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Fall sensory bin for all ages! How to and more

It has been a long time sense I have been on here but I am happily back!
We have recently took a trip to our local dollar store and sense it has been awhile sense my kids last sensory bin I figured to try one out for fall and see if it is something they are still into. I now have one in second grade and one in  kindergarten  and the days fly by. So yesterday when we had a little down time I brought out the bin and man they were so happy! I realized my kids loved this and I... kind of.... felt bad I stopped making these for them. So without anymore hesitation here is our fall bin!~
We included~(all from the dollar store)
Fake pumpkins
Different fall decor
fake beaded corn
colored straw

Please note~ Everything I included in my bin was safe for my older kids. If you have younger childern try these ideas instead~
fall toys (like little people)
Big decor that they can not fit into their mouths
real fall leaves 
and make sure to always watch children when they are playing with anything  that could be a chocking hazard.

After play was done nothing went to waste...well the dog got to the hay but everything  else went into another place to give this room a fall feel. :)
Remember babies, kids, and even adults learn threw play, making a mess is learning. 
~Relax, have fun, and enjoy life~...they grow up quick


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So yeah, this is the new thing we are adding this summer to help keep my kids learning! So far it has been a big hit, lets hope it stays that way. :)

Have a good rest of your morning, evening, or night! Bye guys!~

P.S. If you would like feel free to check us out on our YouTube page~

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