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Pumpkin secented bath

One of the best baths so far for my ltitle ones, both loved it.

First we made the foam pumpkins to paly with, and just cut eyes,and mouths out of foam. (we did not have green or brown to make stems so we just left them out.)When wet foam stick to walls.

Then I made the bath for them. First make a bubble bath wit hlots of bubbles, once done using gloves or hands (if you do not mind dying a finger or two) put a couple drops of red and a couple drops of yellow food coloring on top of the bubbles. (can just use orange food coloring if you have it) and also add in (if you want) some pumpkin spice and then mix with a finger or two in a circle creating the pumpkin. Mixes very well and comes out bright. To make the eyes,stem, and mouth. Dip ur finger in some green food coloring and just draw them on. Way easier then it seems.
and done add the foam pumpkins to the wall and have fun!!

note- this did not stain kids or tub, but I would advise to wash kid/kids off after as a bath in pumpkin spice may upset little ones skin if senstive.


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