not needed. Then we do a few more things like~
Make sure everything we are going to use is clean
Remind them not to eat anything raw(cookie dough is a hard one for these kids)
and last but really the most important is turn on music...because who doesn't work better with a song on :)

When we cook I go off of what skills they need to work on. I know there is plenty of list out there that say a 5 year old shouldn't handle knives and such but personally I believe if a kid is watched why not. My 5 year old can handle cutting and spreading things and that is a skill he will always use growing up. 
 Some foods we introduced first with cooking and making things was~
Peanut butter and jelly, soups, and wraps but they also help with things like mixing and forming patties. I have seen my own kids grow so much when they learn something new and can do something as simple as making a sandwich for themselves.  So next meal time have your kid join in, it is a life skills they will need as they grow!
What do you like to cook or bake with your kid/kids?


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