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13 Fun Halloween Crafts

Goblin Guts Sensory bag -
made with-
small halloween toys
and dyed green pasta in glow water.

to dye the pasta just cook pasta in water that has green food coloring in it.
here is the recipie for glow water-

note- you can leave out the glow water and use normal water, this was just as fun when they lights were on!

Tissue Paper Mummy-
Frist cut out the shape of the body from construction paper. Then rip up some white tissue paper. Once done using a paint brush, brush the whole body with glue and add pieces of ripped tissue paper. To finish add eyes and a mouth and Done!
Ghost bath-
colored water (did this with couple drops of food coloring)
shaving cream ghost in the bath
and paitned words and ghost on the walls

fun ghost contact paper suncatcher's

First using a piece of construction paper draw a ghost shape then cut out the middle, leaving a ghost outline on the paper. Then lay it down on a piece of contact paper and take ripped pieces of tissue paper and lay it in the middle to "fill" up the ghost shape. Once done lay another sheet of contact paper over the other. So that the sticky sides are toghter, and cut around the paper in the hsape of the ghost. glue on some eyes and done!
note- you can punch a hole in the tops and hang them or just simply tape them some palce.
another thing sorry if I did not make this clear once you cut out the ghost from the paper in step one you use the outline not the ghost you cut out.

Halloween hair gel sensory bag
In a zip lock bag add some hair gel and different toys. Close and tape the opening if you would like. Then Done!!! Let you'r kid/kids have fun exploring with this bag and enjoy the easy clean up!

note- This is a great Dollar store craft. 
We got everything you see here at the dollar srote for only $4.
Also great for sensory play, as the different toys all had different textures.

Shaving cream spider web
First crack open some eggs and empty them. (we cracked the very top and made lunch  
note- do not crack in half crack only a hole big enough to get the insides out.
Once empty rinse out with water, be carfull not to crack the eggs more.
Then let dry. (we ate lunch while ours dryed)
Once dry using a small funnel, funnel in some baby powder or flour.
To close it glue some tissue paper over the hole.
Once dry let ur kid/kids have fun outside throwing them!
We also added faces and words with a marker.
1. Wear shoes! I thought they were going to send egg shell everywhere but they did not they broke into two pieces, but it's still no fun stepping on broken egg shell.
2. Ask kid/kids to throw away from anyone. (not good to have baby powder in faces, also it can hurt. Again it is a empty egg)

 In one bowl I placed one pack of jello mix and some Halloween toys.
In another bowl I placed more things my kids can add in, and in a cup I palced purple water. (for color mixing fun)
Once ready I palced everything outside and let my kids have fun making witch's brew!
note- I used jello pack just for fun. Had it sitting in my cabinet for awhile  You can use food coloring if you would like.

Halloween sensory tray

Halloween Treasure rocks!

how to make-
Mix bakign soda with water. Adding the water slowly till it becomes moldable. 
note- if you want to make it colored add some food coloring to the water before you mix it toghter.
Then model some into a shape. We did pumpkins (trick- if you have cookie cutters it works very easy)
Once done add a small toy to the middle and cover with the rest of the mixture.
Let dry (can take anywere from a couple of hours to over night)
Once dry let you'r kid/kids have fun breakign them open or using a spray bottle spray with vinegar find the treasure!

also to make the faces we used a marker once it was almost dry

small halloween toys
and food coloring

We filled a ice cube tray with water and added a small amount of food coloring to each section and a toy.
Then once it was frozen, I let my daughter add them to her bath.
note- This did not stain. I used about one drop in each section and it was not even enough to change the color of the bath water.

Cotton spider web plate
Couple cotton balls
black paint
toy spider

First paint the plate black. (if using a gloss plate might have to paint it a couple times)let dry
Then with glue make a spider web and pull apart the cotton balls to put on the glue.
Last add the toy spider anyway you want.
I used a ring spider, so it was easy to add on.

Glow Halloween sensory bin
glow halloween sensory bin-
made with-
pasta cooekd in glow water (to make the glow water soak a highlighter in water for couple hours, then cooked the pasta in the glow water)
and halloween toys
note- You do need a black light for this


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