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Kid friendly beach hacks

Here are some kid friendly beach hacks I have learned threw the years of bringing babies and kids to the beach for the day. Feel free to add your own.

1. Baby powder helps take sand off! This one we do year after year, it works amazingly.
2. Bring a baby tub for babies who love water but might be to small to play in the ocean. This is great for babies who love water but are to tiny for the waves.
3. Bring a extra bathing suit. Getting babies/small kids back into a wet bathing suit after things like potty breaks can prove to be hard, so bring a extra to slip right on and let the other dry.
4. Use a balloon to help get water out of kids ears. Blowing up a balloon should force water out.
5. Use sponges and freezer bags as a ice pack to keep food and drinks chilled. Once the water melts you can now use the bags to hold wet swim suits.
6. To avoid crowds, go early or late
7. Donate beach toys if it is the last day. We always go to the dollar store for our toys and instead of dragging them all home (getting the car sandy)after our last trip there is always a kid at the beach who would really like them.
8. Mesh bags are great for beach trips. Helps keep sand out.
9. Let kids bring only what they can carry. It is really easy for my kids to start packing up toys to play with on the beach but then few steps and I start getting asked to carry everything. Last year we gave each kid a small bag and what they could fit they could bring.
10. Colorful and unique blanket to sit on and maybe even a umbrella.  Helps everyone local your spot.
11. baby wraps are a easy way of holding a baby while being able to enjoy things with kids
12. Small battery fans can help keep a little on cool when not in the water or napping

Do not forget list~
Sun hats
small first aid kit
extra diapers
towels to dry off
blanket to sit on
umbrella or tent


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